Taking Stock - March 2016 (Week 13)

Welcome to my third 'Taking Stock' for 2016. In case you missed it, here's January & February
Full credit to Pip from Meet Me At Mike, who is the mastermind behind it all. This is something I have done since I started blogging and will continue this year. You can read my previous Taking Stock posts HERE. In a nutshell, it's simply taking a step back and 'taking stock' of what's currently happening in our lives. I am going to dedicate the last Sunday of every month to a Taking Stock post, instead of a 'Currently' post.

Here's what's been happening in the month of MARCH...

Making: an Easter Craft Box for the kids. They are having so much fun getting their 'craft on' this weekend.

Cooking: Baking: Hot Cross Buns! 

Drinking: Hot Chocolate from McCafe - a lovely Mother/Daughter date before we had to pick up Master M.

Reading: SPARK JOY! Marie Kondo's second book, following her bestseller 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'. 'Spark Joy' goes into more detail and shows illustrations of how to fold clothes and organise your items. I am loving it so far. Have you read it? You can read all my previous KonMari posts HERE.

Wanting: to take my kids back 'home' to my Nan & Papa's farm, now it belongs to my Uncle. They had such an awesome time and my son was definitely in his element being out in the open spaces and Miss B loved the creek (just like I did when I was her age). We have made plans with my cousin to return in the School Holidays! Can't wait! 

Looking: forward to the School Holidays! 

Playing: around with SnapChat! I've caught the SnapChat bug...are you on it? You can follow me @Charlene_TTMN 

Wishing: I didn't wait so long to see my extended family. I've missed them so much. It was nice to re-connect.

Celebrating: Miss B's 11th Birthday and Master M's 2nd Birthday with friends and family. Party photos coming soon. 

Enjoying: family time, oh and eating chocolate! 

Liking: the 5-day Easter weekend! It's all about whānau! (family) 

Wondering: if my Nan and Papa are proud of me and the person I have become. 

Loving: the sound of Te Reo Māori (Maori language) being spoken. It's such a beautiful language.

Master M had his second hair cut last week. So handsome. 

Considering: getting photos printed and updating our family photo frame in the lounge. Watch this space.

Buying: A couple of ponchos and a puffer jacket - ready for the cold, Winter months. 

Watching: Hop today with my kids - An Easter favourite! 

Hoping: to finish my KonMari Journey soon. Saving the best (and hardest) until last...teacher resources & Sentimental items. I can see the light. Once I have finished purging my stuff. I will be starting on the kids items...following the same method. Watch this space for more KonMari goodness.

Needing: to upload Master M's birthday photos on to my computer so I can share them with you!

Questioning: Who voted to change our New Zealand flag? 

Following: Janine's YouTube channel at A Young Mum

Noticing: how much my girl has grown! This is the Miss B a lot of my family and friends remember - She was about 2 1/2 - 3 years old in this photo.

Knowing: I am a very lucky person to have such amazing people in my life! Thank you all!

Thinking: of my Nan & Papa! I miss them both so much.

Admiring: one of my high school friends, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her positive attitude blows me away! I am so proud of her.  

Sorting: photos on my laptop! It's a massive job, especially when you have A LOT like me.

Getting: our home ready for Easter with some KMart goodies. My photo was featured on @get_inspired IG! Totally made my day!

Bookmarking: blogging tips! I am always wanting to learn new things and ways I can improve my blog. I love blogging, and if I want to continue I need to take pride of the space I have in the web! Is there anything that YOU would like to see more of/less of on Teacher by trade, Mother by nature?
Get in touch

Coveting: a new car! We are currently on the look out for a new family car...oh the decisions!

Giggling: at some of the features on SnapChat! It's so much fun! I have definitely been missing out! 

Feeling: emotional after yesterday.

Snacking: on Easter Eggs!

Helping: the kids open their Easter treats...They each got a winter pjs and a boxed egg from us and some Easter Eggs/Bunnies from Nana & Papa. No doubt they will get more when we visit my partners' family for Easter Monday Lunch.

I hope your Easter has been a good one.


Now it's YOUR turn...
Tell me, what's happening in YOUR world? How was MARCH for you? 
Choose three words from the list and 'take stock' in the comments below. 

Until next time, have a wonderful week/month ahead!

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  1. Looks like you had a very hoppy Easter! How good are home made hot cross buns? Once you've made your own, shop bought just don't taste the same! Looking forward to the birthday photos!

  2. Gorgeous! I wished our granddaughter HOppy Easter in her little easter basket/card and she is 6...she hesitated knowing what it was 'supposed' to say, then 'got it'. teacher/grandma me loves that! Denyse

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! I am not on snapchat yet...I tried to get my teenage son to explain it to me, but I just dont get it....HA! I hope you have a blessed week and I will "see" you at your Friday Link up!

  4. It's amazing looking back at (not-so) old photos and seeing how much the kids have grown isn't it. I came across one today and was surprised at how young they looked.

  5. Love these posts :-)

    Thanks for linking up to #turnituptuesday



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