Organising My Home: WEEK FOUR #31Days2GetOrganized

In Week 4, we tackled some really good areas during the 'Organising My Home' series - with help from organised guru, Peter Walsh's #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge. My favourite tasks were Pens, Gift Wrapping and Pantry - check out my photos and you will know why.
There are only 3 days left of the challenge - I will be sharing a recap of those tasks next Monday, as well as a recap of the whole challenge - the highs, the lows and everything in between, so be sure to come back for that. If you have just joined me, welcome! Feel free to bookmark/pin the previous tasks (links below) and join in the challenge when you are ready. I would love to know how you get on.

In a nutshell, I am sharing the 10 minutes tasks (inspired by organising guru, Peter Walsh) each day on Facebook // Instagram // Twitter, so if you would like to join us - please head over and follow along. Invite your friends to join you...more the merrier I say. Just jump in and get started! For more details about this challenge, click here

If you missed the previous tasks, here is Week One: Day 1-7Week Two: Day 8-14, & Week Three: Day 15-21
And now here is a recap of what we did in Week 4...

Day 22 - De-clutter Your Sheet Sets
This was one of the first areas I tackled when we moved in. I am happy to say it still looks like this, almost 2 months later. Each bed has 3 sheet sets that we rotate: Bed, Wash, and Spare. 

I store my sheets in the matching pillow (like Martha Stewart). It makes our linen cupboard look tidy and organised. 

How many sheet sets do you have lurking in your linen closet? 

Day 23 - Pens and Pencils 
Hi I'm Charlene and I am addicted to stationery - especially if it looks like this! I found 102 pens, pencils & markers/Sharpies just in the kitchen/dining/living area alone! I can only imagine the number of pens etc I would find in Miss B's room & in my office! 

Today's challenge is to collect ALL your pens, pencils, markers, crayons, felts etc in your home and de-clutter! Throw out any that don't work, and maybe donate the excess pens to a local school. 

How many pens etc did YOU find in your home?

Day 24 - Kitchen Utensils

How many wooden spoons, ladles or potato peelers do you really need? Today’s the day to tackle the utensils drawer - Get rid of/donate any multiples that you know you don’t use anymore. If you are feeling up to it, de-clutter any other utensils you don't use or need. 

I have my most frequently used utensils in a ceramic pot next to the stove. The rest of our utensils are organised in a drawer. 

How many wooden spoons do YOU own?

Day 25 - Gift Wrapping

This time of the year seems to be very popular for birthdays and then there's Christmas just around the corner. Today's challenge is all about your gift wrapping supplies and getting them organised so you have everything in one spot for wrapping those special presents. 

Collect all your supplies - gift wrap, tissue, gift bags, ribbon etc, get rid of anything that is torn and crumpled, and donate any unused or unwanted paper/bags to charity or a local kindy or school.
Find an area in your home or a system that works for you to keep all your gift wrapping supplies together. 

Here's what I do/use:
# A mesh basket to hold wrapping paper. You can use a tall washing basket or even a wine box (TIP: Use loom bands at the top & bottom to keep the rolls tidy)

# Underbed storage containers are great because they can be hidden under your bed or couch. I found this 35L container at Bunnings for under $12.

# I keep my small-medium gift bags (some new, some recycled) on the right-hand side of my container and bigger bags underneath (as seen in top right pic) 

# "Put like things together" and store in baskets or small containers. At the moment, I have birthday & Christmas cards, ribbons, bows, pens, scissors, cellotape, tags, twine & loom bands stored in this 35L container. 

How do YOU organise your gift wrapping supplies? 

Day 26 - Just One Desk Drawer

Pick a drawer in your home office or somewhere in your home - Empty everything out, discard any rubbish, return any items that don’t belong to their rightful home (or owner!) and "arrange like things together".

I use these containers to keep my top drawer organised. Everything has a place, making it easier to keep tidy and I am able to find what I need. 

Which drawer do you need to tackle in YOUR home/office? 

Day 27 - Pantry 

I really do love an organised pantry. I got the containers are from K-Mart (cheaper alternative to Tupperware), and both the lazy susan and 3-tier shelf are from Howards Storage World (thanks Keep Calm Get Organised). 

For today's challenge, take a look at your pantry, pull out any items that have expired or are close to it. find a few things that are close to expiring, then write your menu plan using those items. Tomorrow for dinner, we are having Three cheeses & garlic Potato Bake with Lamb Steaks and salad. Yum!

Tell me what are you going to cook up this week? 

Day 28 - Utility Closet 
Today spend 10 minutes taking everything out of your utility closet (the area you keep your brooms, mops, brush and pan set etc) and give it a bit of a tidy. Get rid of anything you don't need or use (donate where appropriate).

I hang my broom, mop & brush and pan set on the back of our towel cupboard (located in the laundry), using 3M hooks. It looks tidy and also keeps them off the floor. The vacuum cleaner is in the linen cupboard (located in the hallway). 

What's lurking in YOUR utility cupboard? 

Week 4, done and dusted! 
Did you struggle with anything this week? 
Do you have a gift wrapping station? Is your pantry organised? 

Click on the links below to see previous tasks...

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Are you ready for WEEK 5 - the last few days of the challenge? Let's go!
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  1. pinned it! I need some serious organization in my life!

    1. Thanks so much for pinning Tiff and Meg :) This is a great place to start!

  2. Charlene, I love the sheet storage idea. I saw it on social media a couple of months ago and tried it in my unruly linen cupboard - it really does work! I'm going to try the pot for favourite kitchen utensils too. I already have a gift wrap box going so I'm half organised anyway!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  3. Charlene, you are incredible! Everything looks awesome. I bet you feel better having done the program? I'm super jealous of your linen cupboard. I try to keep mine tidy but...'shudder' it always looks messy!

  4. Ah have just come across your blog via HIT and holly molly you're my kinda gal. Loving your organisation and colour coding :) Nikki @nooksandcranny


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