Sunday Share #25 & #26 - Currently

Hi Guys & Gals!
It's been a while since I last blogged, well, only two weeks - but that's a lifetime for a blogger...For Sunday Share I thought I'd quickly share with you some of the things that have been CURRENTLY happening in our lives.  

What's been happening? 
We have officially moved out! Handed over the keys to the new owner on Wednesday. It's really sad saying goodbye to houses, especially when you have been there a while and when it becomes a home for your family. My partner had lived there for 7 years (it was his first home), then Miss B and I moved in mid 2013, when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Master M. We have a lot of good memories in that home and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives. 

Here is how we left the house...Each room was deep cleaned from top to bottom, carpets commercially cleaned and ready for the new owner's tenant to move in on Saturday. The flowers were a gift to us from the new owner - who thanked us for everything we had done - she absolutely loves the house.

What about us?
We are currently staying with friends (my best friend and her partner) on their farm. They have such a lovely, cozy home, with a detached large sleep-out - perfect for our little family. We are so fortunate to have such amazing friends! We are so thankful that they are able to help us out and give us a 'temporary' home. 

The kids are settling in really well - Master M is still exploring his new surroundings, and is getting much better about touching 'everything' within reach! Master M has been cutting his 12th tooth (top right molar) and it is causing him a lot of pain! He has been extra grizzly, clingy and waking several times during the night. It makes it hard when we are all in the same room. We are getting there though. Miss B has the option of sleeping inside the house, in the spare room, if it gets a bit too much for her, but in the meantime, I think she quite likes having us altogether.

Since handing over the keys on Wednesday, a whole lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am feeling relaxed, like I am free! It's nice that we are having a little break before we move into our new home (details of that COMING SOON), however in the meantime, I am enjoying spending this time catching up with my best friend and loving our 'temporary' home. (Check out the view from the top of the hill (located next to the house).

This week I have been calling Tech Support to try and get to the bottom of my external hard-drive dilemma! I had a local Computer Repair Business check it out, but unfortunately it's a much bigger job than what he expected, and he was unable to recover my data. So I will send it away to someone who specialises in Data Recovery and get a quote - I can only imagine it's going to cost an arm and a leg, but it will be worth it, if I can get my photos back!

Since we have moved everything into storage, I will be taking a break from the 30 Day Declutter Challenge. I absolutely hate not finishing a challenge, however - in my case I have nothing here to declutter, so I will wait until we have moved into our new home and then restart the challenge. Have you been doing the challenge? How are you getting on? 

Tonight I was telling my friend the best and easiest way to clean your oven is to use Baking Soda and White Vinegar (with a bit of elbow grease for those stubborn stains). See: How to Clean Your Oven.

We spent today visiting my partner's family. It was great to see them all (parents and brother) and watching the kids (cousins) play together. 

Feeding the chooks
I am planning on returning to blogging over the next week or two...I have a great Guest Post coming up with an amazing DIY project - I can't wait to share it with you. If all goes well this week, I will have it on the blog on Friday - so watch this space. 

I am also hoping to rejoin my blogging friends for #TuesdayTen and #1Word in a couple of weeks! 

Since we are staying with friends, it's only fair we share the load - especially when it comes to cooking. Tonight, my partner and I made Bacon & Egg pie, with garlic bread and salad on the side.

My kids are growing so fast! I can't believe that in six months, Miss B will be finishing her last year at Primary School, and will be off to Intermediate (eek!). Master M continues to thrive - he is such a cool little dude...he loves it here on the farm, exploring the garden, feeding the chooks, and chatting to the farm dog every day!

What's currently happening in your life?...Choose three words from below and tell me...
Feeling, Calling, Taking, Telling, Visiting, Planning, Cooking, Growing

I am still taking photos for my FMS Photo a Day and have really enjoyed the prompts. I will share my photos in a separate post this week. 

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Have a wonderful week


Sunday Share #24 - CURRENTLY

On Tuesday, I shared my first Currently post for #TuesdayTen, and I thought it would be a great addition to my Sunday Share series. Using simple themes (prompts), I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home, and family with you each week. Enjoy! 
This weeks themes: hoping, being, going, making, writing

We have been house hunting for what seems to be FORVER. We have liked houses, even loved houses, but have just been disappointed and have yet to find a home for our family. On Thursday we went to an auction for a property that we (my partner and I) really was the crappiest house on the best street, but unfortunately we missed out's the old cliche "it's not meant to be" and I am okay with that, well I have to be...we have to move on. A few hours later, we went and saw another property that just came on the market...well...let's just say, we have put in an offer and I am hoping that our offer is accepted because the place was great - it ticks all the boxes for me and my family and I could totally see ourselves living there. I am keeping my fingers crossed, although I am also prepared for another disappointment! I have to keep positive that we WILL find a home!

I am on the right track at being organised for our big move! Participating in a Declutter challenge and packing as I go. I have my Planning Guide, coloured tape and stacks of boxes sitting in my lounge - ready to go! I have packed up Miss B's room and the Linen cupboard. Over the next couple of days, I will be tackling the Master Bedroom (including Master M's stuff), the Kitchen and my partner is doing the garage. I will be leaving the bathroom and lounge until last, because there isn't much to pack. Not long to go until Moving Day! eek!

The next couple weeks are going to be quite hectic for me and my family (with packing, house hunting and moving), so I am taking a little break from blogging until things settle down. I will still be working on "Clearing Out the Clutter" as I pack, and also taking photos for #FMSPhotoaDay. I won't, however, be linking up with #TuesdayTen & #1Word for a couple of weeks. You can still check out the amazing #TuesdayTen link up over at The Golden Spoons & The Liebers - this week, it's all about the JUNK DRAWER, I shared this post about junk drawers a while back during the #AtoZChallenge. On Wednesday/Thursday you can read some pretty amazing blog posts by a variety of bloggers in the #1WORD link up, hosted by Lisa, Janine & Marcia. These ladies inspire me every week and I look forward to returning to the link up soon! 

We (me and a group of Mums) are planning on making a DIY: Musical Wall for our PlayCentre this week. Some of the Mums have already started collecting items for the wall. Exciting! Inspired by one of the Mums from my Declutter Challenge group (Thanks Felicity) who made one for their kindy. I can't wait to share the photos once it's all finished! Watch this space! 

I am writing my TO-DO list for tomorrow - I have a few calls to make, a couple of rooms to pack and a 15 month old to entertain! I would LOVE to have a nap because I didn't get much sleep last night due to my son having a high temperature! He woke up happy as Larry this morning thankfully- me on the otherhand - I was a 'mombie'!

So there you have it, that is what I am 'currently' doing! What about you? What are you currently hoping, being, going, making, and writing?

Linking up with Lindsey and Randalin

I am thoroughly enjoying the 30 Day Declutter Challenge with An Organised Life - something I like to call "Clearing out the Clutter" - Here are my photos from Week 2! How did you get on? 
Day 8. Cookbooks // Day 9. Kids Clothes // Day 10. Jewellery // Day 11. Board Games //
Day 12. Bakeware // Day 13. Tupperware  // Day 14.  Kitchen Appliances

This week on...FMS PHOTO A DAY
I didn't get a chance to share all of my photos on Instagram or in the Facebook group this is my Week 24 for #fmsphotoaday. 
June 8th Sadness (battered butterfly wings)
9th. Disgust (food smeared all over my son's face - gross) 
 10th. Anger (angry face)
 11th. Fear (my son has NO FEAR of BIG dogs!)
12th. Joy (my son going down the slide all by himself - his face is filled with pure joy) 
13th. On My Mind (packing, packing and more packing)
 14th. Makes Me Feel Good (taking a moment to 'smell the roses')
Here is Week 25 - Follow me on Instagram @charlene_ttmn #fmsphotoaday

Have a wonderful week

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#inthepicture - June 2015

It's that time again, when I join Bron from Maxabella Loves as she encourages Mums to get #inthepicture with their kids. Be sure to check out Bron's blog for more details, including a new FUN photo game that starts this month! (PS. I am totally IN Bron!!) It will definitely change your way of thinking. It has such a powerful message, and I for one, LOVE getting in the picture with my kids now more than ever before - regardless of my insecurities. I know my children will appreciate it when they are older!

In case you missed my previous posts for #inthepicture, you can see them here:
FebruaryMarchApril, and May.

Here are my photos from the past month...
#inthepicture - Three Generations on my Mum's Birthday 
#inthepicture - Master M ready for a nap after Mainly Music 
The kids and I had a bit of fun on PhotoBooth last week...I thought I'd share a few of our favourite photos :) We love PhotoBooth - it's so much fun! Do you use it?
#inthepicture PhotoBooth - Sketch
#inthepicture PhotoBooth - Bug Eyes

#inthepicture PhotoBooth - PopArt
Did you get #inthepicture with your children this month? 
Share your photo on
Facebook and tag @Maxabella Loves
Twitter and tag @hellomaxabella
Instagram and use hashtag #inthepicture 

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#TuesdayTen: Currently (A Fly On The Wall)

This week for #TuesdayTen, the prompt is 10 places you would like to be a Fly on the Wall. I am super tired and could only think of few, e.g. my daughter's classroom - to see what she does all day; In my son's head - I would love to know what a 15 month thinks and how he sees the world, and maybe someone famous, like P!nk or even the Kardashian's house (oh wait, E! IS the fly on their wall).

So there's this thing that some bloggers do - it's kind of like "Taking Stock" - using prompts to let others know what they are "Currently" up to (weekly, as opposed to monthly) you permission to be a fly on the wall in their homes (so to speak) this here #TuesdayTen blogpost is inspired by Lisa from The Golden Spoons. (I hope you don't mind, Lisa)
  • Reading - the Lim & Builder's Report of a property we are hoping to buy.
  • Planning - on going out on Saturday to celebrate a friend's Milestone Birthday!! I am looking forward to letting my hair down for a couple of hours! 
  • Stressing - about where we are going to live, packing, saying goodbye. Lack of sleep. So much to do, so little time!
  • Wishing - Master M would go to sleep, so I can have a nap too! He was up for over 3 hours last night from 9:30pm...he just wouldn't resettle...and then when he did, he would wake up again and stay awake for another half an hour. I got bugger all sleep...I am a MOMBIE today!
  • Feeling - tired, stressed, anxious, exhausted! 
  • Listening - to the rubbish truck take our rubbish's late today, however, at least the rubbish is gone! There will be more next week - as we get closer to MOVING DAY!
  • Thinking - I should really clean the house before I have nap..meh the mess can wait! I NEED sleep!  
  • Loving - catching up with the Mums and Bubs from my Coffee Group. We all met at Ante-Natal class and have been having monthly catch ups since Master M was 3 weeks old. He is now 15 months old! Such a great bunch of friends, friends for life!
  • Wearing - warm clothes! It's a bit nippy today! (It's Winter here in New Zealand) 
  • Hoping - I get to buy my FIRST HOME soon!! (Keep your fingers crossed for us) Eek!
Tell me, where would you like to be a fly on the wall? or care to share what is CURRENTLY happening in your world at the moment? 

The Golden Spoons


Sunday Share #23 + Clearing out the Clutter WEEK 1

What's been happening? 
 I am taking packing/moving very seriously! I shared this photo of my Packing Guide on my Facebook page yesterday and it has proven to be very popular! It is such a great and simple idea - clearly labelling and colour coding your packed boxes, so when it comes to moving day, everyone knows where the boxes go (This chart will be displayed at the new house). 

I bought a six pack of packing tape from KMart (oh how I love KMart) for $6.50. It is perfect for colour coding the main areas of your home (you may need more colours depending on how many rooms/areas you have). I had a great suggestion from a reader about adding one more colour - for the "First to Open" box - this will have the items that we need first  e.g. tea/coffee/sugar, tools, cleaning items, bedding etc. This has to be my favourite tip if you are moving house - Colour coding boxes for designated areas!  Brilliant! 

Another tip I have and a lot of people will agree is "DECLUTTER"! 
I have moved quite a few times since I left home at 18, and each move I accumulated more and more stuff (insert "Sentimental Hoarder")...I never threw anything out - I kept it all - that was until before I moved in with my partner.  I had to have a MASSIVE DECLUTTER of everything I owned because my partner only had a 2 bedroom house...7 years of kids toys, clothes, miscellaneous items...THE LOT! I had a big garage sale and managed to get rid of 3/4 of my home! (Amazing, I know). And probably only half of the quarter left, came with me to my partner's home. The rest went to my parents - it was mostly my teaching stuff (not required as I was having a baby, and didn't have plans of returning to work within the first year). 

Almost two years later and an extra member in our family, I have accumulated a 'few' more things - I have been taking part in the 30 Day Declutter Challenge with An Organised Life - something I like to call "Clearing out the Clutter"

Here are a few of the things I have decluttered during Week 1...Shoes, Bags, Toiletries, Cups & Crockery, and Toys (plus Nick Nacks & Ornaments and Vases, Platters & Candles - not pictured). I did a bit of decluttering last year during the 20 Day Challenge  and then again when we put our house on the market, however I am sentimental hoarder and find it really hard to part with things because everything has a story behind it! However, due to these awesome challenges I partake in - my decluttering skills have improved and I can say goodbye to more items now (yaye - go me) - I am loving the challenge so far and I am so ready for WEEK 2!! 

Want to join in? It's never to late! I even have my Mum doing the challenge - and she's the Queen of Sentimental Hoarding (she got it from her Dad, my Grandad)! 
You can see my photos over on Instagram @charlene_ttmn or check out the hashtag #aol30daysdeclutter @anorganisedlife_

How's your week been? Have you decluttered anything lately? 

What else has been happening...
Wednesday: Mainly Music
Thursday: Coffee & Catch Up with SPACE Mums. My Mum came down and we got stuck into packing and a bit of decluttering! Miss B had her school photos - her last one at Primary School! *tear*
Friday: PLAY - oh such fun! Master M absolutely loves play, especially the paint! I have signed up to do my Course 2 for PlayCentre - always keen to learn more things! 
Saturday: Visit from Grandparents & my partners Brother & his family - was great to see them!
Sunday: Went to the last Open Home of what could be, potentially, our new home! *squeal* Will keep you posted on how things go! Sorry, don't want to give away all the details, just in case I jinx it! "Good things come to those who wait!" (we have been waiting for a looong time - wish us luck)

FMS Photo A Day Challenge...

From L-R: June 1. Many // June 2. Looking Up // June 3. Starts with B // June 4. Silly
June 5. Looking Down // June 6. Who I Am // June 7. Forgotten
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Check out Week 24 - 
All about emotions - See Chantelle's thoughts behind this Weeks prompts here
Play along: #fmsphotoaday +Fat Mum Slim 

Have a wonderful week!


DIY Giraffe-Inspired Drawers

Who loves to DIY?

I do!!! I wanted to make something special for our son...something that he can grow with (and somewhere I can store his clothes) - making some drawers for him was the perfect choice! I chose a giraffe theme for Master M, as he was 'gigantic like a giraffe' and that was the theme I had chosen for my baby shower. 

HOW TO MAKE - DIY Giraffe Inspired Drawers 
(Step by Step Guide)

I found these red drawers (left pic) at the local Salvation Army for NZ$10 and thought they would be perfect for Master M. Here is what I did with them...(with a bit of help from Master M's daddy) 

Prep Time 1 day 
Time to complete 2-3 days 

Oil-based pigmented sealer 
Sandpaper (grade P150 & P220) 
Sellys Rapid Filla 
Paintbrushes x 2 
Shur-Stik Wallpaper Border Adhesive 
Paint Rollers x 2 + trays 
Paint+ Painters White 
Paint+ Moorehouse Street 
Craft knife


1. Sanding

Sand the "drawer body" and "drawer faces" using Grade P150 sandpaper, paying special attention to rough areas. Ultimately you want a smooth surface before applying undercoat. 

2. Undercoat

Apply one coat of Oil-based pigmented sealer (undercoat) to the "drawer body" and "drawer faces". Leave to dry. Lightly sand using Grade P220 sandpaper on any areas that need to be addressed. Apply a second coat of sealer (undercoat) and leave to dry. (Lightly sanding again if necessary) Note: Using an undercoat prevents the "old" colour seeping through the top coat. 

3. Top Coat "Drawer Body"

Using a paintbrush, apply the top coat colour - Painters White to the edges of the drawer body and any hard to get areas first before using a paint roller to cover bigger areas -back, side, & top. Leave to dry and apply second coat. 

4. Top Coat - "Drawer Faces"

Please note: The drawer handles couldn't be removed so I decided to spray the drawer faces rather than paint with a brush/roller. Using Ozito Spray Gun (bought from Bunnings) spray colour (Moorehouse Street) to edges first and then spray the face of the drawers. Spraying 2-3 coats for a better finish and to boost the colour. Leave drawer faces to dry in between each coat. 

5. Giraffe Print Wallpaper

Pre-cut wallpaper so that it is bigger than the drawer sides. Mark out where you are going to place it, by creasing along the edges. Apply wallpaper adhesive (or equivalent) using paint brush to the drawer side. Adhere wallpaper to drawer side smoothing out any air bubbles with a bank card or something similar. Cut the excess wallpaper from bottom and back edge of drawer using a craft knife/blade. (this prevents it from rubbing on the drawer runner). Wrap & adhere the wallpaper to the top edge of the drawer side for a better finished look. Repeat on each drawer side. Leave to dry. 

6. Final Product

This is the final product at different angles- DIY Giraffe-Inspired Drawers 


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