TAKING STOCK - February 2018

[ T A K I N G S T O C K - F E B R U A R Y ]
Welcome to my second 'Taking Stock' post for 2018. (I originally posted this on my Facebook page because I was having a few technical issues with my blog....but all fixed now...so here it is :)  

If you are new to Teacher by trade, Mother by nature (WELCOME) you can read all of my 'Taking Stock' posts HERE. Pip from Meet Me At Mike is the mastermind behind this series, so be sure to check out her blog. This is something I have been doing since I started blogging and will continue to do this year, hopefully with no 'breaks'! In a nutshell, it's simply taking a step back and 'taking stock' of what's currently happening in your life.

Here's what's been happening in the month of FEBRUARY...

Making: plans for my kid's birthdays
Cooking: Lasagne & salad for dinner
Drinking: a cup of tea
Reading: and filling out application forms
Wanting: a holiday! To pack a suitcase and just go somewhere!
Looking: forward to a new month
Playing: Maori games with my students
Deciding: on what colour our new roof will be...oh the choices
Enjoying: watching my daughter settle into high school
Waiting: to hear when we can get our home insulated
Liking: routines and systems - it makes a huge difference to my day-to-day life - I thrive when I have a routine
Loving: my new work/blog planner - a Happy Planner from the amazing Tania (Tidying with Tania)
Pondering: if I should dye my hair - back to Bitter Sweet Chocolate
Considering: a change
Buying: party decorations and presents for the kids birthdays (M is turning 4 and B is turning 13 eek!)
Watching: MAFS (Married at First Sight - Australia)
Next watch: Grey's Anatomy (returns on Friday - ONDEMAND)
Hoping: to print a family year book next month - it's one of my goals!
Marvelling: at our new deck curtains at Playcentre
Needing: to win Lotto (a girl can dream right?)
Questioning: so many things...
Wearing: jandals on rainy day
Following: Love Ultimately - really enjoying their podcasts
Noticing: both kids have had a growth spurt
Knowing: how I'm going to set up the house for the kids birthday parties (map also drawn hehe)
Thinking: about my friends and family 
Admiring: teachers!
Sorting: through photos (digital)
Getting: my teacher registration renewed
Bookmarking: Paw Patrol party ideas
Snacking: on the grazing table I recently made for our Cluster Meeting
Disliking: double ear infections, high fevers and asthma
Opening: happy mail from Lime & Mortar - I'm in love with the Bloom Mystery Lime Mail bundle 
Feeling: run down...the past couple of weeks have been
really hard...fingers crossed next month is better

Now it's YOUR turn...choose a few words from the list above and TAKE STOCK of what's been happening in your life...
x Charlene

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