{20 Day Challenge} Day 20 - THE LAST DAY

{Day 20}
I can't believe it is Day 20 - the last day of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge - although I only need to look at my house and see how clean & organised it is...routines are put in place, new habits & 5 minutes tasks completed regularly...I am feeling fantastic and very proud of myself for completing this challenge!

Today I de-cluttered a few things from the freezer and gave it a good clean... PLUS I have organised a "Baking Day" with my daughter for this weekend - to celebrate my success. 

Looking back... My Goals

When at home I want to feel organised and relaxed
I want to spend more time doing fun activites outside with my family & Blogging 
I want an area of the home where I can set up a desk/area for laptop and stationary
I want to organise my Bedroom & the containers of 'sentimental items' hidden away in the wardrobes
I don't need anymore but can't part with clothes and teacher resources
I always lose motivation


  • I am definitely feeling more organised and relaxed and so does my partner when he gets home from work.
  • I have loved blogging about my journey during the 20 day challenge. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and seeing the before and after photos.
  • Now that the house is sorted I am looking forward to spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine with my kids. BRING ON SUMMER
  • I now have a designated area where I work and where I keep my stationary etc.. 
  • My bedroom is clean & organised and I make my bed every morning before I leave the room.
  • I have culled and organised A LOT of my 'sentimental items' which feels great to FINALLY get it done
  • I have donated 3 rubbish bags full of clothes/shoes to op-shop & dumped a rubbish bag full of teacher resources no longer needed.

This is my home. I would be happy if potential buyers walked through my house today and opened my cupboards!!

Hi 5 and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Katrina & Kate at The Organised Housewife
and to everyone in our AWESOME FB Community!! You are all fantastic - give yourselves a PAT on the BACK for making the first step - SIGNING UP to this CHALLENGE!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! You WILL get there!! Believe in yourselves! I believe in you! 

To anyone that is considering doing the challenge! I highly recommend it.



{20 Day Challenge} Day 19 - Kids Bedroom

So this is what happens when Miss B doesn't tidy her room before bed...she really gave me something to clean in todays task - Kids Bedroom...I decided to give it a makeover instead, and clean as I go! 

View from the door

Bright & Beautiful 
View from end of bed

Currently using mini shelf as bedside table (buying a new one is on the to-do list)

Miss B's favourite photo of her and Master M ( he was 3 weeks old) & her notepad take pride next to her bed

TV unit perfect for storing Miss B's Rainbow Loom and Nail Polish/Equipment.
Pink tub  used for dirty washing
Mini-Stereo/CDS & Headphones

DVD storage & Rainbow Loom
I got this awesome organiser from The Warehouse - It's great for storing those little loom bands.
I have also seen them at Mitre 10 & Warehouse Stationary
(Note to self: Make new labels) 

Loved it so much that I got one for Miss B's nail polish.

Bookshelf dusted and de-cluttered

Morning Routine (Made by Me)
Evening Routine (Made by Me)

Nice clean mirrors

Miss B LOVES her new bedroom - she promises to keep it clean and tidy every day. 


{20 Day Challenge} Day 18 - Dining Room


{20 Day Challenge} Day 16: Wardrobe & Day 17: Medicine Cabinet

We had a Family Day Out yesterday, visiting family and friends. It was nice to get away for the day, especially after spending two days giving our front garden a Garden Makeover, however it puts me a day behind in the 20 Day Challenge! So I decided to tackle Day 16 and Day 17 today. 

Day 16 - Wardrobe

How do you store your clothes? Wardrobe? Walk-in Wardrobe? Drawers? Both? 
At the moment, I don't have the luxury of using my wardrobe, as we have converted the area into Master M's nursery (see it here). Every time I had the motivation to get in there and sort it out, Master M was due for his nap - well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol...so it is now on my to-do list tomorrow (after 1st nap). Most of the stuff in there is more sentimental items so I will sort through them after giving the wardrobe a good clean. Watch this space. 

So, onto the next task...De-clutter & Organise Clothes
I love op-shopping and at the beginning of this challenge I could have easily opened my own op-shop with the amount of clothes that I owned. Thankfully, I tackled and de-cluttered a massive pile of clothes during the Main Bedroom challenge because there were piles in almost every corner of the room and it was frustrating me. 

I am happy to report that all my clothes were actually in the drawers (laundry up to date YAY!), just not organised (Doh!), I got a bit slack about putting clothes away properly (Oops!). I went through each drawer, asking myself - Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last few months? Will I actually wear it? I am getting better at answering these questions honestly and got rid of some items today, putting them straight into a bag and in the car to drop off to the op-shop the next morning. 

I am a new liker of filing your clothes or rolling them in the drawers - 1) It gives you more space, 2) You are able to see what you have, and 3) It looks more organised. What do you think? 

Do you HANG, FOLD, FILE or ROLL your clothes? 

I love opening my drawers now, and I can open them with ease. 
New rule though - {One In - One Out} (that's going to be hard, but I will TRY)

This is how I organise my bracelets & necklaces. I found this funky mug tree at the op-shop for a couple of dollars - Perfect for displaying jewellery. How do you organise your jewellery?

Day 17 - Medicine Cabinet

Our cleaning task for today was to clean light switches & door handles! I really feel for those that have more than 3 bedrooms in their houses! We have a 2 bedroom house, and there are quite a lot of light switches and door handles...so I can only imagine that there will be two, maybe three times more in a bigger house (Good luck!).

My favourite task today was De-clutter and Organise Medicine Cabinet. This is an area I definitely needed to improve on. I keep Pamol & antibiotics in the fridge and First Aid items are kind of all over the house - bathroom cupboard, junk drawer & on the fridge. NOW...it is all in the one container that I keep on the top shelf in the pantry. I made my own label, filled out the Emergency Contacts form and popped it in, then put our 'First Aid' items/Medicine in this tub.

It's such a great feeling to know that everything is in the one place - so when I have a headache or the kids need a plaster, it's right there - in the First Aid Kit.

Miss B has her own Asthma Kit. It holds spare Spacers, Masks and Inhalers. Every 2-3 months, I check her inhalers and top up if I need to.

What do you have in your First Aid Kit? 


Long Weekend - Part 2

We were blessed with another beautiful day in the North and I am still buzzing from yesterdays achievement in the front garden that I wanted to continue today - to attack the other half. 

The Garden Makeover continues...

Okay, so this is the before photo - what I call total chaos in a garden...it is overgrown with all sorts...two big cabbage trees, a yucca and some agaves hidden amongst some random plants. I honestly did not know where to start! 

Front Garden BEFORE
Front Garden BEFORE (close up)

More rocks found amongst the chaos

Coming along...
It's all about TEAM WORK 
Miss B and her "tree"


Ta da!!!
Our Front Entrance Garden AFTER
View from front of house

View from driveway
 We also decided to re-plant the potted yucca that we had on the deck. It was choking in the pot, so we have given it a new lease of life! I can't wait for it to thrive in it's new home!

Bird of Paradise - Couldn't resist taking a photo!

Miss B after the hose shower! 

What do you think about our Garden Makeover? This is only Stage 1, like yesterday, we are still on the hunt for ideas of what to put in this front garden.


Long Weekend - Part 1

First day of the Long Weekend and I was a MAMA on a MISSION. I had my list (a long list) of things that I wanted to achieve this weekend ready and I wasted no time in getting started. 

We couldn't ask for better weather - It was a stunner day. There was not a cloud in the sky. I made the most of this beautiful weather and got all of our clothes washed and on the line. By 11am, the clothes were already dry, so I put towels and bedding on next...(they were dry in about an hour)...like I said - it was a beautiful day...perfect for getting the washing ALL done. 

Sticking with the theme of clothes...Day 15 of the challenge also included de-cluttering and organising the Kids Wardrobes/clothes. Well, today was the day! I started with Miss B's clothes - I usually go through her clothes with her and get her to take out all of the smaller sizes or clothes she doesn't wear anymore. Over time she has become quite good at it. I folded the clothes and got her to put her clothes nicely in the drawers, so that she knows where to put them next time. For Master M's clothes, I had all of his 6-9 months/9-12months clothes in one of the big K-Mart plastic bags ready for me to sort/de-clutter and organise back into the drawers. Over half of the clothes (the ones that are too small) were put into the 60L container seen in photo. It's a great feeling to know that both kids drawers are filled with nicely folded clothes! TASK COMPLETE.

Next on my list was to get my nook by the front door sorted, as this quickly became my dumping ground throughout the challenge. *Note: We have another entrance by the kitchen that we use more. My goal is start using this front entrance more. 

I finally got around to filling up the car and taking a big load to the local op-shop. I have passed on some of my 'baby' items to a friend that is expecting in the next couple of weeks, my bassinet that I used with both of my kids will have it's 15th baby in it soon - It's been well looked after by my friends and family.

When we got back from the op-shop, I de-cluttered the top of the drawer unit in the nook and gave it a good wipe. I would like to note, that these drawers belonged to my Grandad who sadly passed away in February when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I love that I have a piece of him in my home and it fit perfectly in this space. 

I am so happy to have this area back the way I originally had it. I cleaned the big window, vacuumed and finished with OPENING the front door (it had been a while). Hallelujah! I love it, it's a nice, clean, (uncluttered) area at the entrance of our home. 

Our Front Entry
The house is starting to look great. At this moment in time (with a week to go in the challenge), I would be happy for potential buyers to come through our house and have a look around...it's been a mission, however a good one and totally worth it!

The inside of the house looks great, backyard looks amazing (especially when the lawns have just been mowed)...now to attack the front garden! 

"It's a big job" 
This garden has been on my to-do list for a while now and today I finally got my gardening gloves on and attacked it! Ripped out everything except the cabbage tree (I just pushed it back towards the house) however, I'm thinking of taking it out altogether and replacing it with something else. I found the various sized rocks in amongst the overgrown plants so decided to re-use them. Win Win

Please note this is only Stage 1, we are still deciding what we are going to do with the garden...oh the decisions - I just wanted it tidy. I welcome any suggestions :) For now, I am loving our garden, it has really opened up the area and looks so much tidier than before.

I have plans for the other half of the garden as well...so watch this space!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend

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