Taking Stock - February 2016

Welcome to my second 'Taking Stock' for 2016. In case you missed it, here's January.
Full credit to Pip from Meet Me At Mike, who is the mastermind behind it all. This is something I have done since I started blogging and will continue this year. You can read my previous Taking Stock posts HERE. In a nutshell, it's simply taking a step back and 'taking stock' of what's currently happening in our lives. I am going to dedicate the last Sunday of every month to a Taking Stock post, instead of a 'Currently' post.

Here's what's been happening in the month of FEBRUARY...

Making: Te Reo Māori resources for teachers and students. I shared it with some teachers and the response was amazing.

Cooking: during the week and my partner cooks on the weekend. We have been doing this for almost a month now and it's great. Oh and Miss B cooks on Tuesdays. 

Drinking: water!

Reading: lots of books with Master M! He loves to read, which is so awesome. 

Wanting: to start the KonMari method on my kids stuff, however I only want to do it once, so I will take my time and finish with MY stuff before moving on to theirs. 

Looking: forward to an amazing year at PlayCentre. I have recently put my name forward to be the President of our centre. Eek! 

Playing: games with the kids. I love my kids. 
Wishing: I had more time to sort, purge and organise the photos on my laptop. It's on my to-do list next month, so please wish me luck. 

Enjoying: a date night with my partner earlier this month. We even left our phones at home - it was awesome.  

Liking: and appreciating EVERYONE who has taken the time to subscribe to my blog! You are all amazing. Thank you! If you would like to receive an email and/or newsletter from me each week, there is a sign up form in the sidebar or below. 

Wondering: how Miss B is going at Intermediate School. She seems to be settling in really well. I am so proud of her. 

Loving: the difference the KonMari method is making to my home & life. I dropped off 5 boxes and 2 big bags of stuff to our local op-shop. They were very thankful. Feels great! 

Considering: having a set bedtime...well that lasted about a week *sorry Robyn*...being sick the other week really knocked me back, so now I am playing catch up. Will try again next month! Such a great idea.

Buying: ALL of this for $21! SCORE! Guess the theme for my son's 2nd birthday! FUN TIMES!

Watching: Home and Away - I was very excited when Brax came back. Lots of drama in the Bay! - Do you watch it? If you live in Australia, no spoilers please. 

Hoping: to start my 'bed at 10:30' habit again, I fell off the wagon recently and want to get back on. I felt much better after having a good night sleep.

Marvelling: at all the Summer pics my friends and family are sharing on social media. Have you had a lovely Summer? What was your highlight?

Needing: a break - this month and the next (March) are going to be crazy busy...I plan on having a blog break during the school holidays (April), will keep you posted about that in the coming weeks.

Questioning: when I am going to transition our son in to a big boy bed...I'm in no rush, and he sleeps really well in the cot so I think I will be wait a little bit longer. I have however set up the bed in his room for my nephew who will be staying with us next weekend for a week. 

Following: some new blogs, who have linked up with our new Friday Favourites link party - Read more about it here. If you are a blogger, be sure sure to come back next Friday 8pm (NZ time) and link up your favourite, best or most recent blog post! More the merrier, I say.

Noticing: a lot of people using the new reaction buttons on Facebook - what do you think of them? Do you Like them? Love them? or prefer the old LIKE and Comment system?

Knowing: everything is going to be okay. (Anxiety sometimes gets the better of me...I need to remember to breathe)

Thinking: too much!

Admiring: this photo. I was 40 weeks pregnant with my son, I never thought I would go 9 days over. Were your children early? on time? or late? 

Sorting: through my Stationery this past week - what a mammoth task that was.

Getting: ready for kids birthdays and my niece and nephew, who are visiting from Australia, They are staying with us for almost a week, so I have spent the weekend setting up and making beds in the kids bedrooms. Feeling super organised!

Bookmarking: & pinning lots of birthday ideas.

Coveting: nice weather next weekend for my kids birthday.

Giggling: at these two! Sibling love! They crack me up. 

Feeling: emotional...next weekend it's the kids birthdays...I always get reflective in the week leading up to their birthdays, so please forgive me if I am a bit quiet on the blog or on Social Media.

Snacking: on a Cadbury Creme Egg! YUM! Have you tried the Creme Egg McFlurry? I really WANT one! This week, maybe!

Helping: children and teachers become more confident when speaking Te Reo Māori at school and home. They are really enjoying my programme and the feedback has been very positive.


Now it's YOUR turn...
Tell me, what's happening in YOUR world? How was February for you? 
Choose three words from the list and 'take stock' in the comments below. 

Until next time, have a wonderful week/month ahead!

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  1. Awwww...love the baby bump photo. Memories...
    Fun birthday party idea! love it!!
    Thank you so much for linking up with me! Have a fabulous week! XOXO and Choose Happy -Becky

  2. Errr, I'm commenting now at 10:39 pm, so I'm not doing so great on the early bedtime either Charlene! I did keep it up for all of Feb, but I slept worse than usual, and have dropped that particular healthy habit. I hope you do manage to get a few early nights though, I think the odd one makes all the difference :) Have a fab weekend with your birthday parties!

  3. I love your pregnancy picture and I am preparing for birthdays as well. My twins will be 22 on Wednesday! Pisces in the house!!! Love it! Glad to see your February went so well. ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants


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