Taking Stock - June 2015

Cooking: Creamy Lemon Chicken (well my bestie made it)! It was so good.
Drinking: bottled water as we have no running water from the taps
Reading: the LIM report for a property we are hoping to buy
Wanting: a new car! I am over my car at the moment, especially the tyres!

Smellingthe beautiful bunch of flowers the new owner gave us (pictured above), thanking us for everything we have done. She loves the house and said we did a fabulous job presenting it to her when we handed over the keys last Wednesday.
Looking: forward to house sitting a friends house for two weeks (during the school holidays), will miss life on the farm though...we will be back for a week or two after the holidays. 
Playing: ball with Master M - he has a really good throw - future Black Cap or All Black (or Warriors - Daddy's fave team)
Deciding: what to pack for the next two weeks! We will keep most of our stuff here at the farm and just take the essential items e.g. high chair, port-a-cot, clothes, toys. 
Enjoying: the sunshine! So much for it being Winter! We have been blessed with beautiful weather this week. 
Waiting: for the water pump to be fixed - no water for a couple of days...life on the farm
Gettinga wheel alignment today, and instead of waiting at the tyre shop for 45 minutes with a 15 month old, Master M and I went for a walk our town basin. It was a beautiful day for it, that's for sure. Had to stop and take a photo. 
On our walk around Hatea Loop.
Liking: the peace and quiet farm life brings...it's so peaceful out here...with the occassional quad/motorbike sound and mooing. 
Wondering: how long it's going to take before we get to move into our new home...where ever that may be! 
Loving: spending time and catching up with my bestie! She's awesome! A true friend xx Love ya! 
Buying: a house is definitely up there with the most stressful times of your life. Gaah
Watching: episodes of Home & Away and Shortland Street that we have missed. 
Hoping: the transition to our friends house (where we are house sitting) is a smooth one for the kids.
Marvelling: at the view of where we are staying - see the pic here.
Needing: to repair my tyre - there was a massive nail stuck in it. Thankfully it was only a repair and not a replacement - I only bought the tyre two weeks ago! Stupid nail!
Wearing: Gumboots today while visiting two new calves...they are 1-2 days old...so cute!
Following: Raising Queens - her latest posts have been fantastic reads! Head over and share the love. Find her on Facebook too.
Noticing: there are a few preggy bloggers out there - it's like a Blogger's Baby Boom! So many updates :) Love reading them all! Congrats Lydia, Tawnya & Alycia
Knowing: Master M is going through a Sleep regression - so we (I especially) are getting bugger all sleep! #mombie
Thinking: about some new activities we can add to our School Holiday Ideas Jar
Sorting: out clothes - what to take when we house sit - I don't NEED them all! 
BookmarkingEverything You Need To Know About Blogging by He and I
Coveting: an Erin Condren Planner. 
Disliking: I have to send my external hard drive away to the Data Recovery experts so I can get my photos back, and I know I am going to dislike the cost too. 
Opening: a block of the new Whittaker's Jelly Tip Block! Jelly Tip is one of my favourite Summer treats - to have it in chocolate form is pretty amazing! 
New Choc on the Block!
Giggling: at Master M and his wacky ways - this kid is hilarious. 
Feeling: proud of my daughter, Miss B - who received an Excellence Certificate at her school's Celebration Assembly PLUS she has two more feathers to add to her Kiwi.  
Snacking: on Jelly Tip Toffee Pops - I actually prefer these to the block of chocolate - with saying that I think I need to buy another block just to be sure :) 
Hearing: the water gurgling down the taps - YAYE - we have water again! Phew! I now have a new appreciation for water.

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This post is inspired by the amazing Pip from Meet Me At Mikes

Now it's YOUR turn...
Choose three words from the list above and let me know what's happening in your world...take stock and comment below. 


  1. omg I love taking stock - they are so to write... right??

    (see what I did there)

    1. they definitely are fun to write! Great way to learn more about our favourite bloggers :)

  2. I forgot to finish my first sentence.. They are so fun to write, right??

    I was too busy loling at myself HAHAH

  3. I love Taking Stock posts. I think you're right, buying and selling a house is so stressful, but I'm sure the housesitting will make you feel all zen, I mean, how could you not, with that view!?

    1. It's been really nice house sitting - this is actually my first time doing it and the view here is amazing! Looking at it this morning, the hills are covered in frost! It's freezing, but looks so pretty!

  4. Seems those Erin Condren planners are the business. I have already bought my diary for next year, well ordered it. I think this has to be my earliest year yet! Surely. Love reading Taking Stock posts.

    1. Do you use Erin Condren planners too Karin, or do you use something else? I would love to get one! Maybe I should write it on my WISH LIST (for Birthday and Christmas)..wishful thinking!


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