Our Merry & Bright Christmas + 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration

The day has finally arrived - 1st of December! This day marks the first day of Summer (for us in New Zealand & Australia), the start of our Advent Calendar & the day a lot of families, including my own, decorate our Christmas tree and home.

I am also delighted to be joining 11 amazing Kiwi Mummy Bloggers, in the "12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration". I must say, you are in for a real treat because these ladies (and their blogs) are fantastic. Each day for the next twelve days, each blogger will be sharing a Christmas themed post e.g. Craft, DIY, Inspiration, Recipe or Family tradition, at 12PM (New Zealand Daylight Time). I have included a full list of all the bloggers taking part in the blog collaboration below, so you can see who is blogging on what day. Seriously, you don't want to miss a post! I am really excited about seeing what each blogger is going to share. I get to kick off the 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration, so here we go...
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DAY 1: Our 'Merry Bright' Christmas

It's starting to look and feel like Christmas!
It is a family tradition that we decorate our Christmas tree and home on the 1st of December.  For many years, we had a Silver & Purple Christmas theme, however now we are in our new home, I felt the need to add a few more colours into the mix. We have decided to go with BRIGHT colours this year and I am absolutely loving it, in fact, we all love it. 

Our 10 year old tree has a variety of old and new ornaments, including special ornaments, we have collected over the years. 

My daughter, Miss B did a great job decorating our tree this year. 

I found the perfect place for my K-Mart LightBox - Merry Christmas 2015

Our Advent Calendar - includes an activity for each day leading up to Christmas Day
Day 1: Decorate the Christmas tree 

Meet our Christmas mascot - Santa Bear 

- Our Merry & Bright Christmas -

Have you decorated your Christmas tree? 
What colour theme do you have in your home this year? 

1. Print your Advent Calendar Bundle {Free Printable}. Includes: Calendar, 40 Activity Cards (plus 10 blank cards) & Numbers. Two colour options available. Grab yours today!

 2. Create and organise a Gift Wrapping Station using an under-the-bed storage container 
(Guest Post on The Organised Housewife)

3. Create a Christmas Craft Box for your kids - all your craft supplies in one place.

Do you have an Advent Calendar, Gift Wrapping Station & Craft Box? 

Be sure to head over to Karen's blog Mummy Do It tomorrow and check out what’s happening on Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration.

Thanks for stopping by,

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Finally, if you are looking for more Christmas inspiration, don't forget to hop around and visit each of the bloggers in this list or find us on Facebook. 

YOU ARE HERE ---> Day 1 (1st December) Teacher by trade, Mother by nature
Day 2 (2nd December) - Mummy Do It
Day 3 (3rd December) - Sweet Mama M
Day 4 (4th December) - Lisasaurus
Day 5 (5th December) - Girl on a Mission
Day 6 (6th December) - Misses Mac 
Day 7 (7th December) - Always Made With Love
Day 8 (8th December) - Dorothy Nada
Day 9 (9th December) - Mrs Cake
Day 10 (10th December) - Nesting in the Country
Day 11 (11th December) - Outdoorsy NZ
Day 12 (12th December) - A Kiwi Mumma



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  1. Well Done you!!! Day 1 done - looking forward to seeing what all the other mummy bloggers have! Love your tree colours too :)

    1. Thanks Claire. I love the pop of colour too! I can't wait to see everybody's posts :) Ready to be inspired!

  2. It all looks fantastic! We usually put our tree up the weekend that the kids finish school/kindy for the year, so our Christmas countdown is a bit shorter than usual....I'm pretty tempted to get started earlier this year though!

  3. What a lovely idea! It's so much fun getting into the festive season. Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT :)

  4. A Christmas craft box is a great idea.

  5. Looks like so much fun! My three year old has been asking if we can "just decorate the house?" for Christmas even though we don't celebrate it. I was all, "But I decorated!" (One little Hanukkah plaque in the kitchen! :-) )

  6. I really enjoyed all your Christmas photos. We are planning to get out tree up this weekend.

  7. Your decorations are beautiful Charlene! I really like the idea of a Christmas craft box! We usually decorate our tree and home during the last week or 2 of November but I'm very behind this year. We're looking forward to decorating later this week.

  8. You are such an organised Mumma Charlene! Now, that Ella's birthday is over - my task is to jump into decorating for Christmas!!

  9. We are big on Christmas craft here, even though the kids are all nearly grown up. Your tree is lovely! Thank you for linking up with #HIT

  10. Your tree looks amazing!! LOVE the purple :)

  11. The tree looks great, and I'm impressed with how super organised you are.

  12. I love your Christmas tree and decorating. And very impressed with how neat and organized you are. You've definitely inspired me!


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