Sunday Share #30 - Currently

And just like that, Week 1 of Term 3 is done and dusted! Only 9 more weeks till the next school holidays. Another week down, means we are that much closer to moving in to our NEW HOME! 

In case you missed last weeks "Currently" post (you can read it here), we bought a house!!! Woohoo! Settlement is next Friday and I am counting down till we get the keys in our hot little hands. We are all very excited (and a little relieved because it's been a long process) however, it's going to be great to be finally settled in our new family home next weekend. I just realised that next weeks Sunday Share is going to be shared from our new place, how exciting!

We've had a great week - Miss B is back at school, I am back at work (on Tuesdays) and there are lots of calves being born on the farm. This weeks words are: Watching, Making, Feeling, Planning, Organising, and Loving

Watching: Since we are currently staying on a farm, and it's calving season - I have decided I really want to see a calf been born. I vaguely remember seeing one born when I was a lot younger, so it would be cool to see one born now I am older and a mother myself. I have been going out every night for the past couple of nights to check the cows, I've seen a few 'fresh' ones (maybe an hour or two old), however I am still waiting...We are here until Saturday, so fingers crossed I see a calf born before we leave. 

This week I have been making Rainbow Rice. Originally, I made it for my Coffee Group, because we were having a "Rainbow" theme and thought it would be a great 'sensory' activity for our toddlers (and it totally was, they had a blast!) Master M loved it so much, I decided to make a batch for him too. 

Feeling like I am on winning streak, I might have to buy a Lotto ticket! Last week, I mentioned that I won a $150 voucher at Howards Storage World, and this week I won a Brother P-Touch Label Maker  (like this one)from Kiwi Mummy Blogs. Woohoo! I am going to be super organised in my new home - I am super excited - talk about organisation overload.

We are getting closer and closer to our Big Latch On event, which is happening next Friday. This week, I have been busy planning, organising and collecting our amazing prizes from local businesses and sharing them on Facebook, on our event page and also our local Mums & Bubs FB page. We have a meeting tomorrow to: finalise details, organise prizes, and make sure we have everything we need for our event to be a success (which I am positive it will be).

I am loving the theme for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2015.
Whāngaihia te Reo ki ngā Mātua
Nurturing the Language in Parents  
I am very passionate about Te Reo Māori (Māori Language), and I look forward to sharing my knowledge, and passion with my children, partner, friends, family, colleagues and students. Kia Kaha whānau! 

What have you been MAKING and ORGANISING this week? 

Kia pai tō wiki e hoa


  1. I hope you will take pictures of the calf being born.... I would love to see it... I know that sounds really bad....

  2. UPDATE: 28th July 2015 - I witnessed a cow giving birth this morning! I stayed with the cow #368 for over 1 1/2 hours! It was an amazing experience! So happy right now! Beautiful jersey calf born at 11:17am :)


  3. I grew up on a farm and am so glad you got your wish! New life is always miraculous :)

    1. It sure is Stephanie! I spent a lot of my childhood on my Papa's was more horses though - I did see a foal being born - that was pretty cool - I was about 8.


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