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On Tuesday, I shared my first Currently post for #TuesdayTen, and I thought it would be a great addition to my Sunday Share series. Using simple themes (prompts), I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home, and family with you each week. Enjoy! 
This weeks themes: hoping, being, going, making, writing

We have been house hunting for what seems to be FORVER. We have liked houses, even loved houses, but have just been disappointed and have yet to find a home for our family. On Thursday we went to an auction for a property that we (my partner and I) really was the crappiest house on the best street, but unfortunately we missed out's the old cliche "it's not meant to be" and I am okay with that, well I have to be...we have to move on. A few hours later, we went and saw another property that just came on the market...well...let's just say, we have put in an offer and I am hoping that our offer is accepted because the place was great - it ticks all the boxes for me and my family and I could totally see ourselves living there. I am keeping my fingers crossed, although I am also prepared for another disappointment! I have to keep positive that we WILL find a home!

I am on the right track at being organised for our big move! Participating in a Declutter challenge and packing as I go. I have my Planning Guide, coloured tape and stacks of boxes sitting in my lounge - ready to go! I have packed up Miss B's room and the Linen cupboard. Over the next couple of days, I will be tackling the Master Bedroom (including Master M's stuff), the Kitchen and my partner is doing the garage. I will be leaving the bathroom and lounge until last, because there isn't much to pack. Not long to go until Moving Day! eek!

The next couple weeks are going to be quite hectic for me and my family (with packing, house hunting and moving), so I am taking a little break from blogging until things settle down. I will still be working on "Clearing Out the Clutter" as I pack, and also taking photos for #FMSPhotoaDay. I won't, however, be linking up with #TuesdayTen & #1Word for a couple of weeks. You can still check out the amazing #TuesdayTen link up over at The Golden Spoons & The Liebers - this week, it's all about the JUNK DRAWER, I shared this post about junk drawers a while back during the #AtoZChallenge. On Wednesday/Thursday you can read some pretty amazing blog posts by a variety of bloggers in the #1WORD link up, hosted by Lisa, Janine & Marcia. These ladies inspire me every week and I look forward to returning to the link up soon! 

We (me and a group of Mums) are planning on making a DIY: Musical Wall for our PlayCentre this week. Some of the Mums have already started collecting items for the wall. Exciting! Inspired by one of the Mums from my Declutter Challenge group (Thanks Felicity) who made one for their kindy. I can't wait to share the photos once it's all finished! Watch this space! 

I am writing my TO-DO list for tomorrow - I have a few calls to make, a couple of rooms to pack and a 15 month old to entertain! I would LOVE to have a nap because I didn't get much sleep last night due to my son having a high temperature! He woke up happy as Larry this morning thankfully- me on the otherhand - I was a 'mombie'!

So there you have it, that is what I am 'currently' doing! What about you? What are you currently hoping, being, going, making, and writing?

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I am thoroughly enjoying the 30 Day Declutter Challenge with An Organised Life - something I like to call "Clearing out the Clutter" - Here are my photos from Week 2! How did you get on? 
Day 8. Cookbooks // Day 9. Kids Clothes // Day 10. Jewellery // Day 11. Board Games //
Day 12. Bakeware // Day 13. Tupperware  // Day 14.  Kitchen Appliances

This week on...FMS PHOTO A DAY
I didn't get a chance to share all of my photos on Instagram or in the Facebook group this is my Week 24 for #fmsphotoaday. 
June 8th Sadness (battered butterfly wings)
9th. Disgust (food smeared all over my son's face - gross) 
 10th. Anger (angry face)
 11th. Fear (my son has NO FEAR of BIG dogs!)
12th. Joy (my son going down the slide all by himself - his face is filled with pure joy) 
13th. On My Mind (packing, packing and more packing)
 14th. Makes Me Feel Good (taking a moment to 'smell the roses')
Here is Week 25 - Follow me on Instagram @charlene_ttmn #fmsphotoaday

Have a wonderful week

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  1. Fingers crossed that you'll get a great house soon! I know that must be stressful when you have to be out of the house you're in and you don't know where you're going next.

    1. Sorry for late reply Rabia! yes it is quite stressful, but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know everything will work out! It always does!

  2. Hoping with you for the house! Thanks for linking to the #BlogFair.

  3. De-cluttering is something hubby and I said we were going to do winter, since you're stuck inside anyway....going to do, well....there's always next winter, lol. I'm confused, you're packing to move, but still waiting to hear if you got the house? But, you've already packed up the kitchen? I've always made the kitchen the last to be packed and first to be unpacked so you can eat and have coffee in the morning...and of course the bed. Goodluck with all.

    1. Ha! Yeah timing hasn't really been our friend Sandy. We sold our house pretty quickly, and then it turned into a Seller's Market when we were actively looking to buy. Houses were getting snapped up as soon as they came on the market. So, we are currently staying with friends until we move. (Watch this space for more details)


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