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First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there, including my own who is currently on the other side of the world on holiday (lucky him). How was your day? Hope it was a good one. Love you Dad/Papa x

This morning I shared a quote that is close to my heart...

For the past 3 1/2 years, my partner has been an amazing role model and Step "Dad" for my daughter. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is also a fantastic Dad to our 18 month old son. Master M gave him a personalised mug and the very popular "Guess How Much I Love You' book, so Daddy can read it to him every night. My partner got a few other things too, but these two are my favourite.

What's been happening in your world?
Here's what I am currently reading, sharing, organising and loving.

Reading and Loving: this post - Stop Comparing Yourself to Others by The Organised Housewife. This is such a great read and a gentle reminder for us all. 
Sharing: 18 Things my 18 Month Old does: 
1. Saying lots of words
2. Annoys his sister
3. Says 'choo choo' ALL.THE.TIME
4. Kisses Daddy (and Mummy & Sister)
5. Sleeps in his own room
6. Likes to sit at the dining table like a big boy
7. Harasses Smooch (our cat)
8. Sits on our lap with a book to read - Loves reading
9. Is an outdoors boy
10. Turns the TV on and off (especially when Daddy is watching sports)
11. Sings Row, row, row your boat smile emoticon (his favourite song)
12. Helps Mummy make the bed and other jobs around the house
13. Enjoys going to Mainly Music and PLAY
14. Not really a fan of Messy Play - but we try
15. Makes funny faces
16. Climbs on EVERYTHING
17. Gets into mischief (like putting a toilet roll (or two) in the toilet)
18. Laughs - he is such a happy boy smile emoticon
heart emoticon We love our Lil Creature heart emoticon

Organising: In case you missed it, my Organising My Home series kicked off on Monday and so far, it's been a great start. I have had readers message me, thanking me for inspiring them to get their homes organised and that they are loving the challenge, and daily tasks. This warms my heart. It really does. Motivating and inspiring others, motivates me. I tend to lose motivation when it's just me, myself and I, however since I have been sharing my progress and the tasks on Facebook and Instagram, I have seen that there are a few of you who are joining in and sharing your progress too and I love that!

If you have missed this weeks tasks, don't worry, I am going to be sharing a recap of Week 1 on the blog tomorrow, so tomorrow (Monday) come and join me for Week 2 and get the previous tasks completed when you get a chance. The tasks take about 10 minutes and you will feel great when you have completed each task. So please come and join us for Week 2 on Teacher by trade Mother by nature Facebook page or Instagram @charlene_ttmn
Read all about Week 1 here. 

That's all from me folks...tell me...what are YOU currently up to?
Have you made anything lately? 
What area in your home needs organising? 


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