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Hi there! How's your week been? Are you ready for Christmas? Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet or are you more of a 'last minute' shopper? This week, I put my Teacher hat on - teaching Art, keep scrolling to see the kid's amazing artwork. I have also been wrapping presents, counting down the days 'til Christmas and more. Here's what I've been sharing on my Instagram this week and what we are Currently up to...

Wrapping: presents for my very first (and definitely not the last) #FMSGiftExchange - My person loves purple, so I had to incorporate it in her gift. Love the brown paper and pop of colour. I really hope she likes what I got her. I am tracking the gift very closely. 

Buying: this awesome Christmas Lights Storage Bag from K Mart for only $4. Score!

Preparing: my Christmas ornaments. I spent half an hour today adding all the strings to my new decorations. This is going to save me doing it on the 1st December, when we put up and decorate our tree. Eek Can't wait.

Counting: down the days 'til Christmas (I shared this a few days ago) 

Teaching: ART this week with a Year 2 (6-7 year olds) class. Inspired by Peter Gossage's book - 'How Maui Slowed The Sun" (A Maori Myth & Legend). These suns are gorgeous and are going to look great in their classroom.

Loving: this Warren Pohatu inspired artwork my Year 4 (8-9 year olds) class did this week. The next step is to colour them. Watch this space for the final product. 

Sharing: our Christmas Craft Box on the blog this week for #ToddlerFunFriday. Can't wait to get our 'craft on'. 

Just in case you missed it last week...
 I am super excited to announce that I will be joining 11 other Kiwi Mummy Bloggers, in a
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Our series will be starting on the 1st December 2015 - Mark it on your calendar now or simply subscribe to my newsletter below (or in the sidebar) so you don't miss a post, because this collaboration with Kiwi Mummy Bloggers is going to be pretty amazing. More details to follow - so Watch this Space!

How was your week? 
What have you been buying, preparing and sharing this week?  

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