Organising My Home: WEEK FIVE #3Days2GetOrganised

This challenge has been fantastic for me and I hope it has been the same for you too, but sadly this #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge has to come to an end. We finish the week organising our shoes, batteries and one more area still to do...keep reading for more details...

If you missed the previous tasks, here is Week One: Day 1-7Week Two: Day 8-14, & Week Three: Day 15-21, Week Four: Day 22-28
And now here is a recap of what we did in Week 5 - THE LAST WEEK...

Day 29 - De-clutter Your Shoes

Spend just 10 minutes finding at least 3 pairs of shoes that you are willing to part with. Go on - you can do it! 

I don't own many shoes, maybe around 5-6 total. The pair on the top right have definitely seen better days, so they are in the bin. My daughter found some shoes to de-clutter too. 

How many shoes do you own? and How many are you willing to part with today?

Day 30 - Batteries 
Spend 10 minutes grabbing all your the batteries in your home, discard any that are no good and pop the rest in a container of some sort, so you know where they are, when you need them. Daylight savings is a great time to change the batteries of your smoke alarms. Have you changed yours? 

I keep all of my batteries in one side of this twin Sistema container and have my 3M Hooks in the other. I also keep a small screwdriver in there for when I need to add or change the batteries on toys etc. 

Where do you keep all of your batteries? Are they together in one place or scattered around your home in random places?

Day 31 - One More Area Still To Do

Today is the LAST day of the 31 Days to Get Organised Challenge - Take a look around your home...Is there an area or room that still needs a bit of organising? Spend 10 minutes on it. Ready? GO!

I am going to be spending 10 minutes in the playroom - putting toys back where they belong - it makes life so much easier when toys have a 'home'. Do you agree? 

What area/room are YOU going to do?

CONGRATULATIONS for completing the #31Days2GetOrganized Challenge
How does it feel to have a more organised home? 
Did you struggle with anything?  

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Watch Peter Walsh's #31Days2GetOrganized videos HERE

I absolutely loved the challenge, and managed to fill two boxes of 'stuff' to donate to charity! Yaye. Peter Walsh did the 31 Days to Get Organized back in 2013 and 2014, so if you are feeling inspired and wish to continue, head over to his YouTube channel. Good on YOU! I hope he does one for 2016, I will definitely be joining in, marking it on my calendar right now and I have also subscribed to his channel and Facebook page so I am up to date with all the latest 'organisation' news. 

Until next time... I'm on to the next challenge - 20 Days To Organise and Clean Your Home with the amazing Katrina from The Organised Housewife. You can follow my progress on Facebook // Instagram // Twitter 

THANK YOU SO MUCH PETER WALSH - you are an absolute inspiration. You have inspired me to not only organise my home, but also motive others - two things I love doing, so THANK YOU.

And finally, to every one of my readers, who have followed my progress - You are amazing! Thanks for stopping by, leaving me comments here on the blog and on social media - your support means a lot. I hope I can continue to motivate and inspire you. 

Until we 'meet' again, 


  1. I think it'd take way more than 31 days to organize my home, but these are good ideas! We're working on getting all the batteries together, but I like your suggestion of keeping a screwdriver with them. That's genius!

    1. Thank you Rabia! By doing little challenges like these over time, makes a huge difference to organising your home. I kept getting frustrated because I couldn't find a screwdriver when I needed one, now I don't have that problem! WINNING!

  2. I love this series! I only have a few pairs of shoes, and none that currently need culling, well in my wardrobe anyway. The kids shoes are another story, will have to give them a once over on the weekend. Thanks for linking up to #HIT

    1. Thank you so much for your ongoing support Nicole - I really appreciate it. Loved linking up to #HIT (and thanks for featuring my series)! Have a great weekend!

  3. That's a great idea for the batteries. I have them in a drawer, loose for all those toys that need them. I should get a container and put them all in and label like you have. Well done on completing the challenge Charlene. You must feel accomplished for getting through and no doubt more organized? x

    1. Be sure to pop a mini screwdriver in too!
      Thank you so much Rebecca, I am feeling great and more organised thanks to the challenge!

  4. Your home must look amazing and feel fantastic, Charlene. I did try to do a few bits here and there, but this was not the best month for me to tackle things. Just too much on. I might try for November instead. x

    1. Thanks Bron! I am loving my home more and more each day! I have a few areas I still need to do, and will hopefully get them done before Christmas :)

    2. Thanks Bron! I am loving my home more and more each day! I have a few areas I still need to do, and will hopefully get them done before Christmas :)


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