Sunday Share #19 - Part Two

Welcome to PART 2 of this week's Sunday Share. Just in case you missed it, here's Part 1. 

Sunday Share continued....
We are still house hunting, I KNOW! We have looked at few houses now, unfortunately they just haven't been right for us! We are going to continue looking and know that we will find our new home soon, I can just feel it! There is still a bit of time left till we have to move, so I'm not stressing too much about that - if we haven't found anything in the next two weeks I will definitely start pulling my hair out! Watch this space. 

Ooh did you see "Our Family Photos" that I shared for #TuesdayTen this week? I absolutely love our photos, and have them proudly displayed in my massive collage frame in our lounge. They look great! Thanks Stacey Milich Photography.

And speaking of's the 10th... do you know what happens on this day, every month??? I join Bron at Maxabella Loves & other Mums all around the world and we share photos of us being #inthepicture. You can read Bron's lastest post about it here.

I shared two photos this month with Bron - the photo above of me with my children (from Our Family Photos) and then this one...taken today - Mother's Day - with my Mum! She's AMAZING! <3 Happy Mother's Day Mum/Nana - We love you.  Did you get #inthepicture this month? 

And finally, here's what I took photos of, for FMS Photo A Day!

May 4. Today I saw
May 5. Red

May 6. 10 o'clock

May 7. Key

May 8. Four Things

May 9. Peaceful

May 10. Playground

Ready for Week 20? Come and join in the FMS PAD FUN! Take a photo of something using the prompts below. Upload it to Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #fmsphotoaday - Easy peasy!

Did you see My Birth Story was featured on A Kiwi Mumma? EXCITING!!!
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Have a fabulous week!

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  1. I hope you find a house soon. That's what scares me the most: the timing. Selling one before you have another, or picking one out before you sell. Thinking about it makes me crazy!


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