#TuesdayTen: $10,000 to spend in 10 stores!

 This week for #TuesdayTen we were asked...
{If you had $10,000, what 10 stores would you spend it in?}

I decided to ask Miss B this question because I am intrigued to know where an almost 10 year old would spend $10,000. In no particular order, here are Miss B's TOP 10 stores....

1. Smiggle
Miss B absolutely LOVES stationery - I wonder where she gets it from? She loves the range of colours in Smiggle (so do I) It's OCD heaven!

2. Farmers 
Miss B loves nail polish & nail art! She will get her supplies from Farmers! Or an O.P.I pop-up store.

3. Typo 
Miss B would get things for her bedroom from Typo - especially anything Paris related!

4. Harvey Norman
Miss B loves checking out the beds and 'room' designs at Harvey Norman! She also likes testing out the recliner chairs! This girl could probably spend $10,000 just in this store! Love the look of the bedroom set - ooh and look its Paris theme! 

5. Mitre 10
Miss B does love to dabble in a bit of gardening. She would get some fruit and vegetables for her own vege garden at home. 

6. K-Mart
For all her fashion needs (head to toe), Miss B will head to K-Mart and spend up large!

7. Warehouse Stationery
A girl can never have too much stationery! Right? 

8. Postie
Another choice for clothing

9. The Warehouse
A one-stop shop (similar to K-Mart)...anything and everything!

10. Pak 'n Save 
Miss B said she would stock up our cupboards, so for food supplies - Pak 'n Save is the place where she would go! NZ's Lowest Food Prices!

And for me...my Top 10 is similar to Miss B's, however I would love to spend $10,000 in one store...

So that was Miss B's TOP 10...now it's your turn!
If you could spend $10,000 - which 10 stores would you spend it in? 

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  1. I just had a very small shopping spree at IKEA. It's so hard not to buy everything! I love the choices Miss B made!

  2. We don't have an IKEA store in New Zealand, so the next time I visit Australia - I will be heading there, just for a 'browse'!


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