Sunday Share #49 - Currently

Welcome to another week of Sunday Share. This is where I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home & family with you...using photos I have shared on my Instagram. Here's what I'm currently up to...

Celebrating: another 2 year old birthday! 
Check out this amazing cake - my friends are so clever.

Laughing: at this quote - Do you know that tenth person? 

 Enjoying: KID-FREE TIME earlier this week. Hot Chocolate + a Date scone = BLISS

Meeting: Mocha the Donkey at our last Mainly Music for 2015 

 Making: a wreath for our front door - matching 'Our Merry & Bright Christmas' theme.

Wrapping: presents for very special people. Loving the brown kraft paper ideas circulating the web. See Dorothy Nada - Gift Wrapping for more inspiration.

 Getting: #inthepicture with my family 

 Taking: these cuties to our Christmas party at PlayCentre on Friday.

Sharing: the Teacher Gift Idea we gave Miss B's teachers - You 'MOCHA' me happy!

Inspiring: Miss B got inspired to go through all of her clothes, using the #konmari method. She did an amazing job and got rid of two-thirds of her clothes. Her drawers and wardrobe may be looking a bit bare at the moment, but they are filled with clothes she loves & that 'spark joy'.

Getting: a photo taken with Santa - Day 12 of our Advent Calendar

Reading: our first '12 Books of Christmas' tonight with the kids. Such a lovely tradition.

How are YOU? Hope your week has been amazing!
Tell me, what have you been making, enjoying and laughing at?

Today we wrapped up our 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration by Kiwi Mummy Bloggers. Thank you for following along, and just in case you missed can see the full list of bloggers and their amazing blog-posts HERE. 
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  1. Loved reading this - loving picture blogs lately - especially love the 12 books of Christmas idea. Defo going to remember that for next year... well you may have to remind me :)

    1. Thanks Claire! And I will totally remind you next year :)

  2. Fantastic! I especially love the Reindeer treats you took to play centre! (from Maria @HMHC)

    1. Thank you Maria! They reindeers were so cute

  3. That cake is so cool! I've always admired cakes like that but I don't think I could pull it off so I stick to chocolate cakes decorated every which way! Lovely family photo too. My son wouldn't sit with Santa but he did however give him a high five which he is rather proud of :)

    1. The cake was amazing! I wish I could do that! High 5s are awesome!

  4. WOW!! That cake looks incredible!!!!
    Love the reindeer treats, the family photo & the adorable wreath!!!
    Thanks for joining in on my Currently series!
    Have an amazing week & Choose Happy!!


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