40+ Items To Organise & Store - Using the Rattan-style Storage Tub

Is your Bathroom cupboard disorganised? Do you find yourself tripping over your little one's toys every.single.day? Is your Pantry and Linen cupboard looking a bit chaotic? Grab yourself one or two of these Rattan-style Storage tubs to keep things organised in your home.
They come in a range of colours, they are stackable, have handles, come with a lid and best of all, are affordable. These storage tubs are a MUST HAVE in your home - I have at least one in every room. 

Earlier this month, on my Facebook page, I had a 1000 LIKES Giveawaywhich included some Eco Store cleaning products, a 2016 Desk Planner and the very popular 'Rattan-style Storage Tub' from K-Mart. I asked "What would YOU put in the Rattan-style Storage Tub?" My readers had some amazing ideas, so I thought I'd share them on the blog. So here are 40+ items that you can organise and store - using a Rattan-style Storage Tub...

*Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post. 

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1.   Baby clothes and goodies

2.   Make Up
3.   Toys, Toys, Toys!
4.   Small Cars
5.   Hair Accessories
6.   Cleaning products
7.   Beauty products
8.   Craft supplies
9.   Dominos
10. Creams and cloths
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11. Lego

12. Kid's Art work

13. Magazines
14. Kids DVDs
15. Laundry 
16. Duplo
17. Face cloths (in Linen Cupboard)
18. Office supplies
19. Nappies & Wipes

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20. Supplies in the car (Nappies, wipes, sunscreen)

21. Crochet supplies

22. Bathroom products
23. Pantry storage (chips etc)
24. Cutlery, napkins, bibs & condiments for easy transportation from Kitchen to outside table
25. Bits and bobs
26. Garden tools
27. Avon products
28. Nappy pegs
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29. Baby toys

30. Wardrobe storage

31. Medicine/Medication
32. Shoes
33. Cookbooks
34. Magnetic Letters
35. Jamberry 
36. Nail polish/Nail Art supplies
37. Linen 
38. Books
39. Homework Caddy
40. Socks
41. Road trip supplies for kids (they can use the tray as a table) 

What would you put in your Rattan-style Storage Tub?  Or if you already have one (or two), what have you got in yours? 

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  1. I love storage containers, and I'm always looking for a good reason to buy more :)

  2. Wow, I love these! Where do I buy them in Canada? LOL

    1. I'm not sure sorry Leigh-Ann - DollarRama? or Target?


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