'Little Man' Baby Shower

Yesterday, I attended & co-hosted a Baby Shower for one of our SPACE* Mums. Together, with the other mums from our SPACE group, we put together this cute 'Little Man' shower for Mum-to-be.
 (*SPACE - Supporting Parents Alongside Children's Education Program)

The invitation was a simple event on Facebook - with the below image as the cover photo (designed in PicMonkey) and details given about the Baby Shower. Guests were invited by Mum-to-be.

 Decorations (Bunting, paper fan balls, serviettes, cups & balloons) were from the mums in our group. I bought the tissue pompoms for $4 a pack of 3 and the straws for $3 (24pc), both from K-Mart. Jars were borrowed from a friend of one of the Mums and the milk bottles belonged to my mum! Party on a budget! 

Print by Mom 2 54321


Wet Your Whiskers (printed and coloured)

 Funky Moustaches - Brooklyn Explorers Club

Everyone bought a plate to share (as requested) 

One of the mums made these amazing Little Man 'Moustache' mini cupcakes!

Blue Marshmellow Squares
made by the Mum-to-be's mother

1. Baby Trivia 
2. Baby Theme - Hedbanz
3. "Guess the Weight & Date"
(Designed in PicMonkey)
4. Guess "How Many?"
5. Guess "The Size of Mummy's Tummy"
Print by Mom 2 54321

Nappy Bike
Made by Katrina
Check out Snugglies for more cute creations!
THE cutest little shoes for a "Little Man"

Master M enjoyed the Little Man Baby Shower too!

**Disclaimer: All images belong to Charlene (Teacher by trade -Mother by nature)

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