Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Here we are...the last day of 2015...and what a year it has been! We have had a very busy, yet amazing year...celebrating TWO milestone birthdays, selling our home and buying a new one, job opportunities, plus more. I love scrolling through my timeline, newsfeed, and photos, looking back at the year, reminiscing all the fun things we have done.  I will share my month-by-month reflection in the new year, today I am just going to be revisiting my goals and motto for 2015.

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

If you are new to Teacher by trade, Mother by nature - WELCOME - you have chosen a great time to join me! I am taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at the 'almost 200' blog posts I have published this year alone, sharing with you, the Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015!

Taking Stock - December

It's that time again, when we take a step back and 'take stock' of our lives, inspired by Pip from Meet Me At Mike. Be sure to pop over and say Hi!

Here's what has been happening in our world...and the last Taking Stock post for 2015 - I look forward to sharing my Taking Stock posts with you all in 2016. Watch this space or simply Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss a post. Here we go...

Sunday Share #51 - Currently

As we head into Week 52, I can't believe this will be my last Sunday Share for 2015...I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, sharing extra tidbits of my Life, my Home & my Family with you, and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Sunday Share #50 - Currently

Welcome to another week of Sunday Share. This is where I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home & family with you...using photos I have shared on my Instagram. 

How are you? How's your week been? Are you ready for Christmas? Is there anything left on your Christmas to-do list? I can't believe it's almost here! The kids are super excited and so am I. We will be spending Christmas in our new home and I couldn't be happier, surrounded by loved ones and yummy Christmas food. How about you? What are you plans? What do you love most about Christmas? 

You may have noticed I've been quiet on the blog - I am taking a little break, just sharing my Currently posts on Sunday and my newsletter on Mondays (Subscribe via link on sidebar or at the bottom of this post)...I am active on Social Media, so if you need me - join me over on 

If I don't get the chance to say it later in the week, I want to wish you and your family a very
I hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones. 

Here's what I'm currently up to...
Wrapping: Christmas presents with Miss B

Presenting: this gorgeous Fingerprint Memory Tree to my colleague, who finished his first year of teaching.

Admiring: the stunning pictures in Katrina from Outie's latest colouring book - Naptime Zen

Opening: my gift from my amazing #NZSecretSanta! Thank you so much (who ever you are - you are amazing)

Sharing: this #MOMHACK #MUMHACK - Peeling off the sticker backing sheet to make it easier for little hands to remove stickers. Such a great idea, don't you think. 

 Buying: a new vacuum, because this one decided to die on me :( Any recommendations welcome. 

Loving: our Courtyard - it's not quite finished, but thought I would share a progress photo. Do you like? 

Visiting: the Christmas Lights in our City! This house is amazing, Miss B even found an Eiffel Tower (there's a pic on my Facebook page) 

Making: Christmas theme Play Dough with and for the kids. So much fun! We love Play dough

How are YOU? Hope your week has been amazing!
Tell me, what have you been making, visiting and buying? 

Linking up with Becky from Choose Happy - Currently Series



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Sunday Share #49 - Currently

Welcome to another week of Sunday Share. This is where I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home & family with you...using photos I have shared on my Instagram. Here's what I'm currently up to...

Celebrating: another 2 year old birthday! 
Check out this amazing cake - my friends are so clever.

Laughing: at this quote - Do you know that tenth person? 

 Enjoying: KID-FREE TIME earlier this week. Hot Chocolate + a Date scone = BLISS

Meeting: Mocha the Donkey at our last Mainly Music for 2015 

 Making: a wreath for our front door - matching 'Our Merry & Bright Christmas' theme.

Wrapping: presents for very special people. Loving the brown kraft paper ideas circulating the web. See Dorothy Nada - Gift Wrapping for more inspiration.

 Getting: #inthepicture with my family 

 Taking: these cuties to our Christmas party at PlayCentre on Friday.

Sharing: the Teacher Gift Idea we gave Miss B's teachers - You 'MOCHA' me happy!

Inspiring: Miss B got inspired to go through all of her clothes, using the #konmari method. She did an amazing job and got rid of two-thirds of her clothes. Her drawers and wardrobe may be looking a bit bare at the moment, but they are filled with clothes she loves & that 'spark joy'.

Getting: a photo taken with Santa - Day 12 of our Advent Calendar

Reading: our first '12 Books of Christmas' tonight with the kids. Such a lovely tradition.

How are YOU? Hope your week has been amazing!
Tell me, what have you been making, enjoying and laughing at?

Today we wrapped up our 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration by Kiwi Mummy Bloggers. Thank you for following along, and just in case you missed can see the full list of bloggers and their amazing blog-posts HERE. 
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Linking up with Becky from Choose Happy - Currently Series

INSTAGRAM: @charlene_ttmn

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12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration by Kiwi Mummy Bloggers

Are you looking for some Christmas inspiration? Well my friend, you have come to the right place. I have recently joined 11 amazing Kiwi Mummy Bloggers to bring you '12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration'. 

In this collaboration, you will find a great range of ideas to inspire you and get you ready for Christmas. From decorating your home, getting creative in the kitchen to gift wrapping ideas and sharing family traditions, plus everything in between - we have got you covered. 

So, grab a cuppa, get comfortable and let US inspire YOU this Christmas. Simply click on the images or links below to be directed to the original post. 


Day 1: Our Merry & Bright Christmas - Teacher by trade, Mother by nature
Sharing 'Our Merry & Bright Christmas' - A Home Tour + a few tips for getting organised this Christmas.

Day 2: Four Popsicle Stick Christmas Decorations - Mummy Do It
I am totally adding popsicle sticks to our Christmas Craft Box. The kids are going to have a lot of fun making these awesome creations! How cute is that Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?

Day 3: Kiwi Tiramisu Log - Sweet Mama M
If you love coffee & cake - then you will love this...Natasha is sharing her favourite treat, and it looks so good!

Day 4: So, about Christmas - Lisasaurus
Lisa is sharing some of her 'most loved traditions' she does with her own family. We have a few family traditions, like decorating the Christmas tree on the 1st December & opening one present on Christmas Eve. What about you? Do you have any family traditions? 

Day 5: Christmas Eve Kids Goodies Box - Girl on a Missi0n
I love the idea of creating a box of goodies for your child to open on Christmas Eve - to prepare them for Christmas Day. Claire is sharing what she has put in her son's first 'Christmas Eve Kids Goodie Box' over on her blog. Have you made these boxes before? What do you put in your 'Christmas Eve Box'?

Day 6: Elf on the Shelf - Misses Mac
Have you heard about the 'Elf on the Shelf'? He's a cheeky character who loves to spread the joy of Christmas, and gets up to all sorts of fun...Jodine tells us more about this lil guy...See more >>>

Day 7: Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies - Always Made With Love
How cute are these? Lydia is sharing a super easy gingerbread cookie recipe over on her blog.
A perfect Christmassy treat for your kids.

Day 8: Gift Wrapping - Dorothy Nada
I am loving this collection of brown kraft paper gift wrapping ideas that Leigh-Ann has put together. I have wrapped a couple of gifts using brown paper & ribbons, and it's becoming a favourite. What about you? What style of wrapping are you going with this year?

Day 9: Christmas Tree Rocky Road - Mrs Cake
Oh me, oh my!! These Rocky Road Christmas trees by Rosa look absolutely divine!! A great gift idea - a 'Christmas treat' for your family & friends
smile emoticon

Day 10: Christmas Book Advent Calendar - Nesting in the Country
If you are looking for an Advent Calendar that doesn't involve sweets or chocolate...check out Simone's amazing collection of Christmas Books, she has selected for their family tradition. This is a family tradition of ours too...wrapping 12 books and putting them under the Christmas tree - opening one book each night and reading it together as a family. It is such a great idea! START TODAY!

Day 11: Great Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Children Outdoorsy NZ
Do you have an adventurous/outdoorsy child in your family? Michelle is sharing some great gift ideas over on her blog. Check them out today!

Day 12: Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream - A Kiwi Mumma
What a gorgeous way to finish our collaboration, with these scrummy gingerbread cupcakes, with cinnamon buttercream (drool) - a nice alternative to gingerbread men! Check out the recipe >>>

Thank you for visiting the '12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration', I do hope you enjoyed yourself, and found some inspiration along the way. Be sure to PIN and SHARE our posts with your friends and family, who might need a bit of Christmas inspiration, too. Remember to click the links or images above to be directed to the blogger's original post.

And lastly, a massive thank you to all the amazing Kiwi Mummy Bloggers involved in this collaboration. You are fantastic and it has been great working with you all.Grab button for 12-Days-of-Christmas



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#inthepicture - December

Hello, we meet again...I can't believe we are in the last month of 2015, counting down the days 'til Christmas and then we will be welcoming the new year. WOW! Time flies when you are having fun, and I really hope you have been having fun this year - especially getting #inthepicture with your kiddies. If you are new to my blog, I was inspired by Bron from Maxabella Loves when she shared THIS post - encouraging mothers all around the world to basically get 'in the picture' with your kids - stepping out from behind the camera and getting in front of it. I have been sharing my photos since February 2015, and hope to continue this in 2016. It really is a great reminder to us all. You can see all of my previous #inthepicture posts HERE. 

Also on the 10th of every month, I dedicate this date to do a full back up of everything on my computer, including ALL of my photos (and as you can imagine, I have A LOT). It's reassuring to know this is done on a regular basis and if anything ever happens to my laptop - I know I have my back up in a safe place. Do you regularly back up your computer/photos? Maybe start today and mark it on your calendar. 

Did you get #inthepicture this month with your kids? Here's a few snapshots of me getting in the picture with mine...
Visiting our neighbour's awesome Christmas Light display

Mummy & Daughter

Our last Mainly Music for 2015

Selfie at Miss B's End of Year Celebration

 Getting 'crafty' with my son

From my family to yours...

***Thank You Bron for inspiring me***
See you next month! 



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