Taking Stock - April 2016

Hi there! *waving* 
Happy 1st of May. I am back from my two-week break and I'm really excited to get stuck into my blogging schedule. I have missed it, and I have missed YOU! How are YOU?

First things first - what do you think about my new look! Do you like it? I hope you do. As some of you know, I am currently working my way through the KonMari method and I was getting a little frustrated with the way my blog looked, so I KonMari'd it.

I found a new blog template that 'sparked joy' (via Georgia Lou). The template is called Felicity 2.0, and I absolutely love it. I have also re-designed my blog title/header to match the new theme. I want my blog to be clutter-free and easy for my readers to navigate, yet something that represents who I am. I absolutely love my blog and it brings me joy every time I visit it - I hope you get that feeling too. Grab a cuppa and stay a while - make yourself feel at home and have a look around my blog.

Over the next month (or two), I will continue to share My KonMari Journey. I am at the tail end of the whole process and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have still got the last section of the Komono Kitchen to do (Food/Food storage), and will hopefully have that on the blog this coming week, so watch this space. Then I will be getting stuck into the 'Other' sub-category, so this will be things like the Linen cupboard. Once I have fully completed the Komono category, I will start on my 'Teacher Resources' - which I have already said in previous Taking Stock posts, it's a category of it's own. Then it's on to the biggest category of them all, well for me at least, Sentimental!  I am going to need a lot of encouragement, support and maybe a box of tissues for that one. 

I have received several messages, asking if I will be KonMari'ing my kids things, YES! Yes, I am. I can't wait! Once I have finished the KonMari method on my belongings, I will follow the same process for my Kids, purging items that no longer spark joy for them (or me). If you are a parent, you will know and agree that kids have A LOT of 'stuff'. I'm really excited about it...so watch this space.

Anyway...here's my Taking Stock post for April 2016...Enjoy!


Welcome to my fourth 'Taking Stock' for 2016. In case you missed it, here's January, February & March. Pip from Meet Me At Mike is the mastermind behind this, so be sure to check out her blog and share the blog love. This is something I have done since I started blogging and will continue to do, this year. You can read my previous Taking Stock posts HERE. In a nutshell, it's simply taking a step back and 'taking stock' of what's currently happening in your life. I am going to dedicate the last Sunday of every month to a Taking Stock post.

Here's what's been happening - for the month of APRIL...

Making: changes to my blog - do you like the new look?
Cooking: Hotdogs for dinner
Drinking: milo with marshmallows this morning - so good!
Reading: The Little Yellow Digger over and over again. Master M loves it!
Wanting: everyone to read 'You are NOT our Town' by the amazing Nichole from Emmy & Me. Our city has been hurt, however our community is strong!
Looking: at this photo I took of Canopy Bridge. #whangarei #loveithere
Canopy Bridge, Whangarei
Playing: with trucks, diggers, cars and motorbikes with my son! He is slightly obsessed.
Deciding: when to share my son's birthday party - hopefully it will be on the blog soon.
Wishing: all those who celebrated a birthday in April a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (including my Nana and Twin brothers)
Enjoying: a clutter-free home...well it's a work in progress
L'Oréal Paris Revitalift 14 Day Challenge
Waiting: to see the results...I was invited to take part in the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift 14 Day Challenge, to test out its promise of firmer, smoother skin in just 14 days. I'm half way through the challenge and definitely feeling a difference.
Liking: the changes I have made at our PlayCentre - I went in yesterday and re-arranged the furniture. Looks great and I look forward to seeing all our Mums and Bubs/Toddlers
Wondering: how I am going to get through KonMari'ing my teacher resources! It's going to be a big one.
Loving: Anika Moa's second album 'Songs for Bubbas 2'  - She recently came to our city to promote her album and 'The In Between Naps National Tour'. She kindly signed my album (note: she's a lefty too) and took the time to pose for a selfie with me! *star struck*
Anika Moa rocks Whangarei
Considering: re-arranging my son's bedroom - it's just not working for me (and him - mind you I don't think he really cares)
Buying: these two gorgeous iPhone cases  (oh and some Adidas earrings) from the Pakuranga Night Markets. I love, love, love them!
Night Market Goodies
Watching: a new series 'Secrets and Lies' starring Ryan Philippe (Reese Witherspoon's ex).
Marvelling: at my Nana! I love her, she's my Queen.
My Queen, My Nana
Cringing: the school pick and drop - starts tomorrow! Good luck Parents!
Needing: ideas for Mother's Day - HELP!
Questioning: why bad things happen to good people :(
Smelling: flowers
Thinking: of my friend who shared some very sad news recently. I sent her some flowers in her favourite colour...a small gesture to let her know we are thinking of her x
No words, send flowers 
Wearing: trackies and a hoody. It's cold today.
Following: Jordan from @withthewhittakers on Instagram and SnapChat. She's pretty awesome.
Knowing: we are going to have a great term at PlayCentre, with a great bunch of Mums and Bubs.
Admiring: our little city #reclaimourloop So proud!
Te Matau ā Pohe, Whangarei
Sorting: out my kitchen cupboards, thanks to the KonMari method. See all my KonMari posts HERE.
Getting: ready for Back to School (for me and Miss B)
Bookmarking: Social Media 101 with The Daily Femme. It's a fantastic course - highly recommend to bloggers, old and new.
Coveting: a place like this...my Aunty lives in paradise.
Opening: Happy Mail from some pretty awesome ladies who live overseas. I will be replying to you soon, I promise.
Giggling: at my kids...they do the silliest things. I love them so much.
Feeling: determined to finish My KonMari Journey this month...and then I will start on the kids stuff.
Hearing: Master M call out Mum, Mum, Muuuuuuuum! from his bedroom.
Snacking: on feijoas. Yum!
Disliking: Bean Boozled! It might sound like fun...but eating 2 x 'rotten egg' jelly beans it not my idea of fun! The girls (my daughter and cousin) thought it was hilarious. Have you played it?
(sorry for the blurry photo)
Bean Boozled


Now it's YOUR turn...

Tell me, what's been happening in YOUR world? How was APRIL for you?
Choose three (or more) words from the list and 'take stock' in the comments below.

Until next time, I hope May treats you well!

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  1. Love the new look. Very decluttered!

  2. Woohoo to the new look! I'm really enjoying following your KonMari journey...each time I read more I get a little bit closer to taking it in myself!
    Loving the Friday favourites link party!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I love your new look, it is very clean. What a sweet thing you did for your friend by sending her flowers and great pic of the covered bridge! I enjoyed reading about what you have been up to!

    1. Thank you Mary, I really appreciate your feedback. I love the look of my blog now...I think it's a keeper! I love reading Taking Stock posts...have you tried it before? It's nice to look back on all the things we have done.

  4. You blog is looking fabulous, thanks for linking up again and being soooo awesome x

    1. *blush* thanks Lisa. It's taken me a while (and a lot of blog makeovers) to get to this one..and I love it. It's my favourite by far. I am enjoying our Friday Favourite link up - meeting so many great blogs.

  5. Welcome back! I love the new blog look! You have been very busy, haven't you? Good luck with the rest of the Kon-Mari-ing I can't wait to see how you go!


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