Sunday Share #19 - Part One

Can you believe it's going to be the 20th week of 2015 tomorrow! How crazy is that? How are you? How's your week been? So many things have happened this week, I have decided to break it into two parts!

First of all,
to all the Mums out there, and my love and thoughts go out to those who are thinking of their Mums who are no longer with them <3.

My day started quite early - thanks Master M! Once Miss B woke up, we made waffles for breakfast! I got some really lovely gifts from my children, including new slippers (yaye - Happy Mummy right here). After a bit of a tidy up (yes, it's just another day in our house)...the kids and I decided to head north and surprise my Mum. She text me this morning inviting us over for lunch and a movie, I replied "I don't know what we are doing...Have a great day...Happy Mother's Day Mum/Nana...We love you" and we left it at that. So you can imagine her face when we arrived at her place unannounced. It totally made her day and mine too!

We were joined by Mum's friend and her daughter (plus my two kiddies)...we sat outside, snacking on platters Mum had whipped together and chatting about life! It was so lovely. Great company. It started to rain (just a light shower), so we headed inside, got comfy on the couch and watched a chick flick! It was so nice to just sit back and relax (Miss B was playing on the computer & Master M was asleep). I am really glad I got to spend Mother's Day with my Mum. It was just what I wanted and needed. Love you Mum! Because of YOU, I am ME! xxx

What has been happening this week? 
Lots of things have happened this week...I had no work on Tuesday because the teacher who I relieve had a course on Friday and I don't have alternative care for Master M.  I was really looking forward to day by myself, however Murphy's Law...Master M was not feeling too good - he was up a lot during the night and well, we were both exhausted, so we stayed home.

On Wednesday, we went to Mainly Music - It was a Mother's Day Special! Master M absolutely loves going to Mainly Music, he really is in his element. Loves moving around - he enjoyed the Parachute songs! After lots of singing and dancing, we had a lovely morning tea, did a Mother's Day Handprint Bouquet Craft - super cute idea and chatted to other Mums. A few of my Coffee Group Mums attend so it makes it more special for us. As we left, we were given a beautifully wrapped heliconia flower and a choccy. (thank you ladies). Such a thoughtful idea. Look forward to next weeks session!

On Friday, Master M & I went to our third PLAY Session! I have to say, I am really enjoying being a part of this group...I like that we are starting from scratch and creating our own playgroup/playcentre. Master M loves it - he gets stuck into everything, including the paint (this kid LOVES paint!). We are making the centre our own, by rearranging furniture and learning together (Mums and bubs). I didn't think I would like 'playcentre' but I do, well, I am getting used to it. We look forward to it every week! It definitely is a great way to tire out my little toddler - he sleeps for almost 3 hours after every session!

(Monday 11th May)

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