Taking Stock - May 2015

Taking Stock is one of my favourite posts to share on the blog. It's a chance to reflect on the past month - the highs, the lows and anything in between - in a fun and creative way. Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is the mastermind behind this amazing idea...so if you are interested in doing the same, head over to Pips! 

Here's my Taking Stock for this month...
MakingHome-Made Play Recipes
Cooking: Butter Chicken 
Drinking: water - good ol' H2O
Reading: First Aid Course book
Wanting: Auction Day to hurry up!
Looking: forward to Clearing Out The Clutter - Starts tomorrow!
Playing: with my kids! 
Deciding: what to do tomorrow? Sleep in? HA!
Wishing: I had more time...
Enjoying: a warm home and happy children
Waiting: to find out who won Always Made With Love's amazing First Birthday Giveaway! Eek!
Liking: (LOVING) that my partner stayed at home yesterday with the kids, so I could attend my First Aid Course!
Wondering: if my son will have a good sleep tonight - last night was horrible!
Loving: our heatpump! Our next house is definitely going to have one!
Pondering: when 1 hour Shortland Street is starting again!! (I hope it starts tomorrow) 
Considering: having an early night tonight (not going to happen though) 
Buying: and stocking up on Winter clothes for the kiddies
Watching: the FIFA Under 20's World Cup (hosted here in New Zealand)
Hoping: to finish off Personalised Birth Keepsakes for two friends this week! (sorry for the delay ladies) 
Marvelling: at all the K-Mart Hacks! There are some very clever people out there! #kmarthacks
Cringing: being sick! I have a horrible head cold at the moment! Not cool!
Needing: sleep 
Questioning: What am I going to buy at Jed Rose? I won a $30 Store Voucher today :) Woohoo!
Smelling: nothing :( stupid head cold
Wearing: my dressing gown and slippers most of the day
Following: my friend Simone...Her new blog - Nesting in the Country is now LIVE. Head over to her Facebook and say Hi!
Noticing: the ice on the windows first thing in the morning brrrr
Knowing: I am going to miss our little house when we move!
Thinking: I need to sort out the photos on my computer! (I have over 20,000) 
Admiring: my daughter Miss B.
Sorting: out our house, packing it up.
Getting: anxious about moving
Bookmarking: An Organised Life - and you should too! Michelle is an inspiration!
Coveting: a new home - a fresh start! Can't wait! 
Disliking: Master M's 'climbing' phase! He is climbing everything - gives me a heart attack. 
Opening: another tab on my laptop - so I can check my Facebook (#addicted)
Giggling: at my partner who was imitating Manu from My Kitchen Rules - while cooking dinner! "Where is the sauce?"
Feeling: tired! Head cold, lack of sleep, teething son! 
Snacking: Cadbury Milk Chocolate :) 
Helping: a friend get her hands on the very popular Geo Candle Holders from K-Mart! She was STOKED! 
Hearing: my partner making me a cup of tea - he's a keeper :) 

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Now it's your turn...
Choose three words from the list above and let me know what's happening in your world...take stock and comment below.


  1. This is quite awesome. I do something similar every Monday with My Simple Woman's Daybook. 20,000 pictures. Yikes! I wonder how many I have. Hope June is good to you and we manage to get some de-cluttering done

    1. Thank you Paula! I will head over to your blog (Daybook) and check it out! Yes I know - quite a lot of photos!! eek! Ooh are you doing the challenge too? Exciting! Can't wait!

  2. I am so joining n on the declutter challenge. For a control freak its strange that I love to be organised by someone else lol xx

  3. I love this list -- what a great idea! Hmm, let's see…
    Loving: the weekend that just ended, spending time with great friends and seeing a wonderful young couple get married.
    Wishing: I could be laying on the beach right now, but that will have to wait.
    Coveting: living in South Carolina, especially as we drove back into this bustling metro area last night.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Wendy. ooh I would love to be laying on a beach too! I'm not really a fan of Winter!

  4. Love this post. Thank you for the mention too. I've been at home with an injured back this week so has been a good excuse to relax and do some blogging. More to come today. Here are my three....

    Cooking: homemade soup in the crock pot.
    Waiting: to see previews of our maternity photos and of course waiting to finally meet our baby boy.
    Loving: listening to the rain on the roof and having a fire lit at night.

    Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

    1. You are very welcome Simone! You're blog is blossoming :) You have shared some really great posts! I hope you are feeling better now :( Backpain - the not so joys of pregnancy!
      Loving your recipes on your blog! They all look so delicious! :)

  5. I've been doing my own declutter - it's hard parting with the memories more than the item ...like baby toys and wee little boots.
    I'm doing the 40 bags in 40 days challenge - but 30 bags in 30 days more so. So not working my twins or my birthday week.
    I missed the boat on taking stock in May - I will do June for sure.

    1. That's sounds like a good challenge Trish! Are you documenting your progress! (will check it out) - Good luck and happy birthday to you and your Twins :) Look forward to reading your June TAKING STOCK post

  6. I love me a taking stock post - I wish I had more time too, there's just never enough is there? Good luck with the move and thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

    1. Thanks Sammie! I am really enjoying your "She's So Inspiring" posts - what a great idea!!! Cheers to GIRL POWER :) :) thanks for hosting - such a great link up! I really enjoy it!


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