Taking Stock: October

It's that time again, when we get to take a step back and 'take stock' of our lives. For the month of September, I shared My First Year of Blogging and it proved to be a popular post, thanks guys, couldn't have survived my first year without you! I love Taking Stock each month - Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is the mastermind behind it all, so be sure to head over to her blog and share the blog love.

Here's what has been happening in our world...

Making: a Colour Sorting Box for Master M

Cooking: Lamb Ragout in the slow cooker

Drinking: a glass of Coca Cola

Reading: (re-reading) Building a Framework by Just a Girl and her blog...continuing to grow my blog.

Wanting: an iPhone for my birthday :)

Looking: forward to our first Christmas in our new home!

Playing: with Paint, Clay & Ball-Pit Balls

Deciding: what to have for dinner each night (aka Meal Planning) saves so much time! Do you meal plan?

Wishing: B's asthma will just go away!

Enjoying: the stunning Spring weather

Waiting: for the butterflies to come check out Miss B's Butterfly Garden

Liking: this post by fellow Kiwi Mummy Blogger, Emily Writes

Wondering: what I'm going to wear to my partner's work do, which also happens to be on my birthday. Think it's time to go shopping for a new outfit
The start of Miss B's Butterfly Garden - under our Play Room window

Loving: how organised my home is. Have you seen my Organising My Home series?

Considering: changing my hair style for Summer 2015/2016...the question is...Will I do it?

Buying: Christmas presents. I use the "Something I Want, Something I Need, Something to Read and Something to Wear" system - works a treat. See my Wish List Cards for more details. Do you do this?

Watching: the All Blacks beat Australia in the Final of the Rugby World Cup 2015 last weekend. So proud to be a Kiwi

Hoping: to start a newsletter for Teacher by trade, Mother by nature soon...Watch this Space

Marvelling: at this gorgeous Transport Inspired Bedroom, created by Always Made With Love

Needing: this year to slow down...how can we be in November already?

Questioning: what to plant in our gardens?

Smelling: dinner in the slow cooker...Lamb Ragout smells so good!

Wearing: my new Havaianas - I bought two for the price of one - Love me a bargain.

Following: Stalking: my person for FMS The Gift Exchange. I am really enjoying being a part of it this year. I wonder what my elf is getting me?

Noticing: the new changes to Facebook...it's going to take a while getting used to...have you noticed the changes? What do you think?

Thinking: of taking part in the #NZSecret Santa again this year - 5 days to go till we can sign up....Last year was so much fun!

Admiring: all the pretty Christmas decorations...we are going for a new colour scheme this year

Sorting: through all the boxes in my Office and finally started to set up my desk. LOVE.

Getting: organised for Christmas thanks to The Organised Housewife. Are you following along?

Bookmarking: these Blogger Resources by Moming About

Coveting: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Disliking: people who hate on bloggers - not cool, not cool at all - we have feelings too.

Giggling: at my son when he hears his favourite songs...priceless

Feeling: tired...Master M has been teething a lot this past month, so I have been up quite a lot through the night

Snacking: on popcorn

Helping: my blogging friend re-design her blog. Love sharing my knowledge with others...must be the teacher in me

Hearing: Miss B's nasty 'asthma' cough...she's had a rough few months with back to back asthma attacks.

What's happening in YOUR world? 
Choose three words from the list and let me know in the comments. 

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  1. So great to take stock each month, amazing what we can fit into a month really.. Thanks for sharing Sebastian's room xx

    1. It sure is Lydia. It's going to make reflecting on 2015 so much easier. It is such a cool room for a little boy - I know my son would love a transport room.

  2. I'm an Aussie but I think even I am proud of the All Blacks! Sonny Bill!

    Don't even talk to me about Christmas. I just got done with a wedding!

    1. He's good alright - it was nice that he got a replacement medal.
      Ooh your own wedding Angie?

  3. Mmmm... lamb ragout! I can almost smell it from here. I'm loving all the stalking in the Gift Exchange too. The giving is at least as much fun as the receiving if not moreso. I must have been living under a rock because I didn't notice any changes on Facebook. I'm off to investigate! Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole - here's to a November to remember!

    1. The Lamb ragout was so good - even my 20 month old loved it! Winning! Facebook are pretty stealth about their changes! Hope you are having a fab week.

  4. Your desk is gorgeous chick I love the Aqua. As for the hubby's do AND your birthday - well yeah! Duh! Shopping is TOTALLY in order.. so go enjoy ;) Guilt free! xx

    1. Thanks Sonia - i love my desk...it's so calm and inviting! I have been looking for outfits...but nothing has jumped out at me.

  5. I love taking stock and I love Pip. Congrats on your first year blogging.Oh your desk looks so organised. My two keep attacking mine. xx

    1. Thank you Zoe - it was a great first year and my second is off to a great start! Trust me, my desk doesn't stay this organised when I'm working at it, but I must admit at the end of the day - it looks like the pic.


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