My KonMari Journey - PAPER (UPDATE)

After I published my Paper purge post on my blog, it got me thinking...I was quite disappointed in myself for not fully completing the Paper category as recommended by Marie Kondo. When I take part in an organising challenge I commit to it 100%, and this method should not be any different. So the next day I decided to go through the container of 'sentimental paper', including my notebooks and greeting cards, I had pushed to the side because I wasn't in the right head space.

This is what I was dealing with. The top photo shows all the sentimental papers I had pushed to the side during the original paper purge *hangs head in shame*. The bottom photos show a rubbish bag half full of paper/notebooks that no longer 'spark joy', a small pile of documents to be added to my 3 folders, empty clear files and a refill pad to be used for school and the small box of actual sentimental  papers - to be sorted at a later date with the other sentimental items. 

I started off with about 30 notebooks and after half an hour, I was left with 5!
I am a notebook addict - I am drawn to them whenever I walk into a store that sells them. They are my weakness. I love writing things down and I am a to-do list maker every day, several times a day actually, so it's great having a notebook handy. However, that said...I don't actually NEED them or use them all...there are times I will write in them a couple of times and then my writing turns to scribble and I no longer like that notebook - I know that sounds weird but it's true, it's like it's damaged goods and I don't want it anymore but I keep it (because I am a sentimental hoarder) - it's a vicious cycle, one I am trying to get out of!

I went through each notebook/calendar/diary, asking myself if it sparked joy, had a quick look at the contents inside, ripping out any pages that were rubbish and discarded what was left. I managed to put 8 in the donate pile, 3 into my 'sentimental' category (as opposed to 30+) and kept 5 for current use, including a monthly planner, diary/calendar and 3 fairly new notebooks. These rest were put straight in the recycling/rubbish with no regrets! And it felt GOOD!

As for my greeting cards, it was frustrating that they were disorganised in the shoe boxes, so I emptied them out and categorised them into special occasions,  then stored them in snap lock bags. Greeting cards are very much sentimental items for me, so I will purge these later on, but I just needed to see what I had and organise them in a better way. I feel MUCH better having done this. 

Phew! I feel so much better and lighter after completing that extra task...I really needed to go through those notebooks and I need to stop putting things in the 'too hard basket'! I want to change...I have a vision for my home and I am the only one holding myself back. 

You could say I had a break-through and I am not even half way through this journey! 


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  1. Sentimentality is the biggest hindrance to decluttering for sure! My friend hired someone to digitally document all of these types of things, and I thought that was a great idea.

    1. That is a great idea, although I probably wouldn't want people to touch my sentimental things! ha!

  2. I'm just the same with the notebooks, I have so many that are just started or half used. My sentimental paper hoarding is out of control - I have kept all the cards that hubby and I have ever sent to each other, and even love letters that my grandpa wrote to my nana - I'm what you might call a romantic hoarder! I think Lara's idea of digitally documenting them is great, but I love to be able to see and touch those paper for real. I wonder what Marie would have to say about that!

    1. Cute! I have so many cards and letters - really not looking to purging that category! It's going to be very emotional! Eek Wish me luck Sammie.

  3. I laughed at this statement "there are times I will write in them a couple of times and then my writing turns to scribble and I no longer like that notebook" because I get that SO SO much.

    I have done KM in my office and am pretty paper free. And I still have a couple of notebooks I am forcing myself to use up before I buy new ones (another addict) but I rip out the sheet at the end of the day because of the ugly writing issue.


  4. I do the same thing with notebooks - I'll use it a few times and then my handwriting isn't as pretty so I stop using it >.<


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