Clearing Out The Clutter: Coming Soon

Just call me if I don't have enough on my plate...I have signed up to do a 30 Day DeClutter Challenge with the lovely Michelle from An Organised Life.
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For those who know me, know I love organisation and declutter fact last year, I joined The Organised Housewife in the 20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home which was fantastic - you can see my journey here.

When I saw Michelle's post about the 30 Day De-clutter Challenge, on her Facebook page,  I got really excited because it is perfect's the push I need to get my home sorted, de-cluttered and ready to pack (especially for a sentimental hoarder like me)! We recently sold our house , which means we will be moving soon and one of the best things you can do before you move is: to declutter your home - so you are not taking the excess items to the new house. Having a cluttered house = a cluttered mind. For me though - I am REALLY good at hiding my clutter, so it's more "Out of sight - out of mind but that is all about to change, with Michelle's help and my determination of course.

"It’s all about clearing out the accumulated clutter in our homes and lives and minimising a bit. Every day I’ll be sending out a quick morning email with the days tasks. They won’t be huge and overwhelming but little by little we will clear out the clutter and take back control of our homes." (Michelle, An Organised Life)

I have signed up to receive the daily emails, joined the Facebook group and following Michelle on social media (#aol30daydeclutter). I can't wait to begin and start de-cluttering (and packing) my home! Be sure to follow along on my Instagram and my Facebook where I will share my progress! ***Exciting***

It will be nice to move into a new house and call it HOME SWEET (& Clutter-Free) HOME.
If you are interested and would like to declutter your home too - head over to An Organised Life and sign up.

Challenge starts Monday! Bring it on!

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