Decorating and Organising A Little Boy's Bedroom {GUEST POST}

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Organising and decorating your little boy's bedroom can be fun and burdensome at the same time. There is so much stuff to think about and so little storage space. In addition, you have to combine colours, match designs, find appropriate storage containers and so much more! It is labour-intensive and time-consuming and it can cause you headaches. But it's worth it, especially when you see that your small one is having fun in his bedroom. So, to help you decorate and organise your boy's bedroom, here are a few tips and tricks. Let's get it started.


Shelving units. The best way to keep your small boy's stuff organised is to use shelving units. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and are perfect for books, toys, knick-knacks and other stuff, keeping them easy for your small one to grab and tidy and neat at the same time. You can never get enough of these! They are great for just about everything else.

Bins. Add dollar-store bins to your closet to maximize storage space and keep things organised. Label the bins so you know which item should go where and you will make organising your little boy's stuff a breeze. Nobody has to know you don't like folding clothes, just toss them in the bin and they won't show.

Vertical storage. Use a container or bag you can hang onto a wall to store your boy's belongings. From shoe racks to wire bins and decorative holders, there is plenty of choice. Not only will you keep the stuff organised, but you can combine décor with storage.


Wall art display. Wondering how to decorate the walls? Let your small one be your inspiration. How about you display some of his best drawings? Use picture frames to decorate your walls. What an interesting, frugal and fun way to bring personality to your little boy's room!

Alphabet wall. Do you really want to spice up that wall? You can go for a handmade alphabet wall decall. It looks so fun and interesting. Check stores like Walmart and Etsy for alphabet walls so you can choose the best colour and shape. It will brighten up the walls of your small boy's bedroom. As an added bonus, it can help you teach your boy to recognize the letters of the alphabet. That's killing two birds with one stone.

Painting. What better way to add life to your boy's room than repainting it? If your small one is old enough to tell colours apart, you might want to consult with him about the colour scheme of the room. You can draw inspiration from his artwork. If that's not an option, just stick with gentle and soothing colours. The best way to go is to paint the walls a neutral colour and focus on accessories that are presentable and functional. Accentuate with a large piece of wall art or patterned bedding.

Rugs. Kid stores offer a large variety of fun and beautiful rugs that will add life to your small one's bedroom. Head to Ikea or thrift stores if you want to keep your budget in check. Just to give you an idea of what your rugs might look like.


A child's bedroom needs cleaning more often than any other room in the house. Occasionally suck up dust, mop the floor, wash the rugs and clean storage containers. Wash your small one's toys at a high temperature if applicable and disinfect all his bath toys regularly. Vacuum weekly and keep things organised.

With these clever tricks, your small boy will enjoy a bedroom that is fun, colourful and comfy.


  1. These tips also work for little girl rooms too. Storage is so important in keeping their rooms clean!

    1. Absolutely! Couldn't agree with you more, Rebecca. And there is a huge range of storage containers/boxes available now, which makes it more fun!

  2. Great tips and ideas! I've recently decorated 2 of our 3 boys rooms, one more to go! Thanks for linking with #HIT

    1. Awesome! You're on a roll Nicole. I have just finished my daughter's bedroom, and this 'guest post' has motivated me to finish off my son's room! Can't wait.


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