#TuesdayTen: Time Capsule - Open in 2115

This week for #TuesdayTen, we were asked the question: 
If you were building a time capsule that would be opened  in 100 years from now, what would you put in it?

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Here are some of the things that I would include in my Time Capsule! Please note: it would have to be a semi-big capsule to fit all my items. 

1. Newspaper & Magazine
A newspaper or at least the front page with major headlines and a copy of a popular magazine. It would be interesting to read these in 100 years time!

2. A Book 
Either a best-seller or one that is published in 2015 - I love reading books, so hopefully they stick around! 

3. Frozen DVD or any other movie that drive Mums crazy! 
a) Great hiding place b) "Let it Go" must be shared with the world in 100 years, just because!

4. A McDonalds Hamburger/Cheeseburger
A few of my friends said this one, so I have added it in for them (not for me).

5. Photos - The way we lived!

I love looking at old photos from only a few years ago, imagine what it would be like for someone to see our photos from 2015 and before! I would include photos of my family and friends, landscapes, buildings, famous landmarks, beaches, wildlife, farm animals etc. I would also add in some money - dollar notes and cents, and maybe an Eftpos card! 

6. Catalogues / Brochures
These give who ever finds the time capsule an idea of what was available and the price we paid for Fashion, Technology, Vehicles, Furniture, Clothes etc.

7. Clothes 
The good ol' Evolution of clothing! I mean take a look at the evolution of underwear! ha ha. I would put in an All Black Rugby shirt because it has already changed so much over the years - and at this moment in time, they are the BEST TEAM in the WORLD!

8. Elastics, Marbles, Knucklebones, Hopscotch (chalk) 
These items are definitely worth making a comeback in 100 years - so I would include the items plus instructions of how to play each game. 

9. Price of Gas/Petrol
Will they have 'flying cars' in 2115?, will petrol prices be sky-high OR will there be no petrol in the world...oh the questions! I would also note down the prices of items we use every day - milk, bread, cheese and so on.

10. A letter 
I would definitely enclose a hand-written letter addressed to whoever finds the capsule outlining what each item is and how I/we used it. I would also enclose a special letter to be given to my great, great, great, great (possibly great) grandchildren - with details of our family tree. 

What would YOU put in a Time Capsule?


  1. I like that you thought about the price of gas. That changes so much, it's hard to know what it will cost in 100 years. Or even if we will still be using it!

    1. I agree Rabia! And not forgetting the price of milk or bread, the essential items!! Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Year 2115!!

  2. I like catalogs! As internet sales increase, I am sure there will be less catalogs and eventually, they will be a rarity. I get so many less than I used to even now.

    1. I love them too!! It's one of my favourite things to do...to sit down with a cuppa and read my 'junk' mail!! It would be a great way to show those in the 'future' what we used to buy and how much we paid for it!


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