Sunday Share #40 - Currently

Just a quick one this's what I'm currently doing in my life...

Wishing: my Dad a Happy Birthday! We went up north yesterday to visit him and my Mum. My Dad loves banana cake, so we picked one up on the way (too time poor to make one, sorry Dad). He loved it though, and it went down well with a hot cup of tea. 

Getting: #inthepicture with my kids. This is something I have been doing since February, when Bron from Maxabella Loves shared this post. You can see all of my previous #inthepicture posts here
Also, on the 10th of every month, I do a back up of everything on my computer, including ALL of my photos (and I have thousands!). It's reassuring to know that this is done on a regular basis. 

Do you regularly back up your computer/photos? Did you get #inthepicture this month with your kids?

Buying: a few goodies for my Home Office. I am absolutely LOVING the new STYLO pastel stationery range from The Warehouse. The mint desk organiser is from ‪#‎KMart‬‪#‎stationeryaddict‬
Are you a stationery addict?

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  1. Ah, the pretties! And happy birthday to your Dad! AND well done on continuing the #inthepicture Charlene. I'm still (mostly) getting in, but I've neglected to blog about it for the longest time. I just couldn't get the momentum going for it. x

    1. :) thank you so much Bron! I will continue to get #inthepicture with my kiddies each month! I love our photos.

  2. In love with your office supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!
    Cute birthday pics & pics with your kiddos!!!!
    Thank you so much for joining me this week! XOXO

    1. Always room for more Becky! There is a mint hole punch and mini stapler I also have my eye on too! tehe
      Thanks for being a great host Becky. See you next week.


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