Z is for Zodiac

What is your Zodiac sign? 
I'm a Sagittarius
Inquisitive and energetic, the Sagittarian is the traveler of the zodiac.

- Extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic.
- Change is essential for this sign to feel their best.
- They're a ton of fun, and downright wacky at times.
- Love to laugh and get everyone around them going. 
- Make friends from around the globe, enjoying various takes on life and culture. 
- Generous and not ones to hold a grudge. 
- Dedicated and willing to do just about anything for their family, very loyal. 
- Freedom and independence are extremely important to a Sagittarian. 
- They'll work night and day to reach a goal.
- When they see something as possible in their minds, they will go to great lengths and rally people to make it happen. 
- Enjoy making and spending money
- Risk takers, highly optimistic, trusting in the Universe to provide what is needed. 

HEALTH: Anatomical areas: hips, thighs and upper legs 
COLOUR: Rich Purple
PERFECT GIFT: Pet-related items or something for the outdoors
LIKES: Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy
DISLIKES: Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy people
FAMOUS SAGITTARIANS: Steven Spielberg, Mark Twain, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Tyra Banks, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Lucy Liu, Woody Allen, and Winston Churchill. 

What does your Zodiac say about YOU? 

SOURCE: The Zodiac City

And here's a FUN one for all the Mamas!

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Y is for Year: My Goals for 2015 ***UPDATED***

At the beginning of the year I shared My Goals for 2015, and seen as am notorious for forgetting them, I have decided to do a bit of an update of where I'm at. (Inspired by Lisa at The Golden Spoons). 

My motto for 2015 is #MakeitHappen - Make it Memorable. We are heading into our 5th month...so let's see how I'm getting on with my goals...

Personal Goals
1. Be more Organised! B
I have returned to work. Teaching a Year 2/3 class and I absolutely love it. I enjoy being back in the classroom. I have to be super organised on Tuesday mornings, because I have two kids to drop off (my son goes to home-based childcare and my daughter goes to her friends house, then school). There have been times that I have turned up to work 10 minutes before the bell, eek...(I have to travel 20 minutes to work)...however I am getting better - time management is improving each week.  I have decluttered and organised MOST of my containers, have 2 more to do! So I am on the right track. Going to start on my photos next month! (wish me luck) 

2. Find a new home! A+ (for selling our house) 
We sold our house quite quickly and now we are on the hunt for a new house - so this goal will be ticked off VERY SOON!

3. Learn more about Photography B
Continuing to learn new things about my camera and photography...I have definitely improved in the past 4 months and I know I am only going to get better. I love photography.

4. Walk up/Climb Mt Manaia F
I was actually thinking about this one the other day...I need to walk up Parahaki (3 times to catch up) :( I will get up there...one day!

5. Organise TWO Milestone birthday parties A+
I did it!!! I actually pulled off TWO  no THREE parties in ONE weekend...Check them out...
A Little Golden Book themed First Birthday
Miss B's Paris themed 10th Birthday


Blogging Goals

I have been blogging officially since September 2014 (I created my Facebook page in May 2014). I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far and am really excited about what 2015 has to offer! Here are my five blogging goals...

1. Reach milestones B
FACEBOOK: 674 (Milestones 500 & 600) 
TWITTER: 97 (only 3 more to reach milestone 100 followers) B
INSTAGRAM: 221 (Milestone 200 - CHECK) A 
PINTEREST: 87 (would LOVE more followers) C

2. Guest Post on other blogs C - Work in Progress
I will be guest blogging on a couple of blogs in the next month or so (Watch this space) 
GUEST POSTS/BLOGS --> I have had one lovely guest blogger on TTMN to date (Thanks Lydia) and I have a couple in the pipeline - coming soon. I still have spaces available if YOU would like to be a guest blogger on my blog. Send me a message via Facebook or Contact Form found on the left sidebar.
1. Q is for Q&A with Always Made With Love

3. Be a more Organised blogger! B

This is a work in progress kind of goal - I have had days when I have been super organised and other days, where I have stayed up really late finishing off blogposts...When you have an idea...you just have to run with it!!
I am really proud of myself for sticking to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!! ONE MORE DAY and I have completed a whole month of blogging every day (plus on top of my other blogposts)! Go ME!

4. Meet some Blogging friends C (It will happen)
All my blogging friends get an A+ :) I have yet to meet them face to face but there is still plenty of time for that aye Ladies (Courtney, Lydia  & Claire)

5. Enjoy it! A
I LOVE my little blog. I am enjoying every minute of it! 

So there you have it - my goals for 2015! ***UPDATED*** - I think I am doing pretty good, don't you think? 
How are you getting on with your goals this year? 
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X is for 'X' tables (Times tables)

"Times tables are the alphabet of maths" (Kev & Belinda)
I have had students in my class, even my daughter, struggle with their maths, especially when it comes to learning the x (times) tables. There are many ways to help children to instantly recall their x tables, however it really comes down to practice, practice, and more practice. 

I found these eXcellent individual posters that you can download, print and display in your classroom or kid's bedroom. A useful tool to help students or your own children to gain confidence in learning and recalling their times tables. Click on the link or image below. Have fun, Mathematicians!

Do you have any tips, tricks or songs you used to learn/teach X (times) tables? 
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#TuesdayTen: 10 TV Shows I Want To Star In

If I didn't become a teacher, my back up career would have been Acting. Drama was one of my favourite subjects at school. I performed in school plays/productions from a young age (I think I was 7-8). In my last year at primary school, I was fortunate to play Joseph in the musical - Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. It was such an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. At high school I also played one of the main characters - Koranauku - in Kerry Lynch's Dream Stalker (now know as Dream Seer). I loved acting and was top of my class, scoring highest achievement - something I am very proud of. 

So when this week's topic for #TuesdayTen came up: 10 Movies or TV shows I wish were my Life...I thought about the shows I love watching or have watched in my lifetime and have come up with "10 TV Shows I Want To Star In" instead - that is, if I were an actress/actor....

1. Shortland Street
Shortland Street is a medical drama. Everyone either works at the hospital "Shortland Street" or over at "The IV" (bar). There is a lot of drama! Family feuds, Relationships, Weddings, Babies, Deaths, and the odd explosion. It also focuses on relevant events happening in and around our country. I tune in every night Monday-Friday! There have been some story-lines that I can relate to or have friends and family that do. It would be a dream come true if I got to walk on the set, even just walking through the corridors of the hospital would be pretty cool, or maybe be an ED Doctor or nurse. 

2. Home and Away
Sun, Surf & Pizza - Need I say more! 
Home and Away is an Australian drama. It is played over here (in New Zealand) every night Monday-Friday and it is a show that I have been watching it for over 15 years! Filled with lots of drama, it keeps me coming back for more. It would be super cool to visit the beach where they film the show...in fact I might have to put it on my bucket list! 

3. Gilmore Girls
I LOVED Gilmore Girls! I used to watch it religiously...The relationship between Lorelai and Rory is one that I want to have with my daughter (without the copious amounts of coffee consumption). When I was younger, I definitely wanted to be like Rory - have an awesome relationship with my Mum and I am happy to say that I do...I just hope that my relationship with my daughter is just as close when she hits her teenage years! (Give me strength). It would be great to hang out with the Gilmore Girls in Stars Hollow even just for a day. Go to 'Luke's Diner" for coffee and pancakes.

4. The XFactor
I know you have to be some-what famous or in the biz to be a judge on XFactor - however, if given the chance, it would be a pretty amazing opportunity, don't you think?

5. The Block 
I love reality shows like The Block. They are very inspiring - it makes you want to knock a few walls down and/or go shopping for cushions, copper lamps and massive art work that costs an arm and leg. If my partner and I entered, I would definitely be the shopper - I'll be good at finding a bargain that's for sure. I'm not scared of a bit of hard labour either...we are hoping to find a house that we can do-up, so we will be having our own version of The Block, minus the cameras and thousands of dollars to spend! 

6. Grey's Anatomy
Action-packed drama every week - what's not to love! The Doctors at Seattle Grace love to live life to the fullest and I am with them every step of the way! How cool would it be to walk the corridors of Seattle Grace and rub shoulders with 'Meredith' and 'McDreamy'. I'm sure Meredith wouldn't mind ANOTHER half-sister! 

7. Ellen
Ellen ROCKS!! Being on her show, even just as an audience member would blow my mind! She busts a move, has the funniest things to say, interviews the coolest people (famous and non-famous) and gives away some pretty awesome prizes! It would be amazing to be in her presence. 

8. Dawson's Creek
I used to tune in with this awesome foursome after school every day! So much drama in one little township - it would have been cool to be a part of it! I laugh when I watch old episodes of Dawson's Creek...it brings back a lot of memories of my teenage years, although I didn't creep into boys bedroom windows!

 9. The Big Bang Theory
To be on a show with Sheldon would be FANTASTIC! He is THE funniest man! BAZINGA!

10. E! Entertainment Television
I would love to be an E! Presenter - especially on the Red Carpet - meeting all the Stars! I even dressed up as one at a "Night At The Oscars" theme night! It was a lot of fun interviewing people as they walked in the door and onto our 'Red Carpet' - move over Giuliana Rancic! (no scratch that, she is amaze-balls) - I can be her co-host!

If you got the chance to STAR in your favourite TV Show - What would it be? 

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 Lisa from The Golden Spoons & Rabia from The Lieber Family


W is for Wacky Wigs

There are so many W words that I could blog about, however I wanted to share something about me and what I love. 

I have a bit of a confession: I LOVE WIGS!
A few years back, my Mum and I went to a theme party every month (yes I partied with my Mum and I am proud to say it!). We would make our own costumes, with a bit of help from the Op-shops. I decided to wear a wig to each party - and it kind of became a signature part of my costumes. I ended up collecting A LOT of wigs and wore them for theme parties, school dress up days, any chance I could really. The wigs (wackier the better) totally completed my outfit. I found myself being more confident and always had a big smile on face because I was so comfortable - it was like I was a different person, but still ME! 

Here is a collage of some (yes, some) of the wigs that I have worn over the years...
Row 1. L-R: Retro, Prom Night, Mid Winter Beach Party, Pirate Day (School)
Row 2. L-R: Rugby World Cup - All Blacks (School), Halloween, Kiwiana, Super Heroes
Row 3. L-R: Bad Taste, Stars & Stripes, Olympics Day (School), Fairy Tale Night
Row 4. L-R: Book Day (Camilla Cream), Rugby World Cup - England (School), Halloween, Retro 

Do you like wearing wigs? 
Got a photo? I would love to see it.
Please head over to my Facebook and SHARE your WACKY WIG photo(s)?

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Sunday Share #17

Hello lovely readers, how was your weekend? It's Long Weekend for us in New Zealand due to ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget. As you see in my photo above - yes! I am wearing uggboots...it's Autumn here and it's starting to get a bit chilly. I have also purchased a couple of new slouch scarves for extra warmth. I am totally jealous of all my friends/blogger friends on the other side of the globe who are welcoming Spring into their homes and lives! I just need to suck it up for a few (five+) months and then it will be our turn! 

What's Been Happening This Week? 
MONDAY: My partner took Master M to visit his Great Grandmother, leaving me at home to do my own thing...and what do I do? CLEAN!!

First day back at work after school holidays. I had a great day and I have to say I am really enjoying being back in the classroom and teaching - it has always been my dream to be a teacher. I absolutely love it.

WEDNESDAY: Master M & I had our monthly catch up with our Coffee Group today. We met at a local park so the kids could have a play - and they LOVED it and us mummies had an awesome chat! We also managed to get a group photo with our babies - thanks to the good ol' self timer :). Great to see our friends again! Our babies are not babies anymore - they are all walking & talking mini-toddlers.

THURSDAY: Rest day! Definitely needed it.

FRIDAY: Master M & I went to a PLAY session today. M had lots of fun exploring...he was definitely in his element. He loved water play, spending quite a bit of time by the trough [pic below] and also dabbled in a bit of art [pic left] I think we are going to really enjoy attending PLAY on Fridays.

WEEKEND: Anzac Day - Lest We Forget - we took a moment to reflect & remember all the servicemen and women who lost their lives and to honour those who returned home. This year marks 100 years Centennial. We Will Remember Them. We have been busy house hunting, we have our eyes on a few potential properties...I won't go into too much detail - however, please keep your fingers crossed for us. I will let you know how we get on.
Master M LOVED Water play at our first PLAY session on Friday.
Here's what I shared on My Instagram this week for #FMSPhotoaDay Challenge...
April 20. This Happened

April 21. Season

April 22. Mess (I like to call it ART)

April 23. Snack

April 24. Fill the Frame

April 25. I sat here
 (Lest We Forget - ANZAC DAY)

April 26. 4 o'clock

Want to join in the FMS Photo a Day fun?
Here's Week 18
#fmsphotoaday @FatMumSlim

Have a wonderful week!

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V is for Various Artists - My Favourite Songs

There are so many great songs being played at the moment, too many to name in one blogpost, so I am going to share a few of my favourite songs from Various Artists. These are the songs that no matter where I am (home or in the car), I will turn it up and sing along - even Master M is a fan of these songs, nodding his head and doing a bit of a dance (it's so cute).  Oh and I love buying compilation CDs with Various Artists too - they are the best! (yes, I still buy CDs). 
Tell me, what songs/artists are you loving RIGHT NOW? 

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
(Fast & Furious 7)

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith & John Legend
 (Red Nose Day 2015)

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney 

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Come Home With Me - Guy Sebastian


U is for Ultimate List of Blogs I Love

Today I am sharing an 'Ultimate List of Blogs I Love', 50+ in fact, because I love Sharing the Blog Love! Grab a cuppa and check out these amazing blogs - created by the most inspiring & wonderful women I have 'met'. I also recently shared 10 Women Bloggers I Admire. Do you recognise some of these bloggers? I would love to follow some more blogs that have a similar niche to mine. Leave your blog link in the comments and I will be sure to check it out. 
P.S You're Welcome.





**Please note: I will be adding to this list so feel free to check back in
or PIN it for future reference (Thanks for Sharing)

Share the BLOG Love today! 
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