Sunday Share #48 - Currently

Welcome to another week Sunday Share - This is where I get to share extra tidbits of my life, home & family...using photos I have shared on my Instagram. Here's what I'm currently up to...

Meeting and Catching up with: Katrina from Outie and Jane from The Mother Hood earlier this week. Love our Blogger Meet Ups

Decorating: Our Christmas Tree

Reading: Counting at the Beach, thanks to OHbaby!

Buying: THIS BOOK! Can't wait to start my journey in 2016, will you join me?

Celebrating: End of Year Party at Miss B's school - She has ONE more week left at Primary School eek!

Sending: my #nzsecretsanta gift to the Santa Store House - I hope my giftee likes it. I am having so much fun trying different wrapping techniques.

Opening: my gift from my AMAZING #FMSGiftExchange Elf - Sharee. We love it! THANK YOU!

Getting: our 'craft on' at Play Centre - Making Santa Handprints

Relaxing: on a sunny Saturday afternoon - washing on the line, reading a book and kids happily playing

Donating: a couple of gifts to the Kmart Wishing Tree AppealI am spreading the word - you can read my post HERE.

Hope your week has been amazing!
 Tell me, what have you been opening, reading and celebrating?

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