DIY: Discovery Bottles

I made these Discovery Bottles for Master M when he was little (#notsolitte), to enjoy when he got a bit older.  Now at 10 months old, I can tell you, he plays with them every day - and loves them, especially the button & beads bottle (because it makes a LOT of noise). They are easy to make: all you need is an empty bottle & a collection of items of your choice to pop inside for your child to enjoy. (For safety purposes: please ensure that the lid is sealed tight, hot glued or taped closed).

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Mixture of pom-poms in various colours and sizes, for visual stimulation

2. Ripped pieces of tin foil for gentle, slow movement and reflection of light

3. Rice and a range of miscellaneous beads or items, perfect for an I-spy game

4. Coloured buttons & beads for noise

5. Water, cooking oil and a large amount of glitter stars for beautiful movement and dispersement

Have you made Discovery Bottles for your children?What have you put inside? 

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