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Hi there, how was your week? 
We've had a pretty good week, busy but good. Attending Mainly Music & PLAY, and going on a Road Trip with my parents - Not to mention, more unpacking, more organising and more fun in the sun (when it co-operated). 

Our highlights from the week are: meeting these two little lambs at Playcentre on Friday. Master M thought they were pretty cool and so did the other toddlers. My son kept following the lambs around the centre and patting them when ever he got a chance. We even had a new entrant class (5 year olds) from the school next door come over to meet the lambs. A couple of the students were reading books about lambs, and next thing they hear the lambs baa-ing, so the teacher asked if she could bring her class over. How cool is that? What a great experience for young children. It's all about Making Connections!
Master M making new friends
The other highlight from our week was surprising my Aunty (my Mum's sister), and help celebrate her 60th birthday. I share a few more details below so let's get stuck in, here's what I have been currently watching, making, feeling, organising and loving? 

Watching: my Aunty's face as we all shouted "SURPRISE".  My Aunty's two daughters organised a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 60th and she was definitely surprised. She thought she was coming over for an early birthday party for her grandson, but instead - the birthday person was her. She had a great night, and it was awesome catching up with family and friends. It was really good to see and chat my too Nana too. I love my family - they are pretty amazing. 

Making: Earlier this week, a friend gave me a bag of lemons, so I made a Lemon Cake. It was delicious - you have to try it for yourself. (Pin it for later)  

I have also been making Finger Paint for the kids. Finger painting is such an easy and fun messy play activity. The kids will LOVE it and so will you! 

Feeling: overwhelmed! Next week, I am attending a Parent Information Evening at the Intermediate School that Miss B will be attending next year! Eek! I can't believe my daughter only about 4 months left of primary school. She has grown so much in the past 5 years. I shared this photo a while ago on my Instagram...
Miss B - THEN (5 years old) and NOW (10 years old)
Organising: my 'plastics' drawer  drawers. It's one of those areas in the kitchen that gets completely ruined by my 17 month old almost everyday (several times, actually). He gets free range of the plastics drawers, but when it comes to putting everything back in, the containers/lids are just chucked in, where ever they will fit (Does that happen to you?).  I didn't really have a system, other than one drawer was his (his plates etc) and the other one  two were for general use. After, a bit of organisation and new systems in place, clean up is a lot easier, because I am finding he only takes one or two things out at a time, as opposed to every.single.container! I will be sharing before and after photos soon. 

Loving: THIS idea, by Mum of 3, Kortney Brady. She recently shared a photo of how she organises two of her children for school, using 6 drawer clear organisers. This level of organisation makes me smile. You can follow her on Instagram @Kortneybrady or @kortneybrady_tiu

What are you currently watching, making, feeling, organising and loving? 

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  1. Your lemon cake looks goooood - I will pin that for an upcoming bake. Your road trip sounds like such fun. Looking forward to seeing the pics!!

    1. Thank you, Bron. I really appreciate it. It was nice to visit family and friends - we all had a blast.

  2. The baby lambs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!

    We love finger painting, I need to do that with the kids again soon. We haven't been very crafty lately.

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series, sorry I am sooo late responding! Have an amazing week & Choose Happy!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Becky, great to have you here. I am enjoying reading new blogs

    2. Thanks for stopping by Becky, great to have you here. I am enjoying reading new blogs

    3. Thanks for stopping by Becky, great to have you here. I am enjoying reading new blogs


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