Sunday Share #47 - Currently

Hi there! 25 more sleeps 'til Christmas - just saying... 

In other news....this week has been MY BIRTHDAY WEEK, and I can tell you now, it's been a pretty amazing week! Instead of writing all about it, I'm going to use the photos I shared on Instagram to tell my story, with a quick caption for each! Here's what I've been Currently up to...

Organising: my Christmas ornaments - well tying the string on each ornament now, so I don't have to do it on the day we put our tree up! 

Admiring: my Year 4 (8 year old) class' amazing Warren Pohatu inspired art work - based on the his book - Maori Animal Myths. Last week I shared the vivid outline, and this week the children dyed them, using hot & cold colours! How cool do they look? I am very proud of my kids! They all did a great job. 

Reading: some simple & special decorating ideas from this month's Your Home & Garden magazine! So much prettiness in one book! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Inspiring: other women with this quote - Love it! 

Sharing: my first FREE printable on the blog - Advent Calendar Bundle - which includes a calendar, 40 activity cards + 10 blank cards & numbers (for your DIY advent)...It also comes in two colours! Grab yours TODAY! 

Celebrating: my birthday! Miss B enjoyed putting a special birthday message on our light-box - thanks B x

Squealing: because I got an iPhone 6s for my birthday, from my WONDERFUL and very LOVING family xxx I got the Rose Gold 6s and it's so pretty! I am in love.

Getting: spoilt by my friend, who gave me this gorgeous Dove pamper pack and chocolates for my birthday x 

Making: a WISH. We went out to dinner for my birthday (which also happened to be my partner's Christmas Work-Do)...and they treated me (and another 28th November birthday girl who also attended the work-do) with a candle in our scrummy dessert (White Chocolate & Lemon parfait, with mixed berries) whilst singing 'Happy Birthday" - It was so lovely! We had a great night. 

Celebrating: another birthday! Today we celebrated one of our SPACE CADET friend's 2nd Birthday - Can you guess the theme? Liam's mama, Katrina is so creative and clever - she made this gorgeous cake for her little man x and it was delicious! Last year I shared Liam's first birthday on the blog - A Car themed party. So cool! Happy Birthday Liam! 

Phew! That's all from me! I need to get ready for my Birthday BBQ - our guests will be here soon!

Hope your week has been amazing!
 Tell me, what have you been celebrating? Organising? and Making?

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