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(Posted on Facebook 25 July 2014) 
School holidays are just around the corner, so this afternoon I decided to make a "SCHOOL HOLIDAY IDEAS" Jar! 

I sat down with Miss B and asked her what sort of activities she would like to do - I wrote each of them on a piece of paper with a little picture, folded them and put them in the jar. I decorated the jar with some white ribbon & scrapbooking paper inside and gave it a label!

Each day Miss B will have something to do, whether it be by herself, with a friend, mother/daughter or even as a family She is super excited and so am I.

Some of the ideas she came up with - Crafts, Manicure/Pedicure, Board games, Have a pyjama day, Visit the Library, Mini Makeover, Go for nature walk and collect things, Science experiments, DVD & Popcorn...

Miss B told me she had the BEST school holiday and that she wants to do it again next holidays. 

Day 1 - Manicure & Pedicure
What a great start to the school holidays - pretty nails and pampered feet! 
Time to turn the lounge into a "beauty salon"! Will post photos of our day later!
Miss B absolutely loved being pampered! Pedicure included a Foot scrub & massage; Manicure included a Cuticle & Hand massage. She chose a beautiful "Green Tea" colour for her toes & a French Manicure for her fingernails! 

Day 2 - Mini Makeover
Originally, when we came up with this idea, we thought our mini makeover would include facials, make-up, hair & nails...The term “mini-makeovers” is making a few small, but positive, changes in someone’s personal style or appearance. Maybe your bedroom/kids bedroom or any area in your home is in need of a "mini makeover"?? - Be sure to take Before & After photos

We went with the "make-up mini makeover". My beautiful daughter before & after  I couldn't let Miss B have all the fun - so I had a Chocolate Mud Facial too & she painted my nails. 

Day 3 - Baking
Miss B loves to bake! (I wish I did it more) She actually has got two cookbooks from the library "Woman's Weekly - Kids in the Kitchen" & "My Cookbook of Cakes". Lots of ideas! 

Today we made "Chunky Chocolate Cookies" (a recipe from one of Miss B's cookbooks). We were just going to do choc chip cookies...but I really liked the effect that the M&M's a trip to the dairy halfway through the process was needed - really glad we added the M&M's - the cookies look and taste DELICIOUS  
Quite proud of myself actually (well both of us - it was a TEAM effort) 

Day 4  - Make a book
Glad to have another inside activity because the weather is absolutely miserable outside! Miss B is excited about this activity - we are going to "Make a book" for Master M.

We decided to make a "My FIRST ABC Book" for Master M by cutting out pictures from magazines and writing the words. Miss B has already read it to him twice and he likes to look at the pictures during tummy time! Eventually, I am going to make him a "My Family" book & "My FIRST Colours" book as well! Now it's time to relax with a cuppa and READ this weeks Woman's Day  

 Day 5 - Super Science
 doing Science Experiments! When I was teaching - I used to do "Super Science" at lunchtimes. It's so much fun! There are a LOT of experiments you can do with your children. Check out Pinterest for more ideas! HAVE FUN!

We had a lot of fun with these simple science experiments! (Made with household ingredients). These are my favourite experiments:

1. Magic Milk! (Milk, detergent & food colouring) 
2. Balloon Blow-Up! (Baking soda & Vinegar)
3. Capillary Action! (Still processing) (Water, food colouring & paper towel)
4. Ocean in a Bottle! (1/3 water, cooking oil, blue food colouring)
5. Rainbow Rice! (long grain rice, 1/2 tspn vinegar & food colouring) 

Day 6 - Rainbow Loom
Miss B loves her Rainbow Loom! Today's challenge - to learn a new design! 

My Mum & Aunty visited today (actually they were stranded here - road closures due to flooding) Aunty was so fascinated with the 'Loom' that she asked Miss B to teach her how to make a bracelet. She made a Fishtail bracelet   Miss B accepted her 'new design' challenge - she made a Multicolour Triple Single is the link she used...

NOTE: Miss B's previous Loom band container was overflowing so I got this awesome storage system from The Warehouse on Special for $14 last week. Stoked!

Day 7 - DVD & Popcorn
The weather continues to be miserable here, so we had to redraw from the jar! Perfect rainy day activity - DVD & Popcorn! Miss B has a collection of DVDs (new & old) and she has invited her cousins over to join her! Let the FUN times begin!!

Cousins enjoyed being cuddled up on the couch watching Puss 'n' Boots and eating popcorn! Then we had Pizza Hut for lunch  Yum! Our friends also visited today - so at one stage I had 8 kids in the house!! (I could run my own holiday program!) 

I think this rain is sticking around for a few more days - so more inside activities for us!! 

Day 8 - Movie Date with Nana
Miss B is having a little holiday at Nana and Papa's house. She has promised me that she will keep me posted of what she does each day and will send me photos to put on my page. I   my daughter!

Miss B had a great time at the movies with Nana. She really enjoyed watching 'How to train a dragon 2'! I look forward to seeing what they get up to tomorrow!

We had a good day! Had friends visit us this morning, then we went to visit a family that has just welcomed another baby  Newborns are soooo tiny! Finishing off our day with Pizza for dinner YUM!

 Day 9 - Play at the Park
The sky is blue and the sun is shining! Miss B & Nana are off to the park today. I look forward to seeing their photos later and sharing them here!

Me and Master M are having a play-date this morning.

Day 10 - Visit a friend (We went to Coffee Group)
Miss B is coming home after spending a few days at Nana & Papa's house. So todays idea is for Master M!

We have Coffee Group today with our friends from Ante-Natal class! Can't wait to see how much the other babies have grown in the past month and talk about what milestones they have reached or are about to reach! Oooh and we will be doing a craft as well. It's a beautiful day to visit friends!

Awesome coffee group today with some fabulous mamas and gorgeous babies!!

We did "Footprints on Canvas" for our craft!! Super cool! Each mama did something different. I decided to do a 4month/8month/12month footprint comparison! My son has MASSIVE feet - I might have to get another canvas for his 12month footprints! 

Miss B is Home! YAYE! She saw this giraffe photo block at the Hospice, so she got it for Master M  Cuute!
Day 11 - Go to the Pools
As the school holidays come to an end...Miss B's friend has come to stay at our place for the night - so the girls were very happy when they pulled out "Go to the Pools" today!

The girls had an awesome time at the pools today - moving from the Wave pool to Hydro-slide then into the Spa and repeating this several times!! They are now setting up Miss B's room ready for their sleepover!

Day 12 - Nature Scavenger Hunt
Originally we had "Go for a nature walk and collect things" - but I decided to make it a bit of a challenge for the girls! So we are going to do a Nature Scavenger Hunt today! The girls will have a list of things that they need to find - I will take photos as we go! But first we are off to catch up with our friends from SPACE  Yaye!

The girls had a great time ticking all the things off their list for the Nature Scavenger Hunt..we found some interesting things whilst on our walk! Finished the day with a visit to the Sugar Rush shop in town to get some sweets  What a great day!!

Day 13/14 - PARTY TIME! (plus Best Friend's Birthday Sleepover)
Party Time - A great way to end the School Holidays!! Miss B has been invited to her friends 10th Birthday Sleepover! So today we will prepping for that! Gift wrapping, Nail Art & packing bag for sleepover. 

Happy 10th Birthday to Miss A!! (Miss B's best friend since she was 1) Rainbow coloured nails, Sleepover bag packed and a gorgeous gift! Ready to PARTY!! Have a great night girlies!! 

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