Santa Handprints

We got our 'craft on' today at PlayCentre. Getting into the Christmas spirit, we made stars, baubles and my favourite - Santa Handprints with our babies & toddlers. These are super easy to do and look so cute! A great keepsake of your little one's handprint at such a special time of the year. 

You will need:
Red paint
Skin tone paint
White paint
Pom poms
Googly eyes
Sharpie (optional to draw nose & mouth)

Here's what you do...
1. Paint the top half of your toddler's palm - RED
2. Paint the bottom half of your toddler's palm - SKIN TONE
(note: you can add a strip of white paint between the red and skin tone, to represent the rim of the Santa hat)
3. Paint your toddler's fingers - WHITE
4. Press your toddler's hand on to paper or card, hold for 5-10 seconds, making sure your toddler's hand is flat. We found this awesome Christmas themed paper in our Resource cupboard. It made a great frame for our Santas' 
5. Lift your toddler's hand carefully and get ready to decorate.
6. Decorate 'Santa'
Use pom poms for the hat, & googly eyes
Once the paint is dry, draw a nose & mouth (we still need to do this)
TIP: to make the pom pom stick to the paper better- cut a bit off the bottom (giving it a flat surface) then glue it down.
Here's a few more of our PlayCentre Santa Handprints - oh-so cute! 
Have you made 'Santa Handprints' with your toddler?

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