Taking Stock - January 2016 (Week 5)

Welcome to my first 'Taking Stock' of 2016!
Full credit to Pip from Meet Me At Mike, who is the mastermind behind it all. This is something I have done since I started blogging and will continue this year. You can read my previous Taking Stock posts HERE. In a nutshell, it's simply taking a step back and 'taking stock' of what's currently happening in our lives. I am going to dedicate the last Sunday of every month to a Taking Stock post, instead of a 'Currently' post.

Here's what's been happening in the month of JANUARY...

Making: changes to my home. Clearing out the clutter, once and for all!

Use an over-the-door hanger to store your necklaces and bracelets!
Cooking: all sorts this month - we really enjoyed the Chicken Stir fry I made last week. It might become a regular signature dish.

Drinking: water! Lots of water

Reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo - I have read it once and now I am re-reading it as I work my way through the method. Ooh and I am loving this months 'Your Home & Garden' magazine - it has some great organisation tips.

Hanging out at the park while our house was getting flea bombed.
Looking: forward to starting my new job next month (specialised teaching - Te Reo Māori)

Playing: with kids outside - sand play, water play, bubbles, messy play - it's been FUN! Ooh check out my Guest post on Always Made With Love - Summer Snow. I will be sharing more fun Kids ideas, recipes, and activities from next week. They will be on the blog on Fridays, so watch this space or simply Subscribe to my blog
Recipe: Soapy Flake Foam
Deciding: what to keep and what to throw away is getting easier as I go through each category of the KonMari Method.

Wishing: the weather would make up it's mind, one day it's boiling hot, the next it's miserable.

Enjoying: family time! We have been to MOTAT, Kelly Tarlton's Sea Aquarium and Kai Iwi Lakes.

Kids had fun building huts in the lounge on a rainy day last week.
Liking: my new blog template I bought from Envye for only $10! (It's called Elle)

Considering: getting my daughter to make us waffles for breakfast every weekend. So good.

Loving: our new deck! We pretty much replaced the old one, and plan to extend next Summer.

Our new deck! Love it!
Pondering: whether or not I should get another house plant. My fern in the kitchen is still alive, so I feel I am ready for another plant. (I'm not really a green-fingered person)

Buying: a new uniform, stationery and lunch box for my daughter who starts Intermediate next week!
Loving our new Sistema Bento Box (Lunch boxes) 
Watching: my favourite New Zealand drama - Shortland Street. 

Hoping: to finish the KonMari method in 3 months, but will accept it if it takes me longer - the Sentimental category is going to be hard.

Marvelling: at Miss B's Paris bedroom - I was a guest over on The Builder's Wife earlier this month and shared my daughter's room. It's so lovely.

Cringing: school drop off and pick up! Fingers crossed we survive it!

Needing:  some alone time...it's long overdue

How cute is this little matching set I got for my nephew! Made by JedRose
Questioning: why I have kept stuff for SOOOO long!

Smelling: like marshmallows. I was given a lovely marshmallow scented Hand & Body Wash for my birthday.

Wearing: shorts and singlets - it's so hot & humid here

Following: my favourite YouTubers A Young Mum (Janine) and  Lisa Stevens

Noticing: my home is slowly getting more organised - "it doesn't happen over night...but it does happen"

Thinking: of taking my kids to Kiwi Yo tomorrow for a 'last day of the school holidays' treat!

Sorting: out Clothes, Books and Paper! Thanks to the KonMari Method, and it feels great.
The Paper category was HARD!

Really hard!
Getting: a lot of positive feedback about My KonMari Journey - quite a few people have messaged me, telling me I have inspired them to buy the book and give the KonMari method a go themselves - this 'sparks joy' for me!

Coveting: a clutter-free & peaceful home

Disliking: feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. It's been a month of ups and downs.

Opening: a lot of containers and purging a lot of my stuff - feels great!

Giggling: at the facials and sounds my son makes - I can't believe he is going to be two in 5 weeks.

Feeling: overwhelmed!

Snacking: on Shapes crackers...they are so good

Helping: my partner build our new deck

Hearing: my son blow kisses to everyone, it's so cute.
I found this gorgeous photo on my phone - Kids taking selfies - Love them

Now it's YOUR turn...
Tell me, what's happening in YOUR world? How was January for you? Have you read 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'? Are you and your kids ready for 'back to school'? Have you done any DIY around your home lately? Let me know...

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  1. Your KonMari journey is inspiring - I think I should buy the book! That soapy flake foam looks so much fun! I loved checking out your daughter's bedroom over at The Builder's Wife - c'est magnifique! Good luck with the new job - you'll smash it!

    1. Thank you so much Sammie! Warm fuzzies right back at ya!

  2. Love catching up with what you have been getting up to. Loving those bento boxes too. And smelling like marshmellows - LOL - that sounds yummy. Good Luck with your teaching, and school drop offs this week :)

    1. Thank you Claire! The bento boxes are great! Love them!

  3. I did something similar with my necklaces and I don't know why I didn't think of it before! Isn't it the best? (Of course, my jewelry could use a good KonMari, too)

    1. Very much so Lara. Ooh watch this space - up next on the blog is my Beauty products and Accessories purge!

  4. Love this "taking stock" idea. Seeing a few ppl with the KonMari, I have to look into it. I need some organization..

    1. Taking Stock is amazing! You should definitely do it Renz. Let me know if and when you do, I would love to read it.

  5. Love that selfie of your kids! What a great gift to find on your phone! Looks like you have had a busy month. I think I'll have to get me a copy of that Your Home and Garden mag!


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