Organising My Home: WEEK FOUR #31Days2GetOrganized

In Week 4, we tackled some really good areas during the 'Organising My Home' series - with help from organised guru, Peter Walsh's #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge. My favourite tasks were Pens, Gift Wrapping and Pantry - check out my photos and you will know why.

Sunday Share #38 - Currently

Phew! What a week - and it's only going to get busier - with Daylight savings starting today and School Holiday time. We were planning on going away for a few days, to visit friends, however something has come up and we are unable to go now. Feeling sad and anxious about this sudden change, even though it is out of our control, I still struggle to come to terms with the change. My daughter is the same. Tomorrow we are going to make a new plan, and try/do some new things/activities to make us feel better. It's the little things that help. I will let you know what we get up to next Sunday, in the meantime - here is what I am currently doing...

Smiling: at this photo. My daughter always knows how to put a smile on my face. This is just one of the silly things she does. Thanks bub.

Enjoying: the stunning Spring weather we have had this weekend! I managed to get through all of my washing, including bedding in ONE DAY - washed, dried, folded AND put away! WINNING! I am also enjoying watching my kids play together! They have so much fun together - they are best friends - Happy Children = Very happy Mummy!

Cleaning: THIS little guy! Enough said really. 

Having: a PJ Day! Yip, sometimes it's just got to be done, and we rocked our jammies this week. Do you have a PJ Day in you home? 

Organising: my gift wrapping supplies, Pantry, utility closet, one desk drawer, kitchen utensils, sheet sets and pens (lots and lots of pens) More details on the blog Monday - watch this space.
This is my Pantry - it's my happy place :) One of my friends said she would marry it! Love it.
Celebrating: Miss E's 2nd Birthday. This little girl loves Jake & the Neverland Pirates, so her clever Mummy made this yummy chocolate cake, with blue icing and M&Ms. It was delicious. The kids had a great time playing and eating party food. I really enjoyed catching up with my Mummy friends, who I haven't seen in, what feels like, ages. It's the second 2nd Birthday of our group, we have many more to come. I love birthday parties! Do you? 

That's all from me...what are YOU currently up to?

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PLAY IDEA: Foam Eruptions

I love Science and science experiments, especially when they have the 'wow factor'. Mixing baking soda and vinegar was a favourite when I was child and now I get to share it with my children. My son has never really been a fan of Messy Play, however after doing this experiment, I think he has changed his mind, because now he knows it's fun to mix, stir and scoop colourful 'stuff' and get messy!

Messy Play can help children to experiment and explore, learn about colour mixing and texture, develop hand-eye co-ordination and practice pouring, mixing, scooping and beating skills. 

We can support children by joining in, letting them know it's okay to get messy. We can encourage them to tell us what they are doing by introducing descriptive words such as runny, fluffy, warm, wet, and soft. Supervising them at all times, keeping them safe and preventing them from putting the mixture/solution in their mouth and/or eyes.

Disclaimer: This recipe is from "Recipes for Messy Play".
1/4 cup Clear liquid hand soap 
3/4 Warm water
2 Tbsp Baking Soda
2 Tbsp Citric Acid, lemon juice 
(unfortunately I didn't have either, so I used white vinegar instead, and it did the trick) 
Food colouring
1. Set out small container in a deep basin or water trough.
2. Add clear hand soap and warm water to each container and invite the children to mix to create soapy water. 
3. Add a few drops of food colouring to each one. 
4. Invite children to add spoonfuls of baking soda to each bowl of soapy water and mix it in - it should become gooey. The children can then add spoonfuls of citric acid (or lemon juice) *we didn't have either so I used white vinegar instead). As soon as the citric acid/lemon juice/white vinegar hits the baking soda/soapy water combination, it will create a very light, airy, fluffy foam. 
5. Set out small spoons or sticks for mixing. The more the children mix in the citric acid, the lighter, fluffier, and bigger foam they'll get. 
Enjoy getting messy with your toddler and most of all have FUN!

Tip out all of the containers into a large container - get stuck in with hands and mix for some extra foamy fun!

Have you tried this or any Science experiments with your toddler lately?

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ABC - Facts about ME! #OSBLOG

A while ago, a friend tagged me in a Facebook post - ABCs of ME. There was a word prompt for each letter of the alphabet and you had to share your answers. I saved the post as a reminder to myself to share my answers at a later date...well that later date is today. I am linking up with Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life, as part of her Old School Blogging series. 

Here we go...
A- Age: 32 
B- Biggest Fear: I have a few fears and one of them would be losing all my photos. I have A LOT of photos...A LOT. I love taking photos and have many I will cherish forever - of loved ones who are no longer with us, and of my children/family, however most of these cherished memories are stored on my laptop or on an external hard drive. I really need to start printing them into albums/photo books, just in case! 
C- Current Time: 12:47pm 
D- Drink you last had: cup of 'Bell' Tea
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: my Mum & my best friends - love my girls!
F- Favourite Song: Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend
G- Grossest Memory: when I was younger, we were building a new brothers and I were playing in the dirt piles (as you do), and they thought it would be funny to put worms down the back of my top. The feeling of slimy, wriggly worms down my top sends shivers down my spine (eww!). I'm actually grossed out writing this...since that day, I have HATED worms - it's actually another one of my biggest fears (thanks to my 'awesome' brothers)
H- Hometown: Kaikohe 
I- In love with: my partner. 

J- Jealous Of: my parents and Aunty, who are currently on the Queen Victoria cruise ship, travelling around the Mediterranean. Oh-so jealous!
K- Killed Someone? No. 
L- Longest Relationship: my current relationship.
M- Middle Name: Dawn - it's also my Mum's middle name and my Dad's biological mothers middle name (we only found out who she was the day my daughter was born), and my daughter has the Māori word for Dawn as her middle name. 
N- Number of Siblings: Four brothers - two older and two younger
O- One Wish: to put a stop to Domestic Violence - a very sad and hot topic in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. 
P- Person who you last called: Dental Clinic (I missed their call) - had to reschedule my appointment because my Dentist is going to be away! Now I have to wait another 2 weeks. 
Q- Question you’re always asked: "Where's the/my...?" 
R- Reason to smile: my family and our new home. I love them both!
S- Song you last sang: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Good ol' Disney channel
T- Time you woke up: 2:15am, then 5:50am, stayed in bed until 7:30am though.
U- Underwear Color: teal
V- Vacation Destination: England, London! It's my dream destination - hopefully one day I will get there.
W- Worst Habit: biting my nails, especially when I am anxious. 
X- X-rays you’ve had: Arm (hairline fracture), lots of ankles (due to playing soccer), leg (Osteomylitis), and chest (Pneumonia), oh and teeth. 
Y- Your favorite food: Steak. I love Summer fruits too...bring on Summer!
Z- Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius - "Full of energy and confidence. Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit: optimistic, open-minded and ambitious. You’re happiest in wide-open spaces with plenty of adventure and excitement. You juggle a million projects, hobbies and friends. The more, the merrier! Sagittarius is forever pursuing a super-sized goal. Even when you fail, nothing can keep you down. You’ll chalk it up as a life lesson and inspire everyone with tales of your experience. As the sign of wisdom and truth, Sagittarius loves to “tell it like it is,” especially when it makes people laugh". 

Here's a blank version for you to copy and paste...
A- Age: 
B- Biggest Fear:

C- Current Time:
D- Drink you last had: 
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: 

F- Favourite Song: 
G- Grossest Memory: 
H- Hometown: 
I- In love with:
J- Jealous Of: 
K- Killed Someone? 
L- Longest Relationship: 
M- Middle Name:
N- Number of Siblings: 
O- One Wish: 
P- Person who you last called: 
Q- Question you’re always asked:
R- Reason to smile: 

S- Song you last sang:
T- Time you woke up: 
U- Underwear Color: 
V- Vacation Destination: 
W- Worst Habit: 
X- X-rays you’ve had: 

Y- Your favorite food: 
Z- Zodiac Sign: 

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Organising My Home: WEEK THREE #31Days2GetOrganized

Three weeks down, and just under two to go of my 'Organising My Home' series - with some help from organised guru, Peter Walsh's #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge. How are YOU getting on in your home? Is your home looking and feeling more organised? 

Sunday Share #37 - Currently

Sick kids, rugby, pedicures, and email overload - it's been all go for me and my family this week. Linking up with Becky from Choose Happy - Currently series again this week. Here's what I am currently watching, reading, loving, enjoying and organising. How's your week been?


Recipe: Toddler Banana & Choc Chip Bites

Looking for a quick and simple snack idea for your toddler? Try these yummy "Toddler Banana & Choc Chip Bites". They are easy to make and your little one will love them, my 18 month old sure did. 


Organising My Home: WEEK TWO #31Days2GetOrganized

Can you believe we are already half through the 'Organising My Home' series - #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge. Are you seeing a difference in your home? I am. Now if you have just joined us, it's not too late to follow along with the challenge - for more details about this series/challenge, read about it here. 

Sunday Share #36 - Currently

Can you see it? Over there! It's the School Holidays...they are just around the corner and for one, am looking forward to these holidays. The kids and I are heading away for a few days to catch up with some friends, who we haven't seen in ages. I have started to plan and organise our road trip and now we are only 2 weeks away, I am getting excited! 

This week, I have been working, hosting coffee group, organising my home, unpacking, and playing with the kids. Next week I am heading into Week 3 of {Organising My Home: #31Days2GetOrganized} Challenge, and we are going to a mid-week birthday party for one of our friends. Yaye! 

This is what I am currently....reading, organising, enjoying and loving...

Reading: Roald Dahl books. Today it's Roald Dahl Day. September is Roald Dahl's birth month and people around the world celebrate him and his books. I loved reading Roald Dahl books as a child, and even more so now as a Mum and teacher. My favourite has to be BFG (because it was the first of his books I read), however I do love them all, and have a Roald Dahl collection of my own. What's your favourite Roald Dahl book? 
image credit: via @elli890
Organising: Under the sink, Kids Artwork, magazines, mail, and bathroom vanity. De-cluttering the garage AND for GOOD. I will be sharing a recap of week 2 tomorrow - so watch this space. We are half way through the challenge...and I am loving it so far! Have you been following along? How are YOU getting on with organising YOUR home? 

Enjoying: catching up with Coffee Group friends. It was lovely to invite my Mummy friends and their toddlers over to our new home this week. We have been meeting up monthly since my son was 3 weeks old. We enjoyed relaxing on the couch, chatting about anything and everything while our toddlers happily played, and when I say played, I mean turned the playroom upside down - they had fun and were all happy and that's the main thing...Happy Child, Happy Mum

Loving: these photos of me with my kids! You can see more photos of me #inthepicture here

That's all from me...what are YOU currently up to?

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PLAY IDEA: Play with Clay

"Clay provides so many opportunities for Messy play, especially by adding water" 
(Recipes for Messy Play)

Clay is a natural resource that has no right or wrong way to be used. It can be rolled, pinched, cut, squished and moulded into different shapes and the texture can be changed simply by adding water. The great thing about clay is it can be reused and recycled. Like playdough, Clay provides children with so many opportunities to be creative and expressive. It can be used to create long-lasting shapes (do you remember making clay bowls or animals when you were younger?).

Clay can be bought from just about any art shop or potters’ suppliers – or if there is a school nearby, you could ask for offcuts or unused clay. In some areas clay will be available from the natural environment. An expedition to dig clay can be a lot of fun.

Clay needs to be soft for children to work with, you can do this by keeping it damp during play.

The great thing about clay is that little more than a damp sponge to keep the clay moist is necessary. Children’s exploration, handling, poking, shaping and forming the clay can be quite ample on its own.

Other tools you may like to provide: 
  • something to cut the clay
  • collage materials for decoration
  • pieces of card for children to take their work home on.

Clay is good for children's hand and eye coordination (including squeezing, patting) and developing finger and hand muscles (poking, pinching). They are also learning to manipulate through cutting, rolling and moulding the clay to make shapes. 

It's amazing at what you can create with clay - My 10 year old nephew decided to give Play with Clay a go - and this is what he created.

Have you tried CLAY with your toddler? Do you remember working with clay when you were little?
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