Advent Calendar Bundle {with Free Printables}

Do you love Advent Calendars? I do! I love counting the days 'til Christmas, it gives me warm fuzzies. Last year I created a very popular DIY: Advent Calendar using Baby Food Jars. I found some free printables (activity cards and numbers) to decorate the jars and my kids had a lot of fun doing something every day leading up to Christmas - Our first Christmas as a family of four. 

Fast forward a year and I am excited about celebrating Christmas in our new home. I decided to buy some new decorations, adding a few more colours to the purple & silver we already had. So our theme this year is 'Bright'. I will be sharing photos of our Christmas tree & decorations next week, so watch this space. 

In the meantime, instead of searching for a free printable online for our Advent Calendar, I thought I would give it a go and create my own "Advent Calendar Bundle'! I am loving these printables, so I had to share them with YOU!


This 'Advent Calendar Bundle' includes: Numbers - you can add to your own DIY Advent Calendar; A Blank Calendar - for you to write down upcoming events or fun activities each day and lastly, Activity Cards - I have included 40 fun, affordable and super easy ideas your children can do independently, with a sibling, a friend, or as a family. 

1. Advent Calendar Numbers
Perfect for the DIY Advent Calendar. Print the Number pages - they are grouped by odd and even numbers. Cut them out, and glue them on to your DIY project, whether it's a small box or an envelope. Decorate and embellish as you wish. 

2. Advent Calendar Activity Cards
There are 40 Advent Calendar Activity Cards for you to choose from, plus there are 10 blank cards for you to add your own ideas. Simply print the activity cards, cut and add to your Advent Calendar (Blank Calendar) or your Advent Calendar Display. 

  1. Glue the numbers on the front of a small envelope (and decorate if you wish)
  2. Pop an activity card in the envelope
  3. Hang the envelopes on some twine/string using small wooden pegs
  4. Display in your home. (We have ours displayed in our Playroom) 

I have also added extra activities and some treats in this Advent Calendar Tree I bought from K Mart. 

3. Advent Calendar: Blank Calendar - December 
Ideas for Calendar: Pre-plan your Advent Calendar by writing down any upcoming events (e.g. Christmas parties, birthdays) and fill in the rest of the gaps using the Advent Calendar Activity Cards (there are 40 ideas) OR pop the calendar on the fridge and once your child has opened their daily Advent Calendar box or envelope, write the activity on the calendar for the family to see. Get the kids to add Christmas theme stickers to the calendar as well for a bit of fun.


Click the link below to print your {FREE 'Bright' ADVENT CALENDAR BUNDLE}
And because I am in the Christmas spirit, I have also included a TRADITIONAL Advent Calendar Bundle too! How cool is that?

Click the link below to print your {FREE  Traditional ADVENT CALENDAR BUNDLE}

To print your very own 'Advent Calendar Bundle', simply click on the links below or above, select either Calendar, Activity Cards, Numbers or ALL and Print. It's that easy! 
Please Note: Colours may differ from what you see on the screen.
Disclosure: For personal use only

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  1. This is so awesome Charlene! I can't wait to print mine out and start the advent season :) Thanks so much for the gorgeous calendar and printable activities!

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten! I really appreciate your support with this. I hope you and your family enjoy this Advent Calendar Bundle. Have fun!

  2. Such a sweet and simple idea!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I love this numbered activity idea - something for the kids to really look forward to each day other than a chocolate that will last all of 5 seconds!

    1. Thank you Tash :) Activities are much for fun! My 10 year old loves it!

  4. Wow, Charlene! You have been busy! Thanks for sharing with the Blog Fair. I'm now going to share it on facebook too.

    1. Thank you Karen! It was a lot of fun putting this bundle together and best of all, I get to share it with everyone

  5. What an ace idea! And not a chocolate in sight! We're 44 and 43 respectively but we still have advent calendars. Old habits die hard!

    1. Thank you Sammie! There may be one or two treats involved. :)

  6. What an excellent idea, and so generous of you to do the legwork and then share it as a free printable! I can't wait till I have kids old enough to do this with :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Robyn. Sharing is Caring - If other people love it as much as I do, then I am happy.

  7. I love these Advent calendar ideas! Thanks for sharing on Toddler Fun Friday!

  8. I like this Advent Calendar Bundle. Such a Nive :)


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