10 Cleaning & Organising Tips That Never Get Old

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know I love cleaning and organisation, especially organised home challenges. When my life, home and family are organised, I am a very happy and relaxed person.  Today I am sharing the 10 Tips I regularly use to keep my home clean and organised. These tips never get old, in fact you may already know some of them, but ask yourself...'Do I implement them into my home on a daily basis?' I hope I can inspire you to do so. And because it's the new year, I have also included a few FREE PRINTABLES* for you to print and display in your home.  Enjoy!

Here are my 10 Tips for Cleaning and Organising YOUR HOME...

1. Make your bed
Making your bed every morning sets the tone for the day ahead.  When I get up in the morning, I give the kids breakfast, have a cup of tea and check a few emails, then I will go back into my room and make the bed. When the bed is made, it not only makes the room look cleaner but it will be ready for you to climb into at the end of a busy day. What more can you ask for?

2. Keep surfaces clear
Limiting the items you have on your surfaces definitely helps with this.
When you are preparing or cooking meals, take a few minutes to clear away items and/or dishes that are no longer needed or being used and give the surface a spray and wipe. It will make a difference, and you will feel much better getting it out of the way now, rather than leaving it until later, when you are tired and want to relax.

I like to have a clean kitchen before I go to bed, there is nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen in the morning, am I right? After dinner, I clear all the plates, load the dishwasher and wash anything that can't go in, leaving them to dry in the rack over night.

Extra tip: Get one of your children to unload the dishwasher in the morning or do it while you are waiting for the kettle to boil, then treat yourself with a nice hot cuppa. Win-win!

3. Nothing left on the floor
At the end of the day, I grab a flexi-tub and pick up anything off the floor that doesn't belong there (I often get the kids to help too), picking up toys, shoes, bags, clothes, books etc and returning the items to their rightful homes. It only takes 10-15 minutes. It's always nice to see the floor again, especially during the school holidays. Be sure to check under the couch and beds too.

4. Have a laundry routine
Would you believe me if I told you I used to do ALL my laundry in one day - it's true! I would wash and hang my clothes and then fold them the same day, however I started slacking in the folding department and my family were left to sift through baskets of washing to find what they needed. Fast forward to now...I do laundry 4 days a week (including bedding in the weekends). By breaking it up over the week, Mt Washmore & Mt Foldmore are not as big and daunting. The most important thing to remember is to 'put the clothes away' once they are folded. If you have to, set the timer!
Extra tip: Give your washing machine a clean at least once a month. You can run a hot cycle with a cap of white vinegar, and wipe down the outside of the machine with a micro-fibre cloth. 

Grab yourself a Laundry Sign & Routine FREE PRINTABLE or click on the images below. Simply Print and display in your Laundry. 

5. Clean the bathroom
Before you go to bed each night, dedicate a few minutes to giving the bathroom a quick clean.  When you are brushing your teeth, give the hand basin a quick spray and wipe, pick up the bath toys or spray the shower,  leave for minute or two, then rinse. I guarantee it will make you feel good walking in there in the morning.

6. Set a date to clean your oven
This is actually a new tip, one I have been using since we moved into our new home four months ago. Regularly cleaning your oven once a month, will save you a lot of backache later, especially if it has been a while since you last cleaned it. Set a date each month, and mark it on your calendar - cleaning your oven isn't THAT bad! Extra Tip: Use baking soda, white vinegar & a bit of elbow grease for those stubborn stains and your oven will be sparkling new again. 

7. Baking Soda & White Vinegar ARE your best friends
I have mentioned these two products before because they are totally awesome and if you don't have them in your Cleaning Caddy - you need to! There are so many ways you can use baking soda and white vinegar in your home.  To get you started, check out this list.

8. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!
For you to be truly clean and organised, you have to own less stuff! Right? De-cluttering is good for the mind, body and soul and not to mention your home. When you are surrounded by clutter, everything can seem overwhelming. You often find yourself having days where you feel like you are chasing your own tail and you can't keep on top of the 'stuff'. I have done a few organising challenges myself and every time I do a new one, more stuff leaves my home.

I will be putting the well-known KonMari method (from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo) to the test very soon and I am excited to be sharing my journey with you. Things are about to get real and I am ready to do an overhaul of my home. Wish me luck! If you would like to follow my progress, or even join me, then simply Subscribe to my blog, so you don't miss a post.

9. Label Your Things
The thing I love most about my Pantry is: most things in it are labelled! This is my happy place and is an area I like to keep clean and organised, thanks to the labels. When you label items in your home, it makes it easier for things to be returned to the right place, by you or any member of your family. Make your own labels or invest in a label maker, either way - labelling is your friend, so use it in your home today.

And lastly, my favourite tip...
10 . Meal Plan
Meal planning has changed my life (for the better). Deciding what you are having for dinner over a week or even month (if you wish) will ultimately, save you time and avoid the 'What's for Dinner?' moans and groans about 5pm. Meal planning also helps you save money when you are grocery shopping, because you are only buying the necessary ingredients for the weekly meals you have planned.

Grab your 'What's for Dinner?' FREE PRINTABLE today. Simply click the image below, Print and laminate so you can use it week after week, and pop it on your fridge for the whole family to see.

YOUR TURN: I would love it if you left me a comment below with YOUR #1 tip for keeping your home clean and organised. Ready? Go! And if you know someone who you think will benefit from this list and/or printables, feel free to PIN, TWEET and SHARE.

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. I should do all these but I just can't adult like that :P will do my best x

    1. "can't adult like that" - that made me laugh out loud! Thanks Lisa.

  2. Definitely agree with so many of these, especially keeping surfaces area clean as this helps keep the germs at bay during all times, but especially cold and flu season. Great tips and advice - thanks for linking up with us!! :)

    1. So true Janine! Thanks for having me, great to be back!

  3. Yes, make the bed is a big one for me, makes so much difference to how the house looks! And vacuuming!

    1. Yes! I vacuum regularly too! Makes the room feel extra clean!

  4. You are welcome to come and organise my house anyday! I have managed to sort Keaton's room out and that's about it. Not that we have a cluttered house, I just hate cleaning! he he he! love this post! x

    1. Thanks Claire! Hopefully this post has inspired you to tackle those other areas. Mind you, 'nesting' will kick in soon, so you will be good to go!

  5. Yes totally agree 1 to 5 im obsessed with, i also iron which is once a week mainly on the weekend, i like to have our wardrobes & drawers organised as well i find it a lot easier when our clothes are ironed & put away nicely :)
    i need to start on my meal plan
    thanks for sharing Charlene i do enjoy reading

    1. Thank you Ruth. I take my hat off to you for ironing your clothes, and can imagine how neat and tidy your wardrobe and drawers must look! Well done you! Hopefully the free printable will encourage you to do so! Good luck - Check out www.atapinch.com for inspiration.

  6. Great tips! I do meal plan, but I scribble it on a piece of paper. Love that printable and will definitely be using it! Have to admit that I rarely take time to make the bed, but when I do the room does look so much nicer!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa - enjoy the printable - Would love to see a photo of one of your weekly meal plans.

  7. Love all your tips here Charlene. I hate cleaning my oven, but I know that if I did it each month it would be so easier to keep clean rather than the 6 month clean I usually do. Your house is so neat and tidy. Looking forward to hearing how you go using the KonMari method of decluttering too. And thank you for linking up to Home Improvement Thursday. xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Rebecca. I am super excited about getting started - I am already starting to get into the 'KonMari' mindset! Look forward to joining your link up again soon.

  8. What Lisa said - I can't adult like that either. I'm slowly working on decluttering and organizing but it is daunting and easier to just play with the kiddo and ignore it all heh

  9. I do all of these, love feeling clean, tidy and organised. Thanks for linking up with #HIT P.S The Blog is looking great!

  10. I'm not good at these, and my house shows it. However, I am getting in the habit of running the dishwasher every night. It makes things so much easier when I get home from work and start to cook dinner if all the dishes from the day before are clean!

  11. I am on a mission to get housing cleaning off my balance beam this year. As soon as I find someone no more floors or bathrooms. I fully accept I can't do it all and I would rather go to work than clean my house.

    My favourite routine: Laundry. It's Dh's job. The man gets twitchy if he can't wash something so I don't get in his way, except for whites and delicates. Those aren't in his male laundry skill set. Also I decided a few months ago that as much as I am looking forward to my baby adults becoming grown up adults and leaving home, I will have to do the dishes again. *sigh* I agree though - cleaning as you go beats doing it all at the end. There is nothing more wonderful than going to bed with the kitchen completely clean and benches clear.

  12. Hi Charlene! I clicked on this at #IBOT without realising who it was!! So I'll kill two birds with one stone and say thanks for sharing on the Blog Fair too!! These are great tips. One thing I have started recently which has really helped with being orgnanised is to bullet journal. Now I have all my schedules, to do list and calendar in the one place.

  13. Excellent tips! Clear benches and a made bed are my constants and bare minimums when it comes to feeling as though my house is under control. There are some things that I have to set a designated time for, like doing the dishes or the laundry, otherwise I just end up pottering around with them all day long! I like the idea of your laundry schedule, that would be a big help.

  14. Oh you are so good!!! I'm a big believer in making my bed everyday and like to keep surfaces clear of clutter too. I like your idea of wiping down the basin every evening. I need to do that, plus I've been a bit lazy of late with toys on the floor. I need to get a big tub :) Thanks for linking up with I Blog on Tuesday #teamIBOT

  15. Your pantry looks amazing! Mine is shocking at the moment and needs a good makeover!
    I do like your tips. Some of them would take a lot of inspiration, but I can see me adopting a few others easily enough :)

  16. These are terrific tips! I agree that making the bed in the morning is a great way to start your day. I somehow feel really awful if I see a messy bed. Setting a date to clean the oven is the best tip I have ever heard. The oven is always overlooked when cleaning and I almost never have time to do it. Baking soda and white vinegar are already my best friends. I clean with them every day! We have a baby at home and since then I started cleaning naturally! Thanks for the post!

  17. It’s amazing. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips for cleaning and organizing a home.


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