Kids Parties: High Tea Pamper Party

My friend, Mrs S (also a teacher) and I were overdue for a catch up and what started off as just getting our nails done, quickly turned into a High Tea Pamper Party (dressing up for the occasion compulsory)Mrs S was happy to take care of the 'High Tea Party' side of things & I took care of the 'Pampering'. Together we had a wonderful afternoon - enjoying some yummy scones (link to recipe below), sipping on a nice cup of tea and looking glamorous with our new manicure. 

Here are a few photos from our day. 

Setting the scene with paper lantern balls & pom-poms
Cute little drink stand 

Props - just for fun!

The day we decided that we were going to have a High Tea Pamper Party, I came across a post on 30 Days of Smile's blog: "Never Fail Scones" - Perfect timing or what? I have never made scones before (I know, shame on me) so I was willing to give this recipe a go! #makeithappen - And just like that, I made my first batch of scones! This recipe is SO simple - I totally recommend that you head over to CJ's page and check it out, and make some of the yummy scones for yourself!

High Tea Party complete with Cup and Saucers 
and drinking tea from teapots! BLISS!
Beautiful frame for $5 from K-Mart.
Bunting from K-Mart or you can make your own: DIY Bunting
Gorgeous punch bowl - I love milk bottles too - they are so cute

Enjoying a cup of tea
Miss B's Nail Polish Collection
Nail accessories
Loving our new manicures!
You don't have to spend a lot of money when creating a High Tea Party, your local op-shops are perfect for collecting teapots, cups & sauces and other vintage items. A really fun idea to do with your daughter, mum, girlfriends or as a Baby Shower theme.
Have you been to or hosted a High Tea Party? 


  1. what are the chances!!!! the same day!!!! glad they turned out well for you and you had a great day. everyone needs a pamper day now and then.

    1. Yes Same day! it really was perfect timing! We had an awesome and the yes the scones were a hit! :) Thank you for sharing the recipe. I would be happy with a Pamper day once a month!


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