Sunday Share: FMS PAD #1

As I mentioned a couple of days ago in this post, FMS Photo a Day prompts are now being announced weekly, so I have decided to create a new segment on my blog - 

{Sunday Share}: FMS PAD

My previous posts for FMS Photo a Day September, October, November & December included a collage of my photos for the month and now that the prompts are given weekly - I want to share my photos - one for each day of the week, (except Week 1, it only has four days) on my blog. You can see the prompt list  for Week 1 here. 

I love taking photos so this month I am only using my Canon EOS camera. There is so much to learn about photography, however I am really enjoying the practice. Bron at Maxabella Loves has some great tips on photography for beginners - Check it out!

Here is my {Sunday Share}: FMS PAD #1

Day 1. The Sky
Day 2. Something Yellow
Day 3. Me today (Master M's first time at the beach) 
Day 4. I hear...
What do you think? Come and join in the fun! 

Week 2 Prompts are now available!! 

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Use hashtag #fmsphotoaday to see some amazing photos taken from people all around the world! 

Happy Sunday

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