Sunday Share #34 - Currently

Just a quick Sunday Share from me this's what I am currently keeping, making, enjoying, reading, organising, and loving.

I have been keeping a close eye on Miss B this week. She has been unwell, which lead to a mild Asthma attack and croup-like symptoms mid-week. Thankfully, she is feeling much better and should be returning to school this week. 

Making: cardboard cars at Mainly Music. We love Mainly Music, and this week we made different forms of transport using cardboard boxes. Master M loved 'driving' around in his giraffe themed car - he kept saying 'choo-choo' though, so maybe he thinks it's a train, like everything else that moves. 
Enjoying: a day relieving in my friends classroom. I was a little nervous at first but she has a wonderful class, who made me feel very welcome. I look forward to going back to Room 14 again this week. 

Reading: The Magic School Bus books. In fact, this week for Book Character Day, I dressed up as Ms Frizzle and everyone loved it! "Tooooo the Bus"

Organising: Coffee Group this week at our place. I can't wait to see our friends. Our group met at Ante-natal class in December 2013 and have been meeting every month since Master M was 3 weeks old (born March 2014). This week we will be making a Father's Day craft, which reminds me, I need to get my craft stuff out of the office. 

Loving: this PLAY IDEA: Spaghetti Sensory Play for Babies & Toddlers - by my Guest Blogger, Maria from Pastels and Macarons. Messy, fun and great for your little one's development. 
*Guest Post Maria - Pastels & Macarons
Starts Monday 31st August. Will you join me? Read more about the challenge here


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  1. Great challenge hun. I'm late but might join you on this ;) I've been working on my organisation but one can never be too accomplished in the organisation department. I also LOVE the cardboard car and your fun outfit and wig!! haha. So much fun. xxx

    1. Come and join me Maria...the tasks are only 10 minutes (we are up to Day 3 - so dedicate 30 minutes to folding laundry, gathering up all the things that don't belong in the bedroom and set up a donation box)!! Thanks for stopping by lovely!

  2. I love your Magic School bus outfit! That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like you are a WONDERFUL teacher!

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series this week! I love hearing what you are up to! Have a great weekend & Choose Happy! XOXO Becky

    1. Thank you Becky! It was a lot of fun being Ms.Frizzle for a day!
      I am enjoying the link up :) So glad I found you. Have a great weekend.


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