Taking Stock - July 2015

 July proved to be a very busy month for me and my family! Firstly, I have to apologise for my lack of blogging and interaction with you (my readers) during the month, however with so many things on, I just couldn't do it all. I am hoping, now we have moved in to our new home (Yes, we FINALLY moved in to our new home this weekend), I will be able to get back into my regular blogging, before I do though, how about I tell you what happened for us in July by TAKING STOCK...(thanks Pip for the inspiration).
Cooking: Coconut Loaf by Always Made With Love. This recipe is truly quick and easy - even my 10 year old daughter can make it! 
Drinking: A cup of tea (Tea and Taking Stock are a match made in heaven)
Reading: 15 things you stop giving a sh*t about in your 30's - this list is hilarious! If you are in your 30's - check it out! If you are in your 20's - here's just a heads up for what you get to look forward to HA!
Wanting: to give my Pantry a makeover - I have plans...can't wait to share the result with you.
Playing: with play dough at school - it was actually for a Fractions lesson! So much fun. Every single child was engaged in the lesson, can't wait to do it again tomorrow.
Deciding: how I am going to set up my new office space. Definitely checking out Pinterest for inspiration. 
Enjoying: being in our own space again...it's been 6 weeks since we have been in our own home...we are definitely thankful for having amazing friends, who welcomed us into their homes. (thanks again xx)
Waiting: for our SKY TV to be hooked up...It's actually been quite nice having no tv. It has allowed us to enjoy our HOME and FAMILY more! Head over to Maxabella Loves for some inspiration about "Screen Freedom". Love all her ideas!

Liking:  Loving: that we had 71 bubs 'latch on' at our recent Big Latch On NZ event which I co-hosted/organised. We were blown away at how many mums & bubs attended our event, including one mum with twins (tandem b/feeding). We had 23 sponsors, from local businesses in our city, donate gorgeous gifts for our Mums & Bubs. It was such a great morning, next year we will aim to get more, in a bigger venue. 

Buying: new containers for the pantry! I am sooo excited! 
Watching: cows give birth! Such an awesome experience to see a calf come into the world! Even the kids got see it, which was pretty cool (Master M won't remember it though).
Hoping: my prize package from Howard's Storage World doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get over here...fingers crossed, otherwise I might have to donate it to friends (score for them!) 
Marvelling: at our NEW HOME!! I love it, we all do :) 
Needing: to unpack a few more boxes in the house and then it's just the office to do (that might take a while) 
Wearing: new jeans! Such a good feeling when you find a pair of jeans, that FIT perfectly and make you feel like a new woman.
Following: Aimee at My Beloved Style. Her Instagram is absolutely gorgeous! If you are not following Aimee...do it now! You won't regret it. 
Thinking: Rainbow Rice is one of THE best PLAY activities...my kids love it! 
Sorting: out lounge, kitchen/dining, kids rooms, our room, playroom & laundry - almost finished! You wouldn't think we moved in a couple of days ago. 
Bookmarking: the latest K-Mart Home range catalogue...it's a hot topic at the moment! So many gorgeous items...a girl can definitely dream..
Feeling: organised - it's ridiculous!
Opening: boxes and finding new homes for everything. 
Giggling: at how OCD I am at the moment. 

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Now it's YOUR turn...
Choose three words from the list above and let me know what's happening in your world...take stock and comment below. 

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  1. Wanting: Spring to come early.
    Thinking: I have lots to do before the wedding in October.
    Hoping: I can stay calm in the lead up!

    Congrats on the Big Latch On. How brilliant!


  2. I have already seen Daffodils in full bloom! I love Spring - it's so beautiful!. Ooh CONGRATS and all the best for upcoming wedding!! Exciting!

    Thank you for stopping by - popping over to visit your blog now :)

  3. Congrats hun on the new home. Exciting times and it must feel sooo good to be settling in again. I absolutely love that feeling you get when you move into a new home and everything is put away in its place and super organised. Enjoy gorgeous xx

    1. Thanks Sonia! I absolutely love my home, and I say it every day! I have been waiting 6 weeks to move in so I have had plenty of time to decide where things are going and how I want the house to look! Look forward to sharing photos on the blog soon. You must have felt the same about your new creative space! :)

  4. Yay for unpacking almost done! It looks like you've had a very busy July, but achieved lots :)

    1. Yes Lisa, I definitely have achieved lots., looking back at the month now...and I'm still smiling! I have lots to smile about though, don't I! Have a great week.


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