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I would like to take a moment to say my love and thoughts go out to all those who are or have been affected by the recent attacks on Paris. It is such a horrible thing to happen, and to one of the most beautiful places in the World. I am joining millions of people around the world and #PrayingforParis. My daughter has a Paris theme bedroom and earlier this year celebrated her 10th Birthday with a Paris theme, so she is feeling very sad about the news and like many others, is asking the question WHY? I don't think we will ever no why.

Here's what I've been sharing on my Instagram this week and what we are Currently up to...

Organising: my Christmas decorations using this amazing Christmas Ornament Storage Box. Earlier this week, I gave one away on my Facebook page. I have another one to give away this week - so if you are in New Zealand, head over to my Facebook page and keep an eye out.

Getting: #inthepicture with my kids. You can read about it HERE.

Looking: for Rainbows and Stars, thanks to this lovely quote. 

Loving: my new travel mug from Warehouse Stationery (NZ). It's so pretty!

Laughing: at Master M bouncing on this 'Bouncy Buddy'. We were at Miss B's school Athletics Day and spotted them a mile a way! Master M absolutely LOVED it, so we went to the store and bought a red dinosaur for him to play with at home. Even Miss B loves bouncing on it!

Watching: my partner's parents play Lawn Bowls. We are no strangers to the 'green' because my parents also play Bowls. We had such a nice day, visiting our friends and family yesterday.  

Image credit: Jean Jullien

Playing: with this awesome Sand and Water Table I got from #KMART for under $30! I couldn't wait till Christmas - Master M LOVES water play, so it's an early Christmas present from all of us. A perfect gift idea for a water-loving toddler. 

And one last thing before I go...
I am super excited to announce that I will be joining 11 other Kiwi Mummy Bloggers, in a
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Our series will be starting on the 1st December 2015 - Mark it on your calendar now or simply subscribe to my newsletter below (or in the sidebar) so you don't miss a post, because this collaboration with Kiwi Mummy Bloggers is going to be pretty amazing. More details to follow - so Watch this Space!

How was your week? 
What have you been watching, organising and making this week?  

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  1. EEEk - excited to be collaborating with you friend. Also cant believe that there is lawn bowls in your family too... My dad plays, and hubby, and I used to!!! crazy! Love your Sunday shares :)

    1. Yaye!! Sorry I didn't text you my head I did ha ha. Such a small world! We are so alike! We were destined to meet!

  2. Your post was playful, fun, and cute! It had happiness all over it. Visiting from Choose Happy. ~Lowanda

  3. Great job getting in the picture with the kiddos!!
    I am also sad about Paris. It is so hard to understand.
    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series this week! Have an amazing weekend! XOXO


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