Sunday Share #51 - Currently

As we head into Week 52, I can't believe this will be my last Sunday Share for 2015...I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, sharing extra tidbits of my Life, my Home & my Family with you, and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

The last week of the year is always a reflective one for me, and sometimes chaotic, because I am try to sum up my year in one or two posts! So keep an eye out for 'Taking Stock - December', & 'Looking back at 2015' - including a review of my goals and my motto 'Make It Happen', let's see how I did...hmm, interesting.

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Until we meet again, enjoy the last week of 2015 - Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts! I really appreciate it.
Much Love & Respect
x Charlene

Here's what I'm Currently up to...
Joining: +Click Love Grow in her #clgphotochallenge (check out my IG for more photos) 

Sipping: on these! I wish I had the traffic light - it looks so pretty.

Loving: our Christmas theme nails

Feeling: emotional - Master M had his first haircut (23/12/15)

Snuggling: on couch with Miss B, drinking Hot Chocolate (with marshmallows) and watching a Christmas movie - BLISS

Getting: a spray tan! Makes me feel confident and ready for the Summer sun!

Leaving: treats for Santa & Rudolph on Christmas Eve

Wishing: you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS - Hope you had a wonderful day 

Devouring: this amazing Kiwi Christmas Cheese Platter I made for my family, using a 1.5m piece of pine (inspired by this post )

Admiring: Miss B's INSTAX MINI 8 she got from her Nana & Papa this Christmas - such a lucky girl!

Watching: these two play together - Cousins are really your best friends.

Chilling: at the beach with this lil dude.

How are YOU? Hope your week has been amazing and you had a wicked Christmas. Tell me, what have you been 
watching, devouring and admiring? 

Linking up with Becky from Choose Happy - Currently Series

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1 comment

  1. Love all of your pictures!!!
    Christmas nails, yummy drinks, fun at the beach. I want to come!!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in on my Currently series. I love hearing from you!


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