2014: Looking Back At Our Year!

Another year done and dusted, and what a year it has been! From my Baby Shower in January to Celebrating Master M's First Christmas in December and everything in between. 

I am sharing some of the highlights (and a few lows) of our year: 2014! Enjoy! 
  • Had a growth scan at 32 weeks - our son is going to be a BIG one! 
  • I had a "Giraffe/Blue/Green-theme" Baby Shower - celebrated with my nearest and dearest. Miss B and cousin Paige set up a little Nail Salon for the guests to get pampered. It was a wonderful day - we played games, ate yummy food & opened so many presents! (we were very lucky - Thank you)

  • Miss B starts back at school as a Senior - Year 5 (NZ) 
  • My Grandad (Mum's Dad) passed away two weeks before my due date :( That's his house (left) - he lived there for over 30 years! RIP Grandad. We love you and miss you everyday.
  • Got to see my big brother, Jade - who currently lives in Melbourne. Although it was under sad circumstances, it was really good to see him. 
  • Enjoyed having one-to-one time with Miss B before baby arrives. 
  • 24 February 2014 - was MY DUE DATE! (Frame (right) belonged to my Grandad x)

  • 1st/2nd March - False Labour (NOT NICE) 
  • We welcomed Master M into our little family on 5th March (9 days overdue), weighing in a whopping 10lb 14oz! You can read about it here: My Labour & Birth Story
  • Miss B turned 9 years old - I took her & her friend, Aimee (with 3 day old Master M) to get a Manicure & Pedicure Pamper. We had BBQ dinner & cake with my parents and my partner's parents! It was a great day! Miss B got very spoilt.
  • My partner went back to work when Master M was 5 days old - so it was just me and him at home. He was/is such a content, placid little boy! We are truly blessed
  • Enrolled in SPACE (Supporting Parents Alongside Children's Education). You can read more about it here.  We love SPACE - and have met some amazing new friends!
  • At 3 weeks old - I was getting cabin fever so we ventured out and visited my old schools. Everyone absolutely loved Master M! Commenting on how big he is! We also got our family portrait done by Stacey Milich Photography - who did our Maternity Shoot in January.
  • Master M & I hosted our first Coffee Group with a couple of Mums & Bubs from our Ante-Natal classes. We meet for Coffee group every month.

  • Discharged from Midwives - referred to Plunket. As a thank you gift I made some Personalised Mugs for each of the midwives (there were four), including a coffee sachet and some easter eggs. They LOVED them!
  • Master M has a really good routine...sleeps for 3 hours, awake for 1hour! Love my son! Not so cool: 6 weeks immunisations :( 
  • Had Easter with my partners family! Lovely lunch & lots of chocolate!
  • Happy 30th Birthday to my twin brothers. (Master M's first party)
  • Master M is smiling and getting a little personality! He is so handsome. Continues to thrive.
  • The kids & I went up north to visit my parents for the night. 
  • Watched Miss B at her school Cross Country - she did really well. I am very proud of her. 

  • Master M continues to thrive - 3 months old
  • Diagnosed with Post-Natal depression - lots of support from Plunket Support Nurse, friends & family
  • Mother's Day - I had a lovely day with my two beautiful children. I also went out for lunch with my mum & daughter Miss B (left Master M with Daddy for the first time - we all survived)
  • Went to a Baby & Toddler Expo in our city -  lots of information and cool giveaways.
  • I am really enjoying SPACE - learning a lot about the development of babies, singing songs, & making a craft. 
  • Attended a Sleep & Settling seminar featuring Dorothy Waide - hosted by OHBaby! Got some really great tips from Dorothy - and became friends with another Mum! (Yaye, Theresa) 
  • Master M's first visit to hospital :( Diagnosis: Colic - however (thankfully) it was a one-off episode.

  • Master M is on the move - 1st half roll! (we were pretty excited about it) then rolled from his back to tummy! YAYE!
  • Coffee groups & SPACE are AWESOME! Love my new group of friends (Mums & Bubs) - Great bunch of ladies!
  • Attended an Introduction to Solids workshop. 
  • Had my Grandads Memorial Service (unveiling). Said good-bye to Bader Drive (his house) :(
  • Getting my craft on at SPACE & at home. Check out DIY Gold Footprint for more details. I have also shared a lot of my crafts on my facebook page.

  • Created a  School Holiday Ideas Jar to keep Miss B occupied during the School Holidays. It was such a great idea and Miss B loved it - have been using it ever since. We would do things together when Master M was having his naps - making sure we had our Mother/Daughter time. (We also do Nail Art every Sunday) 
  • Coffee Groups & SPACE continue! Our babies are growing so fast! 
  • Starting to get a little community on my Facebook page - which is really great! 
  • Not cool: 5 months Immunisations - Master M was very brave!

  • Big Latch On - I helped organise this event with the Lactation Consultants - we had 20 mums & bubs latch on! Next year we plan to double it!
  • My partner turned the BIG 30!! I made him a Beer Cake & gave him some special photos of Master M (like the ones above - in the middle) 
  • Our favourite song at SPACE is "It's a Rainbow" - SPACE is an amazing programme - I am really enjoying it and so is Master M.
  • We went to our first Northland game for the year.
  • My nephew turned 1! Woohoo!
  • Challenged myself to organise all my photos on my laptop - it was MASSIVE job - I'm going to have to do it again!

  • 24th September - I bit the bullet and made an actual blog for Teacher by trade - Mother by nature! Read my First BLOG Post
  • Master M is now 6 months old! CRAZY! Growing too fast my son, slow down. He's moved to a BIG BOY carseat now! 
  • My partner's FIRST Father's Day - The kids bought him a Warriors shirt (his favourite league team) & we had a lovely BBQ breakfast/lunch with my Dad & brothers
  • SPACE & Coffee Groups are THE BEST!
  • Master M trying to move around like a worm - it's so cute to watch - later in the month - WE HAVE A CRAWLER (army crawler)
  • Miss B dressed up as Red Riding Hood for Book Character Day. 
  • Master M having solids now - was a slow start however he is getting better and eating more (still breastfeeding)
  • First/Second SPACE party! Two of our friends from SPACE turned 1 this month! It was cool to celebrate their special day with them. 
  • Poor Master M got Bronchiolitis twice this month :( grrr winter grrr

  • Master M got his FIRST TOOTH! (although he had been teething since he was 4 months old) 
  • FIRST WORD: Mama - makes my heart melt when I hear my son call me Mama! Love him! 
  • My partner is patiently waiting for him to say Da-da
  • We said Good-bye to our cat - Oscar :( 
  • Miss B's bedroom got a Makeover - looks amazing! See it here.
  • Long Weekend in NZ, I attacked the front garden - Check out what I did: Part 1 & Part 2

  • Master M crawled on all fours - eek!
  • We went on a family walk around Hatea Loop - Check out our pics at Family Day Out
  • Our babies are getting more active at SPACE - starting to do lots of PLAY e.g. water, sand, playdough, paint, playground.
  • Baked some delicious Banana Choc Muffins with Miss B - You must make some - they are really delicious!
  • Celebrated my birthday this month - got very spoilt by my family - a tub full of goodies - including new Havaianas! Flowers from friends & a cake from SPACE ladies! 

  • Lots of SPACE Babies 1st Birthday Parties this month - Master M partied like a ROCKSTAR!
  • Christmas Coffee Group - we made cute Christmas trees with our babies handprints
  • I made an Advent Calendar for Miss B - See the activities under label - Advent Calendar
  • Graduated SPACE (and received a Certificate in PlayCentre Course 1)
  • Miss B got a certificate at her school Prizegiving for being a PAL Leader (Physical Activity Leader). Well done Miss B!
  • Master M - 9 months old! Crawling, Standing, Lots of talking - Our son is THRIVING!
  • First Christmas for Master M & our family of four! Spent the day with both families! Such a great day! See Our Christmas 2014. Master M met Santa. I think Miss B knows he's not real! eek!
  • My best friend (and Miss B's GodMother) is back in NZ for a little holiday - so great to have her home.
  • My AMAZING partner bought me my first DSLR camera - Canon EOS :) I love it (and I love my partner) 

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of our lives and joined me on my blogging journey. I really hope you continue to join me in 2015 - we have a big year ahead - Miss B turning TEN, Master M turning ONE, putting our house on the market and buying a new one (eek). So with only a few hours left in 2014 - I want to wish everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Signing off for 2014


Our Christmas 2014

T'was the night before Christmas...
Our family tradition is that the kids get to open ONE present on Christmas Eve. It's also time to get Santa's plate ready before the kids go to bed. You can read about it here.

Our day started at 6:30am, Miss B had already gone into the lounge to scope out whether or not Santa had been! She came into our room, picked up Master M who is standing in his cot with a massive smile on his face and they  both jumped on our bed very excited!

I made Miss B (and Master M) wait until 7:30am to open their presents. Master M went straight for his activity table and Miss B started with her stocking. 
Santa has been to our house!

Excited about celebrating Master M's First Christmas
Miss B loved receiving Paris items for Christmas
Best Present from Daddy - Mini All Black Rugby ball
Even our cat Smooch got a present from Santa
Master M playing with his First Activity Walker

The kids got some really awesome presents this year. I am so glad I decided to go with the Wish List Cards - it made shopping a lot easier and stress-free. Once all the presents were unwrapped, we had a small bacon & egg breakfast, a quick tidy up before packing up the car and heading off on our Christmas Day Road Trip, leaving at 10am. 

First stop - we had a beautiful lunch with my partner's parents, Nana, Uncle, Brother, Sister-in-law & two nieces. The kids got some lovely presents. Miss B got some Lego Friends and is now completely addicted! 

After 2pm we were on the road again, this time heading to my Parents house. Celebrating Christmas with my Nana, three of my brothers & their partners (I also have a brother in Australia), three nephews & close friends of my Mum & Dad. It was awesome having my Nana with us this year! (Sadly, we said good-bye to my Grandad at the beginning of the year - however I know he was with us in spirit). 

The kids enjoyed having a swim and playing together, we had a yummy dinner...with all the Christmas trimmings (including my favourite - chocolate strawberries, & Secret Santa gifts were handed out by my Dad with a bit of help from Miss B and my nephew, Luka. 

Master M was fast asleep when we opened presents on Christmas Day, so he opened his on Boxing Day morning. 

Master M LOVES Strawberries!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! Yes, it was long and tiring, especially travelling to our parents houses, however I wouldn't have changed a thing. I love my family (both families) and for me that's what Christmas is all about! 

Looking back at My Christmas Wishlist that I posted for #TuesdayTen link up - I can actually say that each and every thing on my list has a tick! From having a full tank of gas to receiving my very first Canon DSLR camera from my Ah-MAZING partner! This year has been THE BEST Christmas...now it's time to reflect on 2014 and get ready for 2015!

How was your Christmas? Did you stay home or travel? 

If you are blogger, please leave me a link to your Christmas post below - I would love to have a read!


Merry Christmas!!

From my family to yours...
Have a safe & Merry Christmas! 


Advent Calendar: Day 22, 23 & Day 24: DIY - Santa & Rudolph Plate

Here are Miss B's last few activities for her Advent Calendar! Miss B has had a lot of fun completing all the tasks and she is looking forward to doing it all again next year. Master M will be oldern and more involved too so I can't wait! 
Details below

Day 22: Read Christmas Stories
This year we decided to start a new tradition with our little family..."12 books of Christmas" - see post here. Miss B has really enjoyed reading these books to Master M and to me as well. I might check out the Boxing Day sales and get some more Christmas books ready for next year! Her favourite book to read has been "A Pukeko in a ponga tree" (a New Zealand classic).

Day 23: Visit the Christmas Lights
Every year our city has a Christmas Lights Trail - we go around looking at all the houses that are covered with Christmas decorations and lights! There were some amazing houses this year! (Master M as fast asleep at home with Daddy - maybe next year)

Our city Christmas Tree! (sorry poor photo quality)
My best friend & Miss B's God Mother came with us on the Christmas Light Trail
(She just arrived from London)
Day 24: Get milk & cookies ready for Santa
I had seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a cool idea to do with Miss B. It's really easy...all you need is a white plate & some Sharpies. 1. Write your message around the edge of the plate, 2. Trace 2x circle shapes for Santa's milk and cookies & 3. Draw a carrot shape for Rudolph's carrot. Bake the plate for 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees (or the microwave for 30 seconds) so that the Sharpie doesn't smudge. Put out Santa's plate tonight before the kids go to bed! 

Before I forget...We have completed our Day 6 & 7 (we had to reschedule - see it here) activities over the weekend. 

Day 6: Leave a gift under the Wishing Tree

Day 7: Go and visit Santa
This is Master M's FIRST Christmas so I definitely had to get a photo of him (and Miss B) with Santa this year! Love these photos! Thanks Harvey Norman!

Merry Christmas to YOU and your family!
It's time to sit back and relax with my family and friends! What a fabulous year it has been - Thank you so much for visiting Teacher by trade - Mother by nature and being a part of my blogging community! 
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See you soon!


Advent Calendar: Day 19, 20 & Day 21 - Christmas Nail Art

We are almost at the end of our Advent Calendar...Miss B has really enjoyed completing the different activities this year...we will definitely be doing this again. Check out what we did for Day 19, 20 & Day 21. 

Day 19 - Make Reindeer Food
There are so many reindeer food poems & recipes available online to choose from. This is what we did - just using items we had at home.
You will need: 
Rolled Oats
Sprinkles (choice is yours)
Cellophane bag or an empty baby food jar
Ribbon (for decoration)
Reindeer Food Poem

Reindeer Food Poem
Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam

This will guide them to your home. 
Mix sprinkles & rolled oats together...
 Place in cellophane bag or an empty baby food jar & tie with some decorative ribbon...
 Add your poem and Voila! Your reindeer food is ready to sprinkle over your lawn on Christmas Eve.

Day 20: Enjoy some Hot Chocolate
Enjoy some Hot Chocolate (Milo) & a marshmellow treat, while watching a Christmas movie together as a family.

Day 21: Christmas Nail Art
Check out these very easy Christmas tutorials by MissJenFabulous. She has THE BEST (& easy) Nail Art designs!

Miss B chose design #2 with a yellow 'star'. 

What have you got left to do before Christmas Day? 

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