#TuesdayTen: My Pet Peeves

Everyone has their own pet peeves...You know, the things that make your blood pressure rise or make you want to you scream! This week for #TuesdayTen, we are having a bit of a vent...it's time to share your pet peeves! Here are mine...

People who don't indicate
Seriously, how hard is it to indicate? If you are turning or merging - indicate. Simple.

Selling a House
Selling a house is up there with the 'most stressful' events that will happen in your life - and they're not wrong! Getting your house 'Open Home' ready can be quite stressful, especially when you put in a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into presenting your house the best way you can and pray you get a buyer with a good price.

Buying a House
We are currently house hunting and the market has turned on us! When we were selling our place , there was a lot of homes that we liked and that would be perfect for us, unfortunately we wanted to wait until we sold. And now...it has turned into a Seller's Market (more buyers than properties). It is so frustrating for us and we are running out of time! I am trying to remain calm and positive.

When someone parks so close to your car that you can't even get in.
Grrr, this annoys me so much. Especially when they park really close to the side my son sits on...I mean..really... you didn't see the reversed carseat in my car! Egg!

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<------THIS (Enough said)

When your child refuses to have their medicine
My daughter HATES antibiotics and there have been (many) times when she has refused to take it. It is so frustrating to watch. All you want is your child to be healthy and feel better, and they won't even help themselves! In the past, I have used praise, reward charts, even bribery. As a parent, you do whatever it takes for them to take their medicine, so they can be better! Right?

Cleaning the house 
And then your toddler wakes up and 5 minutes later it looks like a tornado has gone through the place! What's the point? Oh the joys!

Now, it's your turn...please share THREE of your pet peeves
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  1. Good things on your list. Yes, cars, drivers, and other transportation issues. I like the grammar chart, that is one of my pet peeves, as well.

    1. Thanks Val! I like that you said Cars, Drivers, and other transportation issues! - I think for a lot of people they are definitely up there on the list of pet peeves!

  2. I have so many pet peeves....when I am driving the speed limit and EVERYONE zooms around me and then looks at me like I have two heads....what the heck. I am the one driving the speed limit! Hope your week is a good one

    1. Ha ha I know what you mean! I get that too! Hilarious! Hope you have a lovely week too Paula! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great list! I think I'll put people who tell offensive jokes on my list of peeves. Especially when they do so in front of my kids!

    1. Absolutely, there is a time and place for offensive and innappropriate jokes! Totally agree Rabia.

  4. Totally agree ont eh grammar and the cleaning for sure!!! Three of my pet peeves are people who constantly complain and find the negative, people who chomp ice, people who smack their gum. :-)

  5. Hi Charlene! Stopping by from #TuesdayTen! I would have to agree on the grammar thing, it for sure drives me crazy, dishonesty is another huge peeve of mine, and people who take advantage of others would have to rank as my top three! Have an amazing weekend!


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