Sunday Share: Currently - Week 15

Sunday Share is where I get to share extra tidbits of my Life, Home & Family with you, and let you know what I'm currently doing on and off the blog. It's also a great way to get to know me, Charlene, the blogger behind Teacher by trade, Mother by nature. If there is anything you would like to see or read more of on Sunday Share, let me know.

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Here's what I've been Currently up to...

Getting: #inthepicture with my kids. It's my favourite thing to do. I love looking back at photos and seeing ME in them. I love them even more when my partner is in the photo too (he's not a fan of being in photos). My kids mean the world to me and getting in the picture is a part of our lives! You can see our previous #inthepicture photos HERE. Massive thanks to Bron for inspiring me and so many other woman around the world.

Admiring: so many butterflies at my parents place. There were so many flying around us and several were 'born' - it was so beautiful. The kids loved it.

Watching:  My son. He has turned our raised garden into his very own construction site.

Loving: the kids new mini library of all, it was on Clearance and I nabbed the 2nd to last one from a store up north...the lengths I go to! Thanks for Mel at Flicker and Flock who inspired me to buy one. I have always wanted one, so glad I bought it.

Reading: HAPPY MAIL from my across-the-ditch pal, Kim! I 'met' Kim back in 2014 when I joined the #FMSPhotoaDay challenge. She is a Kiwi living in Australia and loved looking at my Kiwiana photos. It was awesome that I got her for the Happy Mail experience (via Fat Mum Slim) and I was lucky enough to get a letter back from her. Thanks Kim!

Enjoying: visiting other PlayCentres in our area. I am learning so much, and getting some great ideas to take back to our centre. Master M had a blast too. He loved the big digger in the sandpit. Look at the concentration on his face.

Being: a goofball on SnapChat & IG. No shame tehehe. Sometimes you have to let go and be silly! Go on, I dare you to share a photo of YOU pulling a silly face and post it on Social Media (tag me - @charlene_ttmn

Now it's YOUR turn! 
Tell me what you have been currently up to...

How was your week? 
Did you get #inthepicture with your kids this month? 
What are you reading? Do you love snail mail? 
How do you display your books at home? 

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

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