My KonMari Journey: KonMari Method Tag Q & A

Hi all,
Before I get stuck into two of my biggest KonMari categories - Teacher Resources and Sentimental items, I thought I would take a moment to 'check in' with 'My KonMari Journey' to date.

I have been following blogger/vlogger Janine from A Young Mum for a while now (you can see Janine's KonMari journey HERE), and I remembered she created a KonMari Method Tag during her own KonMari journey last year, so I've answered her questions and I'm sharing them here on my blog.  

Here are my responses to Janine's 10 questions - KonMari Method Tag Q&A...Enjoy!

1. What has been your favourite part of the method so far?
There are few things I love about this method...
1. Knowing that everything in my home has a place and that it 'sparks joy',
2. Sharing my journey with YOU, my readers and inspiring you to give the KonMari method a go in your home
3. Finally getting rid of things I have held on to for YEARS...'just because'.

It's a liberating feeling fully unpacking my home...I feel so much lighter and so does my home. 

2. What has been your least favourite part of the method to date?
Losing motivation mid-way through Komono. After completing Clothes, Books and Paper, I felt great, however when I started the Komono category, I thought it would be a breeze because it's broken into smaller sub-categories, however because I am blogging my way through my journey, I didn't want to get ahead of myself. I completed a task, published the corresponding post, then I moved on to the next task...this slowed my process and there was actually a time when I almost gave up...I'm really glad I didn't! I love looking back at how far I have come.

3. What was the hardest task you've completed?
To date...the hardest task would have to be PAPER. I had a lot of paper to sift through and sort - over 10 years worth. It was overwhelming going through six 60L containers, but I got through it. You can read all about it HERE

4. What was the easiest task you've done?
Believe it or not, I would have to say our Pantry, only because I organised it when we first moved in to our new home (it's one of my favourite spaces in our home). It stayed reasonably just needed a bit of a clean. 

5. What has surprised you the most about the method?
I was going to much stuff I have...but I already knew that! I think for me it's completing the tasks as suggested by Marie Kondo...sorting by category not by location has made a huge difference. Seeing the full magnitude/sheer volume of a specific category is both overwhelming and exciting. It made me even more determined to KonMari my belongings, once and for all. 

6. Starting out, was it hard to let go of items? If so, why?
I am sentimental hoarder, and tend to have an emotional attachment to almost everything in my home, so yes it was hard to let go of some items. However, over the years I have been taking part in decluttering challenges and this helped with the process of letting go. That being said...the criterion of the KonMari Method is 'Does it Spark Joy?' took a little bit to get my head around...but  just makes sense. 

7. What was the most difficult item(s) you've purged so far? Why?
I'm going to have to say Stationery and Craft Supplies, because they are my weakness. I love stationery, but I was ready to let a lot of it go. 

8. Where are you in the process? How much time has it taken you to work up to this point? 
I have almost finished the KOMONO category, the last sub-category I am doing is my Teacher Resources, which is going to be a big one (for me) and then it's onto Sentimental. I started 'My KonMari Journey' on the 18-20th January 2016, so I have been going for almost 5 1/2 months. I have had a couple of weeks break in between which slowed my journey down - uploading my photos and writing a blog post about my journey also took a bit of time, however I don't regret it...because I love reading how far I am come, seeing the before and after photos and inspiring others who are doing or wanting to do the KonMari Method. 

9. What are some KonMari tips or advice you can share?
I think you have to WANT to do this method, not because other people are doing it...but because you want to do it for YOU and for your HOME. You need to be mentally, physically and emotionally ready for this method, because ultimately, and as Marie Kondo says in her book - if you do it right the first time and follow her method, then you won't relapse.

If you are like me and have a lot of Books/Paper and Komono items stored in random containers around your home (mine were all in my external office)...this is what I did. Before I began the KonMari method I spent about 3 hours going through ALL of the containers, sorting and organising the items into the above categories as suggested by Marie Kondo. When it came to Paper, for example, I was able to just grab the container(s) and add any Paper that was around the house to the pile, then begin the KonMari process. It took the initial stress away, because it was all there in one place. 

10. Who do you tag?
Haidee from Maybe Baby Brothers (and Me) and anyone else who is currently doing the KonMari Method.

If you're a blogger/vlogger, please leave me a link to your responses in the comments below. If you're not a blogger but are currently doing the KonMari Method, flick me an email with your responses or comment below, I would LOVE to read them.


In case you haven't seen it, please check out 'My KonMari Journey' series HERE.
Coming Soon: Teacher Resources, Sentimental items and my next series "KonMari with Kids" will be coming to the blog very soon. Watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks Janine for this great KonMari Method Tag Q & A.


  1. The thought of doing Komnari paper in my house really scares me because there are so many different locations in our household where we keep piles of paper!

    1. Paper is a huge category! Well it was for me! But feels really great getting rid of most of it!

  2. Has it been five and a half months already?! I for one have enjoyed following along on your Konmari journey. There have been so many times I have wanted to join you but I think as you so rightly point out, this is not something you should do because someone else is doing it, you should do it because it feels right and the time is right for you. I hope the time is right for me one day!

    1. Thank you so much for your ongoing support Sammie. I really appreciate it. Slow and steady wins the race haha

  3. We just moved from Canberra to Sydney and I did a massive cull and it made me feel amazing. I even feel like I can continue the cull now we are in Sydney and I am so pleased having less.

    1. i thought I did a good cull when we moved!! NOPE! lol

  4. I continue to love reading your Konmari series and am really looking forward to reading about when you tackle your teaching resources- mine is all in huge plastic tubs and I can't imagine myself tackling it until I get back into a classroom.

    You inspired me to sort out one shelf of my "crap cupboard " 😂 Will get onto the next shelf up when the planets align and baby naps and toddler is not clinging on like a limpet !

    1. thanks so much Jennifer! great to have you here. Hoping to have my post up on the blog early next week. Watch this space.

  5. I admire your determination - the paper post did seem like a nightmare :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes Paper was huge! Feels great to be free from all that paper.

  6. I continue to be inspired by your dedication to this! I'm sure your house must look amazing, and you must feel like a weight has lifted off you too!

    1. Thank you Karen! Feeling great and yes a lot lighter...almost finished purging my stuff..then its on to the kids.

  7. I think I'd start it and lose motivation because of the sheer volume of stuff I need to go through. I'm so glad you haven't lost the motivation to share your progress. We love having you link up to our Home Improvement Thursday link up. x

    1. Me too Rebecca! I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to it...there were a couple of close calls...but I got through it. Now there is a KonMari app for iPhone users! Thanks for having me in your Link up!


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