12 Days of Christmas - 2016 Blog Collaboration Round Up

Are you looking for some Christmas inspiration? Well, you are in for a real treat! Today I am sharing a round up of this years '12 Days of Christmas - 2016 Blog Collaboration' by Kiwi Mummy Bloggers. 

In this collaboration, you will find a great range of ideas to inspire you and prepare you for Christmas. From Mulled Wine, creating a wreath and Christmas in a Jar gifts to taking Christmas on the Road and sharing family traditions, plus everything in between - we have got you covered. 

So, grab a cuppa, get comfortable and let US inspire YOU this Christmas. Enjoy!

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12 Days of Christmas 2016 - A Blog Collaboration

- Day 1

Emmy & Me (Blog: Happiest When Wandering) are taking Christmas on The Road. Live vicariously through these two gorgeous gals this Summer, as they embark on this amazing journey and share some new Christmas traditions around our beautiful country.

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- Day 2 - 

Happy Mum, Happy Child is helping us to Prepare for Christmas. If you are stuck for ideas...be sure to check out this 'Christmas To Do' list.

© Can Stock Photo / DashaPetrenko
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- Day 3 - 

My Other Name is Mum is getting creative and shows us how to create this simple, yet effective DIY Christmas wreath.

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- Day 4 -

Misses Mac shares some pretty cool Family Christmas Traditions, including the very popular 'Elf on the Shelf' and a 'Christmas Camp Out Tent' set up. 

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- Day 5 -

Parental Misadventures is making some Christmas Mulled Wine and shares her go-to recipe. 

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- Day 6 - 

Blogger/YouTuber The Fern Life chats about Santa Claus vs Sinterklaas  - Check out the video HERE or over on the blog HERE

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- Day 7 - 

Dorothy Nada is making 'Christmas in a Jar' gifts this year, for her nearest and dearest. She is sharing some of her favourite ideas from around the web. Enjoy!

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- Day 8 - 

Hey Little Sweet Things shares the most amazing Christmas Chocolate Cupcake recipe, plus some very creative decorating ideas. There is something for the whole family, even 'Drunk Aunt Dorris'. 

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 - Day 9 - 

"Take the small amount of time over the next couple of weeks to be kind to those around you, and to yourself. It is a great time to teach your children how we can so easily be kind to others by simple actions and thoughtfulness." #BeKindThisChristmas

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- Day 10 -

Stacey from My Kids Lick The Bowl has come up with a perfect snack that is healthy and ticks the Christmas theme, with this Edible Christmas Tree. 
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- Day 11 -  

Picnics and Playdough has come up with 10 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Babies and Toddlers. Simone has thought of everything, including this Christmas Book Advent Calendar and a Fairly Light Box.

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- Day 12 - 

I'm NOT Supermum is getting creative in the kitchen and shared this scrumptious 

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...That's all folks...

Thank you for visiting the '12 Days of Christmas 2016 - A Blog Collaboration Round Up'. I do hope you enjoyed yourself, and found some inspiration along the way. Be sure to PIN, LIKE COMMENT and SHARE these amazing posts with your friends and family, who might need a bit of Christmas inspiration. Remember to click the links or images above to be directed to the blogger's original post.

And lastly, a massive THANK YOU to all the amazing Kiwi Mummy Bloggers involved in this collaboration. You are all fantastic bloggers and it has been great working with you.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!




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  1. Thank you for for organizing it all! You are amazing x

    1. Thank you lovely x
      Thanks so much for being a part of our collaboration this year.

  2. Loved taking part in the collaboration. What an awesome bunch of posts :)

    1. I agree! Loved meeting new Kiwi Mummy bloggers! It was a fantastic collaboration.


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